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  1. I

    Parents Daughter says she is horrible and wants to quit after the year is up

    My daughter is a late starter in gymnastics terms. I put her in rec when she was 7yo for one session (two months) and at the end of the session, the coaches upgraded her to the train with the 10yo in an Advanced class. Did one session of that and then quit because we had to move across country...
  2. Gymnast2009

    OT I quit

    I finally quit. For months I have been in a slump, not getting skills, not making friends with teammates, teammates my age are incredibly rude, I only have friends there that are like 4 years younger. My parents have been begging me to go to practice for months btu I have been holding out saying...
  3. A

    Gymnasts to quit or not to quit?

    I am coming back from and injury and was planning to compete level 8 this season. However, my parents decide to switch my gym because it works better logistically. (there is no other gym i could go to). I really do not like this new gym and I do not want to go to practice anymore. I feel judged...
  4. Home

    Parents L9 thinking of quitting gymnastics

    Hi, our daughter is 14 and completed L9 last year. She had a tough season with major changes in coaching at her gym, was sick a lot (colds) and had a couple of minor injuries. She only competed 2 meets all four events. She has been taking a break from practice. We were just ordering more...
  5. S

    Anon How to know when to quit gymnastics

    I’ve been doing gymnastics for over 10 yrs now, and I haven’t exactly made it to the level I thought I would when I started gymnastics, I haven’t even made it to where I thought I would 3 years ago, this is mainly due to my mind and where I got started in gymnastics. I am a Diamond gymnast and...
  6. superNova08

    WAG Go for Platinum or Quit?

    I am currently a 14yo Xcel Gold. I will turn 15 in a few months. I deal with some chronic illnesses, one of those being Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which does cause frequent injuries. I am faced with the dilemma for next season. Realistically, I could probably go Platinum next season... beam might...
  7. G

    Parents Level 8 quit gymnastics

    I see so many gymnasts quit the gym at the level 8 . What reasons for quitting? I am very curious level 8 already high level, why they quit gymnastics. It is because of high school , too much work? It is not worth it investing too much time and money for the sport?
  8. C

    Parents Quit or stay?

    Ok, I have dreaded this one. LOTS and LOTS of mixed answers. My DD is a super hard working, determined, hard headed gal. She knows what she wants and she gets it. She takes everything she does seriously; gymnastics and she coaches gymnastics. She coaches for her gym and they said that she is...
  9. L

    Parents 13 yr old wants to quit

    I need help, my daughter wants to quit gymnastics. I told her she had to finish the summer and attend her team summer camp for a week, then we could talk. At the end of last season her coach quit to take a new job, my daughter was heartbroken. We have been through that before, even switching...
  10. M

    Parents 13 year old just quit

    My 13 year old level 7/8 daughter just quit gymnastics yesterday. She has been doing gymnastics for 5-6 years but switched gyms almost a year ago exactly. The gym had been better, the coaches were great, but there were some issues with her teammates. A couple of them were anti-Semitic towards...
  11. L

    Parents Level 6 gymnast Might quit

    Hi. I am mom of a level 6 gymnast. She will be 12 years old in September. Gymnastics has been her passion since age of 5, has always loved it and always happy to go to practice. She has been successful and has always placed in top 5, on top 100 gymnasts in country, state champ, etc. Coaches all...
  12. 60thjeep

    Parents 7 year old wants to quit - Looking for advice

    I searched but most posts were about older kids. My daughter is 7, started on the team at 6. We had no idea about gymnastics and especially team but she was invited to be on the team so we decided to try it. She seems happy at the gym, is friends with all the girls, does handstands and...
  13. I

    WAG Quitting

    I just received the news that I will be doing another season of level eight and I want to quit. I have all the skills I need for level 9 except my double back off of bars and the only reason I don’t have that is because my coaches won’t let me work it. I really don’t want to do another season of...
  14. J

    Parents Quitting Gymnastics

    My daughter is 13 yrs old, level 8. She just started gymnastics in 2017. Till recently she has loved gymnastics. Never wanted to miss practice etc...and has moved quickly with her skills, her life was gymnastics. Well, this year another gymnast joined our gym. She is the exact age as my...
  15. S

    WAG quitting or staying

    hello! im a level 7/8 gymnast and i’ve done gymnastics for about 8 years now. i’ve always loved the sport and i’ve always dreamed about doing college gymnastics after i graduate (which is 3 years). for about 2 months now i’ve been dreading practice more and more. its getting close to summer...
  16. chalkyprincess

    OT Should I quit or am I weak?

    Hi there, I’m a 14 year old gymnast and I’ve been in this sport for about 6-7 years already. We have an assessment on april 26th which is to determine if I am eligible for the junior spot on the national team or not. I have been dreading this assessment for literally forever now, at first I...
  17. gymnastsiena

    WAG Quitting

    My friend just quit gymnastics and I am really upset. Of course I understand it is her decision but I am worried we wont be friends anymore because we go to different schools and got to see each other at gymnastics. She keeps saying she's going to do volleyball, but she said that last year and...
  18. O

    Parents I'm at a loss - quit or push harder?

    DD is a 9yo Level 6 and while talented has always been inconsistent. Amazing potential, not great focus and mixed results. She came out of quarantine on fire and got all her L6 skills in the summer. Then she started school again (with night practice) and lost many of them. She seems tired, cries...
  19. L

    Ok.... I’m injured, but should I quit?

    So I have done gymnastics for 4 years now. 2 rec and 2 competitively.this year a was a Xcel silver that had all platinum skills(they wanted me to compete silver before I did platinum). Anywho, I ended up with tendinitis in both knees before the end of the competition season. The last meet I...
  20. C

    i regret quitting so much :(

    hi all, i just came across this forum and just wanted to vent/share my regret for leaving gymnastics and if it is possible to return. i started men's gymnastics relatively late (11 years old) and was put into level 5. i made a ton of memories, friends, and progressed really fast. however, i...