press handstand

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  1. LivGym23


    Anyone have a good conditioning list for at home? I am working on my press handstand and need more core, and arm conditioning. Thanks!
  2. Committed

    For Parents Press handstand and age

    Is there a particular age that kids tend to get their press-handstands? They look awfully hard! Is it easier on a beam, or on the floor?
  3. B

    Press Handstand

    My daughter is practicing her press handstand at home. She was just recently introduced to it and it is driving her crazy that she can't get it. What she is doing is standing in front of a folded mat (folded four times). She does a candlestick and then tries to straddle press to handstand at...
  4. J

    Trying to get somewhere with the press handstand

    I can do the press handstand on the wall with ease. And for the few spots I had with them, it was quite easy too. So now what? I can't do them alone yet. I tried elevating my feet so that my hips are above my head, but that doesn't help. It feels like I need to lean forward more, but if I do...