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  1. T

    MAG Scoring/results platform

    Hi, in Aus is there a widely used platform for scoring? I have live meet pro but it seems it’s not used by all. Thanks
  2. gymgal

    WAG NC state L6-10 results?

    Does anyone know where the scores are posted? I have checked the usual sites.
  3. D

    the MAG Team Final Results

    How do you feel about how the MAG Team final turned out?
  4. skschlag


    Men's qualifying is done. Here are the US results, and links to the overall results. Sam: AA and PB final Brody: AA and HB final Alec: PH final Yul: Floor final Shane: Floor final 1st alternate. Team: Qualified 4th! Great qualifying for this team!
  5. Bug's mom

    Canadian Champiomships results (JO, Novice)

    Would anyone know where we can find Canadian Championships results for JO and Novice in near real-time? GCG's directive mentioned they would be available as judging happened (25th-27th) and I see the Sr/Jr results were generated by Livemeet but there is nothing in Livemeet for the June...
  6. skschlag

    MAG Universiade Qualification Results

    Way to go Alex Diab!! He qualified to finals on both floor and rings! And Jake Bonnay from Canada made it on Pommel horse!
  7. D

    WAG So Cal meet results?

    STATE ,Anyone know where to find them? They were on MSO but now taken down?
  8. L

    For Parents No results/scores posted for a compulsory meet... very upset

    We recently had a USAG sanctioned, official meet with levels 3/4/5. Our girls did great, including my DD, who scored a 38.8 AA, unexpected and her highest AA ever... While we got the awards ceremony, and I know my DD’s scores, the hosting gym did not post results anywhere. Not on their website...
  9. F

    WAG Lily’s HOPES Classic results...

    lily placed 2nd all around and her teammate placed 3rd! Not bad for a small, unknown and new to the elite world gym!!! Onto Columbus and the HOPES championships!!
  10. J

    For Parents Tops testing results

    are the scores posted anywhere?
  11. skschlag

    MAG Nationals results

    Well, we are done...Season is over. Thank goodness! It is so nice to have it done. D finished yesterday, and finished strong. He landed a high bar dismount! YAY! He tucked it, but apparently did not mean to. He was planning to lay it out. Tuck worked and he stuck. Super exciting. Stuck...
  12. Scotsgirl

    Results Scottish

    Comp3In Individual Rankings: 1 58.102 - Phoebe Cameron (Hamilton) 2 56.818 - Casey Reid (Garioch) 3 55.818 - Isla Mcgregor (City of Glasgow) 4 54.117 - Emily Shearer (Largs) 5 53.752 - Ava Macfarlane (City of Glasgow) 6 49.919 - Abigail Cochrane (City of...
  13. Ali'sMom

    WAG Firesta Bowl Natl Qualifier - results?

    Anyone know where there might be live results for the elite qualifier?? MSO only has listed the JO sessions. MYUSAGYM doesn't show it live. Is there any other one that I don't know about???
  14. Jenny

    2017 Voluntary levels results

    Anyone got any results please link them here!
  15. kassgymnast_

    OT Meet Results

    Didn't know what topic to put this in really... But does anyone know where I can find the Anna Brashear Memorial Invitational 2017 results? The event seemed very unorganized while changing the location and times last minute. The scores weren't posted digitally at the meet, they were on hand held...
  16. Jenny

    Grades 2017 results

    Angel of the North pre grades results here from last weekend and Jewel of the South will appear on that link after the weekend too. Please add links as you find them and good luck everyone!
  17. gymbeam

    For Parents Boys Results on MMS & the Top 100 Lists

    Woops! I just went to check the Top 100 and see if my DD had been bumped off yet, and the rankings are all messed up from boys scores being added (since their scores are so much higher). They bumped all the girls off. Like this, for example...
  18. G

    WAG 3rd Meet Results

    I had my third meet a while back, but didn't post about it. It was on an ice rink and was FREEZING. It wasn't so fun. Vault: 8.9, 1st place Bars: 8.7, 4th place (9.5 sv) Beam: 8.9, 3rd place (fall) Floor: 9.4, 2nd place AA: 35.8, 2nd place Team: Something, 1st place Didn't do as well as I was...
  19. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Meet Results!

    First ever xcel platinum meet! Vault: 9.075* - 3nd place Beam: 8.8 - 4th place Bars 9.25 - 2nd place Floor: 9.5 (personal best!) - 1st place AA: 36.625 - 1st place Team: 3rd place (not too bad, 1/2 the team were 1st timers and we had the smallest team) *I started with a lower start value of...
  20. bogwoppit

    WAG TOPs results are up Top two documents list all the qualifiers. Congrats to all who made it, congrats to those who worked hard and tested.