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  1. L

    WAG State team for regionals

    Hi, I just had my state meet a few days ago and I am wondering if I made the state team for regionals. I made the state team last year and hoping to make it again. I am wondering if anyone knows where to look for that information?
  2. gym_dad32608

    NCAA NCAA Regionals/Post-season, who ya got?

    The regional sites have been announced now. Ultimately, the title is going to either UF, Oklahoma or Michigan feel pretty confident in saying that. Any of those teams going 24/24 is superior to everyone else in the field. Anyone else in the field would need all 3 to go 22/24 in order to have...
  3. M

    WAG Level 9/10 Regionals

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! My daughter will be competing Sunday afternoon at the Region 8 level 9 regionals. Anyone else going to be there? Anyone else competing in another region this weekend? I'm surprised there hasn't been much talk about regionals on here this season...
  4. C

    WAG Regionals - lower numbers than usual - any insight?

    So I put this in a post about region 8 but wondered if anyone in any region had some insight. I noticed for NC level 7, in 2019 the top 105 girls (out of 213 competitors) made it to regionals. This year, it says that they will only take 56 girls. I wondered a few things: 1- are other...
  5. C

    For Parents Region 8 regionals - breakdown?

    Wondering if anyone has seen the percentage breakdown for Region 8 Womens yet. Thanks!
  6. profmom

    MAG regionals

    Well, there's a plan for Region 7. All allotment. Numbers are posted. Curious how other regions are doing it. Business as usual? A smaller meet for lower levels?
  7. G

    WAG Xcel Regionals

    I remember reading earlier that all seniors in high school automatically qualify for Xcel Regionals, but I don’t remember where I read this from to confirm. Does anyone know if this is correct?
  8. Ali'sMom

    WAG Region 8 regionals #s

    Sorry this isn’t in the Region 8 group. I can’t find it or else I might not have gotten back into when the board changed. Does anyone know how many girls from level 6 Florida will go to regionals? Or does anyone have the link where the breakdowns are posted? Thank you!
  9. C

    WAG Changing gyms for regionals?

    We are heading towards our state meet this weekend, and already have some plans in place to change gyms after this season. My daughter is unlikely to qualify for regionals, but if she it possible to change gyms and compete at regionals for the new gym? I do have her floor music on my...
  10. T

    For Parents Has anyone's petition into Regionals evern been rejected?

    Just wondering....
  11. N

    WAG Region 3 - Level 7 State % for Regionals

    Does anyone know what the different breakdowns for each state in Region 3 making it to Regionals for level 7? I swear I saw a document online somewhere that broke it down by each state and top X in each age group go automatically, then this % goes at large, but now can't seem to find it. Thanks...
  12. S

    WAG Qualifying to States (L7) and Regionals in Texas

    Can someone tell me how Level 7s qualify to States in Texas? I've heard there's a minimum score but I've not been able to find it anywhere. And from there, to regionals. I know it's a 34.00 for Levels 9 and 10, but 7 is just a percentage, right?
  13. T

    WAG Links for JO regionals scores

    USA Gym is doing pretty good job at capturing all the scores: and here are links from mymeetscores: Can't seem to find link for Region 1 though.. anyone know?
  14. ldw4mlo

    WAG Regionals for Region 6 qualifying

    Hoping someone could clarify qualifying. I assume the additional 112 are divided among all the states in Region 6. Would that be correct? Level 7 ‡ Qualification will take place at the State Championships ‡ Top seven gymnasts, regardless of age group, will qualify as the ¶Super Seven· State...
  15. jenjean70

    MAG How are your regionals run?

    I checked the region 3 website today and discovered that next year (2019) they are going to break up the optional gymnasts and the compulsory gymnasts into two separate competitions, on different weekends in different places. Also it gave the breakdown by percent of who would qualify for...
  16. D

    WAG Why % for who qualifies for level 6 regionals?

    1) do all regions determine who qualifies for level 6 regionals base off percentage. Think our state got 14% last season. Determined by how many qualify for states. 2) why does level 6 use a % when most levels base regional qualifications off a score requirement?
  17. Bug's mom

    Canadian girls qualifying for US regionals?

    Quick caveat before I ask this question...I'm doing so on behalf of our group of not-always-CGM just out of curiosity, and not with any expectations that this becomes a real thing. Coach has suggested that the girls will do a few US meets next year (we're thinking 2, maybe 3?) and we were...
  18. justkeepswimming

    For Parents Registration for regionals

    As a parent, with a first year gymnast competing, I am not sure how this all works. Here is the scenario. My daughter competed at state, and during awards wasn't called up for floor (and subsequently all around.) I said something and they realized scores were closed prior to her floor being...
  19. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG What's regionals like?

    Soooooo...... I made my Korbut at states, and got personal bests on everything this season, with a 37.4 all around, and I made it to Region 6 Regionals! But... I've never been to Regionals. Can some on fill me in on what it's like / how it works? The people at the meet weren't very clear...
  20. D

    WAG level 7 regionals

    good luck everyone! Go region one !