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  1. Anonymous Post

    Anon Featured College Recruiting experience, insights and opinions

    Since my DD is starting this process, and since the information exchange seems pretty asymmetric with all the information tilted toward the programs I thought I would start this thread to see if others would want to compare notes, observations, experiences, and opinions. My DD is a freshman in...
  2. Pigeon

    MAG Men's college recruiting - Academies vs Other Colleges

    My son is entering his sophomore year in high school, so he's starting to think more seriously about college gymnastics. He's currently really interested in the Naval Academy or West Point. What are the real differences between recruiting for colleges vs. the academies?
  3. G

    For Parents Level 10, college gymnastics team recruiting

    I am thinking about how college recruiting gymnast. Besides competing on level 10, what average scores of level 10 competition are the minimum scores to be considered on the D1 college team in general?
  4. F

    OT Gymnastics College recruiting and High School Cheer

    Should my daughter downplay Varsity High School cheerleading when she posts to he social media for gymnastics recruiting? Would college gym coaches percieve her as not a serious recruit if she does cheer also. She is good at both but I am wondering if we really do need to keep these worlds...
  5. R

    For Parents College Recruiting

    I have a high school sophomore and don't know much about how recruiting works. I am aware she can have no contact with college coaches until June but is there anything we can do before that to 'catch the coaches attention'? She has a youtube channel and adds new videos regularly... She had...
  6. DefiniteMaybe

    WAG Recruiting Trips?

    Does anybody know what’s allowed in the recruiting process right now with the dead period extension? We know some girls are visiting colleges, but we have been a little gun shy about those kinds of things. We don’t want to break the rules, but we also don’t want to be overcautious and miss...
  7. J

    WAG CaptainU? -- USAG recruiting website?

    I was renewing my daughter's USAG membership and am being asked if she'd like a free college recruiting profile with CaptainU. I have never heard of this site. I'm not opposed to having her listed in a database but is this something new, or did I just not notice it in the past? Anyone know...
  8. Faith

    WAG NCAA change in recruiting rules?

    Hello! dd has been told by a team mate that NCAA recruiting rules have changed due to COVID. she graduates in 2023, so our plan was to start eMailing and getting more proactive around christmas. However a couple of her team mates have been contacted and had video calls this week. Same grad...
  9. skschlag

    For Parents Recruiting those of us with kids of recruiting age, what kinds of things are your kids doing right now? Are they still contacting coaches, etc? IG? Let's share ideas for our rising seniors! (and younger can learn from it too)
  10. grasshoppergymnast

    WAG Recruiting instagram

    So i’ve seen many gymnasts have instagram accounts just for recruiting purposes and for different universities to maybe look at them... When would be the right time to create one of these accounts? what grade? what age? what level?
  11. 3rd_time_around

    WAG NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    So I’ll probably regret posting this, but it seems the new rule about when colleges can make an offer to gymnasts isn’t being followed. In the past week, I’ve seen several commitment announcements for gymnasts in grades 7, 8, and 9. Seventh grade!!? So anyone who has the inside scoop, is the...
  12. Faith

    For Parents Idiots guide to NCAA recruiting?

    Bearing in mind I am UK based so utterly clueless on US college (uni?) admissions full stop, never mind scholarships etc! DD is looking at NCAA. I have done some limited Social Media, twitter, youtube etc and am posting results and some training and competition stuff. She's had a couple of...
  13. R

    WAG Web presence for recruiting purposes?

    We have always preferred to have a minimal online footprint for our children. Now that DD is a level 10 (though she is still quite young and in MS) and is heading to nationals, we feel that it is time to get some things out there for recruiting purposes. What are the best sites that you think...
  14. R

    WAG New Recruiting Rules?

    I thought I saw on FB something about changes to recruiting, but when I went back it seemed to have vanished. I had not had the chance to read it, so I was wondering if anyone knew of changes coming out for recruiting? TIA! Thanks!
  15. T

    WAG Gymnastics recruiting services

    thoughts on whether college gymnastics recruiting services are “worth it”? I’m guessing for the elites and top tier JO gymnasts (national winners), service probably won’t help that much as the colleges will already be after these ladies. For the rest, does the connections that some of these...
  16. cftmoonlight

    For Coaches Recruiting Question

    Hi all, I am a coach and I also run our gyms recruiting Instagram and other social media. We currently have a gymnast set to graduate in 2019, and I have been advertising as such. She has informed us that she would like to compete for our club for an additional year, while attending community...
  17. M

    For Parents College recruiting process...part of the problem?

    I just received an interesting e-mail. FYI this e-mail is coming from NCSA, "Next College Student Athlete" which as far as I can tell is a for profit college sports recruiting firm. (And, fyi, they do NOT include gymnastics as one of the sports they recruit for.) We are on their email list only...
  18. thefellowsmom

    WAG New NCAA Recruiting Rules So it sounds like recruiting at camps is out and official visits can start Junior year. Do we think this is going to change anything or limit early recruiting in any way?
  19. F

    For Parents YouTube Channel for Recruiting Question...

    Just curious if any of your kids coaches created or asked you to create a YouTube channel for recruiting purposes?? And if so at what age did this get created??
  20. T

    WAG College Recruiting - What' s better?

    This may sound silly - but are colleges more concerned with a high GPA or the AP classes taken? Just wondering...