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  1. Committed

    Parents Press handstand and age

    Is there a particular age that kids tend to get their press-handstands? They look awfully hard! Is it easier on a beam, or on the floor?
  2. K

    WAG Press/Olympic Handstand Help?

    Hello! I'm really trying to get my press handstand but I just can't... Can anyone recommend any drills, tips, excercises to help me get the strength for it,..etc.. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! :)
  3. #gymnast4life

    WAG straddle press to handstand and beam cartwheel?

    I can do a straddle lever and raise my hips slightly. The handstand bit is what I can't seem to get the hang of! whenever my hips are raised to a certain height, my arms bend and I just fall. does anyone have any exercises or tips to help me get this move in about two weeks?:o Also I was...
  4. D

    Conditioning for press handstands

    I'm working on my press handstand and I'm wondering what would be some good conditioning?
  5. W

    WAG TOPS question about press handstands

    Is it 5 presses at state testing and 10 presses at National testing? I thought I read that somewhere, but now I can't seem to find that and I'm not sure if I'm just going crazy or not. Thanks!
  6. M

    WAG press handstands--when?

    At what age/level should girls ideally be able to do a press handstand? I keep reading here about 5- and 6-year-old preteamers doing press handstands, but the other day I noticed our L5s working on press handstands and only one girl could actually do one.
  7. bogwoppit

    WAG Off to the Gymnix-Montreal press conference

    Managed to get my self a seat at the podium training and press conference this afternoon. The Romanians, Aussies and Russuans have sent some great gymnasts.Plus Canada has many girls who I am excited to see in action. Will report back later.
  8. cbifoja

    WAG press handstand pike through question

    My daughter has been playing around with doing a press handstand than then piking through her hands to hold herself up off her floor beam. She saw the American Girl movie and said that was what McKenna does. She can't do it and I was teasing her telling her that her legs are longer than her...
  9. wgagym

    Parents IJ got her Straddle Press for real this time!

    I posted a video a while back with IJ's first straddle press. It was the first time she pulled her toes all the way through but she ended up in a headstand and did not make it back down. Tonight she got the whole thing. It was very controlled and very nice! She also got her BHC yesturday...
  10. wgagym

    Parents 5yr old DD almost got her Straddle Press! I usually don't post brag reports. My DD has been doing gym since she could walk and I own a rec gym so she plays around constantly. But here is my brag. She is so close to her straddle press!!! She is not quite 5 and a half and I could not...
  11. M

    WAG Press handstand discouragement

    These are so hard!! my wrists feel like they are going to break when i try to lean forward enough to get my feet off the ground! :( I really think I have enough strength to get up, but i can't get my hips over my hands/head. really, anything, any tips you know would be great. how did you (or...
  12. gymstaryaya

    Press handstand

    Does anyone know if a press handstand in a floor routine for level 7 is an A skill or B?
  13. cbone

    Press handstands- okay to work at home?

    My daughter is starting to work on press handstands at the gym. She's doing remarkably well at it and she wants to do them all the time. We've made it clear that she can't work back handsprings at home. Should this skill be on the "do not do this at home" list?
  14. LiveLoveTumble

    Straddle Press Handstand

    I am having a lot of trouble learning a straddle press handstand. We don't work on them at all at gym, but I am trying to teach myself, meaning I can't get a spot or anything. Here's what I can already do: I can easily do a straddle press headstand. I can do a press handstand against a wall...
  15. AlexsGymmyMom

    Press Handstands and Rope Climbs

    This is kind of an offshoot of the rope climbing thread. Someone posted in the other thread ( I think Dunno) that if a gymnast cannot do these two skills that they will never be a gymnast of note. My DD's gym has a rope that hangs over a pit but they rarely use it. Also, only a few girls...
  16. flips123

    Pike Press vs. Straddle Press

    Overall I know the straddle works more muscles and the pike works the middle and lower abs,but other than that what's the difference, which one is harder and what do you prefer? I like pike presses because their easier and I cant seem to make my straddle ever but I like the look of them better.
  17. G

    Press to Handstand deduction question....

    My daughter is doing a press to handstand on the beam... her arms are slightly bent. Is this a deduction? Her coach doesnt seem to concerned about it, but it seems that it would be a deduction. Any information would be helpful. *** not sure if this matters but she is starting the press...
  18. stargazer

    Press handstand - rotating hips?

    Hi everyone, I know this topic seems to have been discussed to death, but I would really appreciate some advice/drill suggestions. I'm an 18 year-old level 5 and working press handstands. I understand the motion of lifting through my back when pressing up and down, but can't seem to get my...
  19. P

    Little Emma got her press handstand today! Watch the video!

    OH MY GOD, I can't believe I'm writing this: my little Emma GOT HER PRESS! It wasn't too pretty or under control but she did it! She has been practicing it for about a year now but actually I thought that it wasn't even realistic goal. The girls practice just two hours two times a week so she...
  20. LiveLaughTumble047

    Press Handstand Mounts

    I miss the press handstand mounts, they seem to be very few and far between these days, if I do say so almost not existent, Anyone else feeling the same?