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  1. L

    WAG Search brings "no results" multiple times

    I'm hoping someone can help. Not long ago the topic of ankle weights was mentioned and I would like to reread the responses as my DD came home last night and said she was working on split jumps on beam with weights. Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.
  2. Clover

    WAG JO Nationals Region Results

    Just wondering - Do they come up with an overall Region Winner for JO Nationals? I see that Region 5 won 4 of the 8 age groups, Region 7 won 3, and Region 1 won 1, but I didn't see an overall winner. It also looks like R5 is in great shape for the future as they won 4 of the 5 youngest age groups.
  3. Quadqueen

    WAG Live Results for JO Nationals?

    Does anyone know where they're posted? I've looked on the USAG website and, but meetscoresonline still says "awaiting scores."
  4. Jenny

    UK WAG 2014 grades results

    Seeing as though grades are kicking off all around the country now can we please link results in this thread. That way we can keep them all together. Angel of the North pre grades competition results are here. Well done to those CB members who competed.
  5. F

    NSC qualifier - results

    Sooooooo proud of DD. She came in third today at the National Stream Cup qualifier, and made Team Ontario. First "real" meet with scores and she did awesome!!!! Signed - proud mommy ;)
  6. W

    WAG TOPS results in

    The girls at DD's gym got their TOPS results today. So they are definitely out now.
  7. GymMom1919

    For Parents TOPs 2013 Anyone familiar with the testing and or results phase

    My daughter did TOPs testing the other day and we were told that we will find out results in a few weeks (which is fine).... I understand it is a 60/40 split as far as how the scoring breakdown goes.... I am curious though- in the past where has the cutoff generally fallen? Our coaches told us...
  8. bogwoppit

    THE best website for Canadian meet results

    Gym-Score-Depot - Canadian Gymnastics Results, Clubs, Software, ... Now they do not have every meet, but they do have the big ones and the Provincial champs and all National meets.
  9. bogwoppit

    2013 Nationals results

    2013 Canadian Gymnastics Championships - ARTISTIC RESULTS All results are now posted for Nationals. Some great results.
  10. DND

    WAG Meet results and brag....

    After my lost post where DD had been at her Provincial meet practice at the venue and did a dismount onto her head; everything turned around and she did great. She was nervous going in, but the event order let her move on and it was a great day. 1st event Bars: DD looked pretty nervous and...
  11. GymBeeMom

    For Parents State Meet Results for our CB Girls...

    Well, we all survived and DD had an awesome meet. There were not many girls in her age group so placings don't mean much but her scores were great and she came home with medals. She had a personal best AA of 37.125 and her whole team did awesome! She hit on all 4 of her events with no falls...
  12. krisnkids

    For Parents MRI results

    We went to get the MRI done and back to ortho today and he said that while the MRI shows healing and it is definitely a repetitive us injury to her growth plate. Yes it will heal, slowly. It's already been 7 weeks since the pain first started. He has her starting occupational therapy to start...
  13. LoriLou

    For Parents Meet Results

    This one is huge, ya'll!!! This was a really large invitational, the biggest meet we've been to so far. The L2's were competing against girls from all over the country. There was even a HUGE team of about 20 girls that traveled from Mexico. It was an impressive display of organization for...
  14. gwenmom

    For Parents Meet results

    DD had her second meet today as an Xcel Bronze 9.0 Vault 8.8 bars 8.7 Beam 8.3 Floor
  15. UTMom2three

    Meet results I/18-1/20

    How did your Tumbler do this weekend DD did amazing in Tumbling tied for 1st. She didnt do to well on DM I think nerves got to her
  16. Canadian_gym_mom

    Meet results

    My dd competed in an invitational meet this past weekend and took gold in both double mini and tramp! The photo company got one beautiful shot of her on tramp and so I had to buy the whole thing for $25, but am posting the pic in the "private" section to those who are there.
  17. A

    For Parents 2nd Meet results for oldest DD :)

    So oldest DD, 10, had her second Excel Bronze meet this weekend. She did well, placing 3rd overall in her age group! She got a 8.85 on beam (she does a lot better in practice...much more conservative in meets), 8.9 on floor (a slightly bent leg in a leap), and got 9.2 on vault (surprisingly...
  18. LoriLou

    For Parents Meet Results!!

    I missed DD's first meet, but she did SOOOO well!! She scored a 9.0 on vault, 9.6 on bars, 9.4 on beam, and 9.2 on floor.....all around score was 37.2. She ended up winning first on bars, beam and floor, and she also won the all around! Woot! She is so proud of herself. And so am I. I just...
  19. GymBeeMom

    WAG TOPS results, ugggggg

    Anybody else frustrated? Still no results. Who knows when they will have all this straightened out. We have girls (and their coaches and parents) anxiously waiting. Trying to patient but really wishing we knew already:( Anybody else in the same boat?
  20. B

    WAG Anyone here any news on TOPs national testing results

    Anyone hear about test results from national TOPs testing? Our gym had several gymnast go including my 10 yr old dd. Our coaches say it will be a while because of the changes made to the program.