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  1. StephensMom

    For Parents New to this (DD on pre team)

    Hi, all. This is my first post but been scrolling the forum a bit and feeling a little overwhelmed. My 4yo (5 in September) just had her trial class for the developmental program at her gym where she’s been doing rec classes. The coach said she did really well so it looks like she’ll be starting...
  2. G

    For Coaches Pre team training hours

    Hi all, im a young coach and ex-competitive gymnast with three years experience coaching competitive gymnastics. This is my first time developing a pre team from the beginning all on my own. They are 5-7 years old and they’ve been training 4hrs a week (2hrs 2 days a week) since august and from...
  3. K

    For Parents Pre team financials and decision for 5 year old

    Hey all, New to this. My daughter will be 5 in a few days and we’ve only been at this gym for 2 months. They asked her to do pre team and it’s 2 days a week 2 hours each and $180/month. This seems like a lot of commitment for someone not even in kindergarten and the price!! That is so...
  4. L

    For Parents Pre team/developmental programs

    Hello, My daughter just turned 5 a few days ago and has been doing gymnastics since she was about 3 1/2. I didn't like the way some things were being handled at her gym so we did a trial class at another gym where they instantly asked for her to leave the class we were trying and moved her into...
  5. M

    For Parents Pre Team tryouts

    Hi there. I am new to the gymnastics parenting world. My daughter has been asked to try out for the pre team at her gym. She is 5 and has never done anything like this. Random question but how important is ‘looking the part’? Should I worry about slicking her hair back with gel? She has...
  6. D

    For Parents How old for pre team?

    I have a 7 year old competing bronze this year, she started gymnastics about a year ago. Her baby sister is 4 and was invited to pre team today. They are going as young as 3 for pre team. The hours are fine, just two one hour practices a week, but I'm a little concerned about the fun aspect...
  7. N

    WAG Gym/Pre Team Requirements?

    My DD is 6 and was in a Rec Beginner class for a year and a half at a large, competitive gym. They would frequently evaluate her for Pre Team or moving her up to Level 3 but always said she wasn't ready. She has her pullover, hip circle, RO and bridge kickover. She has excellent lines and pays...
  8. G

    WAG Pre team

    Hey guys! I am a pre team coach and we do the same thing pretty much every practice. I was wondering if you guys had an drills or stations that you guys do! Thanks!
  9. M

    For Coaches Pre team ideas!

    This is my first time posting a topic so forgive me if I seem out of the loop. Still trying to get a hang of this. I need some ideas though! I am a trampoline and tumbling coach. I coach all of our teams and a lot of rec classes but I am struggling with out pre-team. There are 9 kids ranging...
  10. Jaclyn

    For Parents Pre school to Pre team?

    HI there. Im new here! Just wanted to see if anyone has had experience going from the pre school class onto pre team around age 3/4. The levels have changed in recent years, so it seems like level 1 is competed now, and when I coached it wasnt as common. Just looking for anyone else that had...
  11. P

    For Parents Bars just not happening for my pre team DD

    I'd love some thoughts on this. My DD has been on pre team since March. Since moving to pre team she's made a lot of progress on floor, beam and vault. She has all of the skills on these 3 apparatuses to move up to team (x cel bronze) -and even to do it well. But her bars just aren't coming...
  12. GherkinMama

    For Parents Pre team help . . . Coach and Parent input appreciated

    Ok, this is my first post here. And it's long. After talking about the problem to my friends, who just didn't get it, I turn to you whose expert advice I really need. My daughter is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. She has been doing gymnastics since she was three, progressing to 3 x a week...
  13. E

    For Parents Pre team hours

    My dd and I are new to the world of pre team / development classes and dd goes once a week for 2 1/2 hours, her session involves conditioning at the beginning and end of session and learning skills etc. Dd tried her best at what was asked of her and kept up with the other girls. My dd has just...
  14. claudidoll

    For Parents pre team assessment

    My little has a pre team assessment during her advanced class tonight. I am so nervous for her! She has a hand me down pre team leo that she is just dying to wear.
  15. gymnasticswim4

    Pre team requirements

    Hi, Right now i'm doing a rec gymnastics camp, but i saw a few girls who are on the rec team with me training as pre-team. As i saw them, i came to see that what they were doing was much more my level than the rec camp. I learned that the head coach picked the girls who could do all of the...
  16. D

    Pre Team Help (And Fast!)

    I start level three next tuesday, and I did 10 front hips at the park, and I almost have my kip. I really want to ring the Skill Bell for them (you ring a bell then demonstrate your skills). I got grips and I don't know if I will still almost have my kip and have my front hip in grips. Any tips?:o
  17. amblan01

    gymnastics at YMCA any chance of making team or pre team?

    I am 13 almost 14. I've heard from threads the coaches won't offer me a spot on the team because of my age. I'm taking a beginners class that is way too easy. I have most basics and did it when I was five for a year. Then I did tumbling for three years. Now I'm doing tumbling and gymnastics...
  18. onebusymama

    For Parents Developmental class vs pre team

    Ok I am pretty "green" when it comes to gymnastics. I have read on here about kids in "developmental" gym classe, and I have read about kids on pre team. My question is What is the difference? I know pre team at our gym starts at level 2/3. So that being said, what would be the developmental...
  19. onebusymama

    For Parents pre team practices

    My dd recently made pre team & was asked to practice 3 days / wk for 1 hr each day. Unfortunately we are unable to make all 3 days. Probably just 2 days @ most. I'm not familiar with gymnastics at all. She is my only child involved in it & I never did it as a kid. Will she fall behind in the...