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  1. GymMomStarQuest29

    For Parents Private lessons

    Just wondering - is this something your gym frowns upon for team members, or is it encouraged? Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. G

    MAG Private lessons

    Just curious as to how many kids do private lessons and do you need them to be a more successful gymnast?
  3. M

    WAG Allowing private lessons from another coach

    Coaches, under what reasons/circumstances would you allow your gymnast to take a private lesson from another coach outside of your gym? Also what are the reasons you do not want your gymnasts to do so? Parents/gymnasts, what reasons/circumstances have you presented to your coach(es) where...
  4. W

    For Parents Private Lessons

    How do private lessons work in your gym? It is getting more and more difficult in my gym to get "an every once in a while" private because so many parents are "creating" their own classes through private lessons. So I must ask... 1. Can you have as many as you want? 2. Can you "book" a...
  5. Malenkaya

    For Parents Question About Private Lessons

    DD will be 6 in a couple months. She didn't start gymnastics until 4 1/2. She did the preschool class for about a year and she has been in the kindergarten class for about 9 months now. The school she attends has a special format for kids who are heavily involved in extra curriculars and I...
  6. R

    WAG Do you tip for private lessons

    My daughter is going to have a private lesson tomorrow evening and I was told to pay the gym secretary for the lesson. Should I also tip the coach that is doing the private?
  7. A

    For Coaches what do you charge for private lessons?

    and what price range do you think is appropriate, based on coaching experience? do you offer both a half hour or an hour price, and you get a little bit better price for the hour? i am just curious because i'm at a really new (a little over a year old) gym and it's pretty small in comparison to...
  8. K

    For Parents Private Lessons?

    My gymnast is 8 years old and in her first year of team gymnastics. She is competing Xcel Bronze and has done pretty well in the 3 meets she's had so far, finishing in the middle of the pack most of the time as well as placing 2nd in a few events. She is in a practice group of 7 similarly...
  9. gwenmom

    For Parents How often do you do private lessons

    My DD is asking for more time one on one with her coach and I have noticed when we do the occasional private lesson that there is usually something key she gets that helps her progress, however, I am of the opinion that at 7 she probably doesn't need private lessons every week, but she is...
  10. G

    For Parents Private lessons for 5 year old

    My daughter is 5 and is doing a class that is similar to pre-team but it's for 4-6 year olds. It's higher than an advanced rec team and normally kids in this class skip pre-team and go right to level 4 the next year. At least that is how the coaches explained it to me. Anyway, the woman who was...
  11. M

    A parent question about BHS/ROBHS drills and private lessons?

    OK, so... My DD is 8 and a new level 4. She started pre team at the age of 6. She competed one L3 invitational meet this spring (was technically our 'off season') for fun and loved it. DD is essentially brand new to her gym, again. See, we switched gyms in late fall and based upon original...
  12. gymmomtotwo

    For Parents Private lessons

    I'm sure this has come up before, but I am fairly new. Someone please assure me that my DD is not missing out because I am not paying for her to have private lessons. She is 5, on preteam and does two 3 hour practices a week with great coaches. There are 6 kids in her group right now, though...
  13. aerialriver

    Private lessons spin off

    I was meaning to ask this but someone started a thread on privates but I felt this was a bit different and didn't want to hijack. Our gym starts competition at level 2 and I find it odd but almost every coach in the gym is booked solid with privates all week from little kids in low levels from...
  14. K

    Private lessons?

    I know from reading that a lot of people on here seem against private lessons or think they are not necessary. I really like the gym we are at and although it is not perfect it is a nice place. The one problem is that it almost feels like if your child needs help with a specific issue or help...
  15. G

    Is it possible to get private lessons in gymnastics?

    Hi guys, im from australia, i was wondering if it is possible to get private lessons? is it normal or will i get strange looks if I ask? My DD get private lessons in skiing whenever we go for comps or for fun and she really thrives and improves fast with the 1:1 attention so im thinking she...
  16. wgagym

    What are your rates for Private Lessons?

    I have a parent asking about private instruction. I have no idea what an appropriate rate would be. What do you charge?
  17. B

    Private Lessons for TOPS Training

    Since our gym doesn't have formal TOPS training, would it be inappropriate for me to ask one of our coaches about having my daughter train TOPS in private lessons? Or is that a reasonable goal even?
  18. C

    private lessons

    How much do you usually charge for privates
  19. T

    Private Lessons?

    Hi everyone Tonight at our board meeting we discussed private lessons. we currently don't offer them but are attempting to set them up. How do your clubs run them? Do you pay the coach directly or the gym? How much do you charge per hour? Does it matter if there is one gymnast or more? Thanks so...
  20. I

    For Coaches Necessity of private lessons

    Hi there. I was wondering how important private lessons should/or shouldn't be for a compulsary gymnast to do well in competition. Is is possible for a gymnast to learn the routines, and the skills, if she is 1 of 10 and there is only one coach? The coaches can't possible pick up everything...