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  1. D

    Preschool lesson plans

    Hi everyone, I have been coaching Parent and Tot, along with 3-4-5 yr olds for about a year now on Saturdays. I began coaching to help componsate my daughters team fees (who is nolonger doing gymnastics because of a chronic back pain from a stress fracture). I love teaching the little ones...
  2. Masters_Gymnast93

    Help! New Preschool Coach!

    Okay, so my coach decided that since my parents are having trouble paying, she would let me coach a few preschool classes a week to compensate for my tuition a little bit. But I'm having a little bit of trouble, bc i'm so used to being around girls that can easily do casts (for example), it's...
  3. flpflp7

    Headstands & other preschool skills

    I was wondering how many gyms out there do headstands & what age they start their gymnasts doing them. What other skills do you do with 3-5 year olds? We don't do headstands because our director thinks it's harmful for young kids' necks. What do you think? What about bridges? Since it's not good...
  4. J

    Preschool training

    I have been reading alot about different gymnastic programs and abilitites of younger gymnasts. My daughter just turned five and she loves gymnastics! She takes acro at dance and gymnastics at a gymnastic center. She has been doing gymnastics for two years. However, when I read all the posts...
  5. ahs

    Importance of Preschool Coaches

    As a director in a gym, I feel the best classes to train new coaches on is our 3 year old classes. New coaches always feel that is impossible in the first couple of weeks, but after a month and a few helpful hints from some veteran coaches they become their favorite classes. The coaches who...