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  1. S

    WAG Region 6 developmental camp

    I am wondering how girls get invited to region 6 developmental camp? Totally curious as to the process and criteria. Thanks for any info!!
  2. J

    For Parents Region 5 leotard 2022

    Trying to find any information on a region 5 championships leotard for 2022. There is nothing on the region 5 USAG webpage- yet other regions have info about their leos and t-shirts. Anyone with any info? Did info go out to the clubs- ours claims no emails on this. I can not get an answer from...
  3. D

    WAG Region 6 - Xcel competition questions

    Definition from packet QUALIFYING CRITERIA: Qualification will take place at the State Championships. The top [7] gymnasts in each division will qualify as a state team. An additional [60] qualifiers, in each division, will be selected on a % of a % formula. Questions: Q1) Are these the all...
  4. C

    For Parents Region 8 regionals - breakdown?

    Wondering if anyone has seen the percentage breakdown for Region 8 Womens yet. Thanks!
  5. amiandjim

    WAG Another congrats to region 5!

    Congratulations to Region 5 for winning super team at JO Nationals! I have to tell you we went to yesterday’s Junior and Senior D session and there was some amazing gymnastics happening. Region 5 was having a great day until bars. The first two girls had rough routines and it was looking...
  6. amiandjim

    WAG Congrats to Region 5!

    Region 5 squeaked out a win by 1 point over Region 8 at Easterns!!
  7. Ali'sMom

    WAG Region 8 regionals #s

    Sorry this isn’t in the Region 8 group. I can’t find it or else I might not have gotten back into when the board changed. Does anyone know how many girls from level 6 Florida will go to regionals? Or does anyone have the link where the breakdowns are posted? Thank you!
  8. F

    For Parents Region 1 social group

    I noticed that there is no social group for Region 1! What? How do we start one?
  9. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Region 5.....

    Can someone explain Region 5 level 8 State Team? Is there one per age group, or 1 State team for the level 8s (the top 8 gymnasts AA scores regardless of age groups)?
  10. Flyaway

    For Parents Region 2 social group

    Hi all! I'm trying to drum up some interest in participation in our Region 2 group. We are small but mighty! It's fun to chat about meets and sessions specifically. We currently only have 3 members. :eek: Please help me change that and get involved! If you have a gymnast in Alaska, Hawaii...
  11. N

    WAG Region 3 - Level 7 State % for Regionals

    Does anyone know what the different breakdowns for each state in Region 3 making it to Regionals for level 7? I swear I saw a document online somewhere that broke it down by each state and top X in each age group go automatically, then this % goes at large, but now can't seem to find it. Thanks...
  12. ArmyMom

    MAG Region Championships not allowing some to compete

    So my son competes in region 3 and is a 13 year old level 8 and we just found out Region 3 has decided NOT to let older level 8’s & 9’s compete at regional championship Wondering if this is something happening in all regions this year or just in this region
  13. M

    WAG Is anyone attending Region 3 HP S&S camp next month?

    Just wondering if anyone else will be there? My two girls and a few teammates will be there representing our small gym... Maybe we will see you?
  14. F

    WAG No More Super 8 for Region 4

    I was so sad to learn that region 4 will no longer be doing the super 8 teams for regionals. The top 8 level 8 gymnasts (regardless of age) would be named to the super 8 team where they would compete as a state against the other region 4 state's super 8 teams. Lily was on it when she was a level...
  15. M

    For Parents Region 6 Development Camp

    Looking for information on how gymnasts like and ages about. Do they bring dinner or is it supplied? My daughter going and is very excited she was chosen.
  16. N

    For Parents Region Developmental Camps

    Has anyone gone to their regions developmental camp? how was the experience? any insight will be great.
  17. Ali'sMom

    MAG Region 8 compulsory champs scores??

    Does anyone if/where the results will be shown for the region 8 championships?
  18. ldw4mlo

    WAG Regionals for Region 6 qualifying

    Hoping someone could clarify qualifying. I assume the additional 112 are divided among all the states in Region 6. Would that be correct? Level 7 ‡ Qualification will take place at the State Championships ‡ Top seven gymnasts, regardless of age group, will qualify as the ¶Super Seven· State...
  19. B

    MAG Region 8 Level 7 Division I/II or A/B

    I am not sure if all regions use the division I and II or A and B, but our region does. Division I gets credit for bonuses and division II does not. It is there to help "level the playing field"--I suppose. Our coaches want to place our son in division II to start the season. We did this...
  20. DandiMae

    For Parents Any parents in Region 2?

    Alaska Hawaii Idaho Montana Oregon Washington A new social group was started for people in Region 2 and it would be fun if some local people joined to discuss fun things, meets, and issues in Region 2! :) Come join us!