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  1. G

    For Parents Another thread about fears, puberty and how to know if your kid is done...

    Had a heart to heart with DD new (4 months) coaches and DD yesterday. Turns out that after the optional program went from 10 girls to 35 this last 2 weeks with another gym closing, things are necessarily getting stricter and girls getting less individual time and wiggle room with assignments...
  2. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG When to hit Puberty?

    There's an 11 year old gymnast moving from level 8 to 9. I've seen her around, and she's TINY. Like, shorter than the vault tiny. And not only that, but she's really skinny, too. For example, when she does kips on the low bar, she doesn't need to straddle or pike, it's like a long hang kip for...
  3. R

    For Parents Delicate situation, once they hit puberty.

    so the no underwear thread got me wondering. what do you do if your dd has her time of the month on competition day? and the whole shaving thing. uggggg. it just doesn't feel right for my baby to have to shave.:eek:
  4. B

    Why is puberty such a big deal for a gymnast?

    I've seen several mentions of how hard puberty is on a gymnast. I get the emotional part, what with all the hormones and that's about the time boys and school friends become more important than gymnastics. But I honestly don't get how physically challenging puberty is on a gymnast. It seems...