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  1. D

    Coaches Regionals, 2015 videos.

    One of our little gymnasts who put up a big performance this weekend for her state.
  2. L

    WAG First Level 10 Regionals Nationals Bound

    What a journey! Sophia made her first bar routine without a fall, survived beam and fell on her best event floor! But she held on and qualified to JO excited!
  3. profmom

    MAG Official "good luck at regionals" thread!

    I know several of the guys have regionals coming up next weekend. I want to wish all of our Chalkbucketeer boys and their families good luck at regionals, but especially to those guys who are trying to make it to JO/JE nationals! May the guys all stay healthy and in one piece, rock their last...
  4. J

    WAG States and regionals

    Is states and regionals harder than regular meets? I know i have to qualify by getting 34.00 in two meets, but is that it?
  5. S

    WAG Level 9 Regionals

    My daughter made it to Regionals. Does it work the same as Level 8? Is their state together? Do they cheer for each other? Or is it like a regular meet? The girls from her gym are spread across 4 age groups so I assume they won't be together? Hoping others support and cheer!
  6. W

    WAG Level 9 - 34 at states = regionals?

    Is this hard and fast, for all regions, that a 34 AA at states for L9 will make it to regionals? TIA.
  7. P

    Deduction for walking on hands - Range - Regionals

    Hi There, Our Regional Grades range & conditioning set involves a standing straddle press to handstand. Does anyone know what the deductions are for walking on your hands in the handstand to avoid a fall? Thanks :)
  8. A

    WAG How do you qualify for Level 7 regionals?

    Our meet season is almost over. My dd, level 7, has had a great year! Every meet 36+AA, and last meet she was 2nd AA. I know regionals are after States, but how does a gymnast qualify? We are in Region 8. Thanks:)
  9. emilykatherine

    WAG Event specialist and regionals

    What is the qualifying score you must make at state to go to regionals as an IES? My coach said it was 9.5 but that seems really high just for regionals, I had always thought it was a 9.0, I live in region 8 if it matters.
  10. D

    Regionals for Regions 1 and 2

    Does anyone know when the athletes will know what session they are in? I would like to buy airline tickets, but not sure what time we need to be there.
  11. rgmom

    WAG Photographer for Level 8, Region 7 Regionals

    Hi, Does anyone know who the photographer was at Level 8 Regionals for Region 7? My husband's pictures were mediocre, at best. lol. Would love some good shots to add to a photo album. I've done an on-line search and nothing comes up. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. MILgymFAM

    Parents Update on xcel regionals

    I am so glad I worried for nothing about not having a coach. DDs HC arrived right on time and the meet went off without a hitch. DD had so much fun and even managed to grab a 4th place medal on bars. It's the first time she ever broke a 9 on bars and the first time she ever got to stand on the...
  13. MILgymFAM

    Parents Regionals

    We are off to xcel regionals in Arizona today. DD competes Sunday and is incredibly excited. It has been a bumpy week as my hubby was in an accident that totaled our car. Luckily no one was hurt, we got a rental, and I am looking forward to relaxing away from my adult realty for the weekend and...
  14. Ali'sMom

    WAG Question re going from regionals to sectionals

    Okay, we are still dealing with compulsories so I don't know a lot about upper levels. What are the qualifications to go from regionals to sectionals (is that Eastern Championships?) We are region 8, and have a gymnast at level 9 regionals this weekend, so I'm curious about how they make it to...
  15. bogwoppit

    WAG Getting to NATs/NIT from regionals - rant

    I have been undergoing an education today, an education in how messed up the system for getting to NAT/NIT for L10's is. I now realise that many girls will be staying at home with 37's from R7, and the like, whilst girls from R2, and the like, will be going with 34's. This is just wrong in...
  16. J

    WAG Level 10 Regionals and NIT spots

    How are spots for NIT allocated? I know that the top 7 in each age group go to JO Nationals...then sometimes there are girls that go to compete for different regions based on need and how their age group placed last year at Nationals. I noticed that the number of NIT spots varied last year...
  17. skschlag

    MAG Admission to Regionals

    So, we got to our regional meet thsi weekend, and decided to go watch the 9s and 10s. When we got there, we had to pay for the gymnasts to get in and watch. Is this normal???? I was shocked. One kid came in as we were standing there, and they told him he had to pay. He said he had just...
  18. GymMomXcel

    Parents Region 7 Level 9 Regionals

    Here! Excited to support a great gymnast from DD's gym! Also, SO excited to see some level 9 gymnastics.
  19. htimcj

    WAG Which regions have a Level 7 regionals?

    Which regions have a level 7 regional where the girls have to qualify in some way to go? I can tell from a previous post that region 8 does. Region two has an invitational that is open to all L7 but is contemplating a "real" regional next year? What do the rest of the regions do?
  20. skschlag

    MAG Regionals

    Good luck to all of our boys competing in regionals this weekend!!!