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  1. AYEMama

    WAG Help with Stalder Press Handstands

    My gymnast is having a very difficult time getting her press handstand. She is Level 7 and has won Regionals, always places 1st or 2nd, etc., so we don't think it's a matter of lack of training. She used to be able to do it when she was level 4, but has since lost it. She is the only one on her...
  2. JBS

    Press Handstand

  3. euphoria.acro

    press handstand for acro? any tips?

    I'm working press handstands on blocks, and I'm really trying to get it. Since I've been out of the gym it's gotten harder to master. I have a panel mat and small blocks, as well as large ones. Any tips or drills? Thank you!
  4. G

    Aerial and back handspring problems and press handstand

    I have tried very hard for the past few months to get my my aerial and back handspring and press handstand. I used to be able to do a back handspring and aerial but now I can't. I've watched a lot of tutorials. any tips? im 8 years old
  5. G

    WAG Stalder press help

    Any advice for how to elevate the bottom high enough when starting from seated straddle so that the feet don't hit the ground?
  6. G

    WAG Press Handstands

    I have heard many people on here and elsewhere say that press handstands must be learned before puberty or they're harder for girls post puberty. Why is this? I disagree. I'm 17, I started gymnastics under two years ago and I can do 5 straddle press handstands (from sitting) in a row without...
  7. M

    WAG press handstands

    My kiddo is now the only one in her L5 training group who cannot do a press handstand and is pretty frustrated about it. She has long legs and is not the most flexible. I am ordinarily 100% against gymnastics outside the gym, but this is more of a conditioning issue that is safe to work on at...
  8. H

    WAG Press HS and Straddle Cast HS

    Is it pretty much a given that if a gymmie can't do a press handstand then she won't be able to do a straddle cast handstand on bars either? I definitely see how feeling the form of and having the strength to do a press hs would help in getting a straddle cast hs, but is it more than just...
  9. M

    WAG Exercises for the "pressing" muscle in a stalder press?

    I have a skill specific question and hope someone can help. I a press handstand I always thought two things are especially essential 1. shoulder/trap strength 2. hip flexor strength However, I noticed lately that the most important part is the ability to press, meaning strong shoulders/traps...
  10. G

    WAG Is a straddle press with no lean possible?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a video of a person performing a straddle press from straddle L with as little lean as possible. I have not been training for a few months now as I was really busy, but I can still press up from straddle L and lower down controlled, which really surprised me. When I...
  11. A

    Press Handstands and wrist pains

    So I could probably make my first thread in the introductions but i've been waiting to ask this for months. So I've been struggling to get a straddle press ( stadler press whatever you call it) on and off since I was 8 years old...10 years later, I finally made one. I had been practicing out of...
  12. L

    WAG Any press handstand success stories in older students?

    Does anyone have any success stories for a female gymnast learning a press from straddle-L past the age of 15, who is not tiny, if they had not been working on it as a child (when they were a part of other programs)? These people can hold a static handstand effectively, can lower down to...
  13. P

    WAG press handstands in a floor routine allowed?

    Are press handstands allowed in a floor routine? Well, I guess they are allowed, but do judges like to see them? Combo I am thinking about: Back Extension Roll to Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Tuck Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Straddle Press Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Pike...
  14. M

    For Coaches Press Handstand Work Everyday?

    I just joined this user group because I hope I can get some help here and I also think it is better to ask here than in the parents forum. Iwant to know if Press Handstands should be worked everyday and how? Would it be best to do a full press handstand workout everyday or split it up? I am...
  15. gymnastelly10

    Sorry for all the please help threads, but Press Handstand help?

    I get almost all the way up but then fall. which skills should I have before I do this, and please give tips?
  16. ZachsMom

    For Parents Straddle Press Handstand

    My 6 year old son got his straddle press handstand the other day!! I am so proud!
  17. munchkin3

    WAG Flat Palm, of fingers on pike/straddle press

    Is there a difference? I notice the flat Palm presses are harder, but a friend of mine who is a coach also feels it can put unnecessary stress on the wrists. For competition, I know girls are not really doing these in their floor routines like the guys, so I am talking about for conditioning...
  18. E

    WAG Press to handstand problem, feet too wide

    There's a great video explaining that some kids can't press because they're putting their feet too wide. Watched it this week, and can't find it now. Anyone know where it is?
  19. taximomma

    WAG Press handstand beam mount

    Is a press handstand mount onto the beam a B skill? This is in a Lvl 6 routine.
  20. M

    WAG Press handstand required for stalder?

    1) Do you need a press handstand from a sitting position to do a stalder? Or will it help? I have a very good press handstand, but only one and not two or more in a row! 2) Do you think stalders are harder than free hips? I kind of find the drills for stalder ways better and easier than for...