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  1. M

    WAG Gymnast/Coach ratio for L3-6

    What is gymnast/coach ratio in your gyms for levels 3-6? At our gym there are 18 to 25 gymnasts for 2 coaches split into two groups usually. One coach is coaching vault/bars and the other beam/floor. Is there any official requirements to gymnast/coach ratio?
  2. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Strength to body weight ratio

    I have seen this multiple times on here, but what would be the ideal Strength to body weight ratio? Is there a formula for this? Just curious
  3. C

    WAG Does USAG place a limit on the coach:gymnast ratio?

    Our gym will not let girls do make ups for missed practices, saying that USAG limits the ratio to 1:8, so they cannot go over that to accommodate a kid doing a make up. Is there truth to that?
  4. L

    For Parents Coach/gymnast ratio

    Hello! Newly joined! A quick background. We have a 7-year-old DD who has been on a fast-track team for the last year and a half. She will compete L3 this fall and L4 in the winter/spring. She also tested for TOPS this summer. Skill-wise, she has blossomed over the last 6 months, but it seems...
  5. gymmomtotwo

    WAG Coach to gymnast ratio

    What is a reasonable/customary ratio for a Level 8/uptraining 9 bar rotation? It seems our (great) bar coach is stretched beyond capacity with this group of girls, and DD can go through an entire bar rotation without ever being spotted on needed skills or receiving any coaching feedback. How...
  6. G

    MAG ratio of girls program to boys program

    Spin off from another thread. I am wondering what is the "normal" ratio of number of girls team (ish - could include team track, TOPS, etc) to boys team members around the country. I know that in any successful gym the recreational program will be the largest and the place a gym makes the...
  7. D

    WAG coaches to athletes ratio, particularly in optionals

    So I am wondering a few things, and my apologies if this has been brought up before. How many coaches coach your child's competitive team? I am wondering also the ratio, meanin, for ex, "there are 40 kids and we have 5 coaches, 2 coach the 10 optionals, the rest are split between the lower...
  8. L

    WAG Coach to gymnast ratio

    I'm sure this question has been raised a time or two. But I couldn't find anything in my quick search. What is a good ratio? If you have a team of 36 girls, how many coaches would be needed to maximize the potential and train the girls? Thanks for any input. I'm just curious. If topic...
  9. H

    WAG Coach/Gymnast Ratio

    Just because I'm curious...what's the standard coach to gymnast ratio by level? Does USAG have any guidelines for it, or is it whatever the coach can handle?
  10. G

    For Coaches gymnasts to coach ratio per session

    Trying to figure out funding to send coaches to a "fly away" meet. The meet might combine sessions, which would put around 11 girls for one coach. Do you think this is too many?
  11. G

    For Parents Proper Coach to Gymnast Ratio

    My daughters USAG team has grown significantly in the last 2 years. We have 1 head coach and 1 assistant who helps in compulsory L4 and L5 but only some days and she helps at meets. We recently got the fall schedule and there are some days where the compulsory and optional kids overlap with only...
  12. M

    WAG Gymnast to Coach Ratio?

    At the optional levels, what is appropriate gymnast to coach ratios?
  13. twinmomma

    For Parents Gymnast/Coach Ratio

    My daughter is moving to level 3 and it looks like there will be a lot of girls. I'm just wondering what the typical coach to gymnast ratio is. It's looking like we may have around 9:1.
  14. putri

    WAG Team to rec ratio

    I was Googling another topic when I came upon WOGA's page. The page stated that they have 3000 gymnast with 200 competing. That's just 1 out of 15 kids do well enough in gymnastics to compete. You think this is average? Or it's just cause it's WOGA? I think our gym is more 1:4... Or even 1:5...
  15. A

    For Parents gymnast to coach ratio

    Just curious what your gymnast to coach ratio is in your DD groups? At what point is it to many? I'm especially curious with 9/10 and training elite. Thoughts???
  16. M

    WAG Power to weight ratio and/or weight to strength ratio

    I often wondered when gymnasts reach their peak gymnastically and/or at what age can one determine the maximum potential of a gymnast. Studies have shown that the physical peak for most humans are 23-35 (average I got from various studies). Men peak a little later then women. This peak...
  17. D

    WAG Strength to Weight Ratio

    I have a question for coaches about strenth to weight ratio and body type. My DD is 8 y.o. (will turn 9 in Dec.), weighs about 70 lbs. I am not positive about her height. At her check up last year she was 4'1. I think she has probably grown another inch, at least. Anyway, she has very, very...
  18. P

    Coach/gymnast ratio

    After nearly 6 months off to rehab some overuse injuries, our daughter has decided to go back to gymnastics (insert happy dance here!). We are not taking her back to her previous gym and will be interviewing other gyms in the area to find the best fit for her. I know alot of what to ask and...
  19. G

    coach to gymnast ratio in practice?

    what's the average number of coaches on the floor during practice? my daughter's gym usually only has 1 coach work with her entire level 4 team - 11 girls. That seems like a very low ratio to me and i'm wondering what's "normal."