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  1. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Rips

    My DD got the biggest rips the other day she has ever gotten. Her gym wants you to have either a Kip or high bar consistently to get grips. I know grips won’t stop the rips but it does have a barrier. She will tape her hands for now. Just wanted to vent and see if anyone had any other...
  2. gymnasticsinmyblood

    WAG How do I use uneven bars without hurting my rips?

    my coach tried taping over them and I wore my grips as well, Nope still hurt like I didn't even have the tape on! my coach tried liquid bandage but it came off!! What should I do to help it be less painful for me to use uneven bars?
  3. K

    MAG Rips and Hand Sanitizer

    How are your gyms dealing with the combination of rips and hand sanitizer? Our gym is opening on 7/1. The plan is for everyone to have their own straps for the strap bar and to also wear cotton gloves. No work on the regular high bar. They will slowly have to get everyone's hands into shape...
  4. L

    For Parents Duoderm for rips...or facial acne spots?

    I’ve read through here and other places that duoderm is magic for rips. Ok. The description says it’s a hydrocolloid bandage. What’s the difference between duoderm and other hydrocolloidal bandages? They even make them in nifty little circles now for facial acne. I was thinking it’s perfect...
  5. adult?gymnast

    WAG Adult Gymnastics? Grips? Rips?

    Hi all! First time poster, long time lurker here. I just recently got into adult (still not sure if I’m an adult though haha) gymnastics after doing years of rec gym as a kid. I know there are a million and one threads on healing rips so they’re good to go on bars again, but how do you care for...
  6. GymMomA3R

    For Parents Essential oils for rips/blisters

    Does anyone use essential oils for blisters/rips? If so, what do you use? I was looking at rip ointments/balms online and many of them used essential oils so I was wondering if there’s any oils I may already have that I can use instead of buying another product. DD has not ripped...
  7. E

    WAG My rips keep on re-ripping!

    I ripped a week and half ago. Then every practice after that I've been re-ripping it. Between practices I've been using Winnies Rip Fix. It is a miracle and the skin grows back really fast. But then it just rips again. I think it works really well but the skin grows back soft. So with the...
  8. LivGym23

    Infected Rips

    My rips keep getting infected. I don't use grips, I prefer bare bar. When I have one I just chalk it thick so it doesn't hurt. What could I do to prevent infection?
  9. Jenn's Jam

    WAG Best, home remedies for rips?

    DD recently got a rip that is basically as big as her palm, (via giantso_O) dd also has a meet on friday and I can't get
  10. T

    For Parents How to treat rips from bars?

    DD got her first real tip from working a kip on bars. Other than tea bags, what’s the best way to treat them and even prevent them?
  11. K

    WAG itchy rips??

    i recently got some rips from bars the other day and they are healing, however, one of them is quite itchy?? like a mosquito bite itch. i don't know if they are healing well or not, please look at the picture and provide some advice for me?? thank you xx
  12. Splat

    WAG Rips

    I am currently looking for a news article or book about rips. Does anyone know of any? It doesn't have to be limited to just gymnastics
  13. Christine Chambers

    For Parents Rips

    Another question.... I did a search but it didn't turn up anything so apologies if it's already been discussed to death. Any good home remedies to quickly heal over rips so they harden up and turn to calluses?
  14. kassgymnast_

    WAG ways to heal rips

    i got about a nickel sized rip on the bottom of my hand today, and i’m not quite sure how to heal it. I put on new skin and it was the most unbearable pain in my life, i couldn’t move my hand and it became terribly itchy. I then put some antibiotic cream on like i normally would. I haven’t had a...
  15. squid

    WAG Rips/blisters

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Chalkbucket with a question. I'm a fourteen year old level 8 gymnast. My hands are extremely fragile. After just five pirouettes and two Giants, my hands had three rips. Fast forward two days and I had ten. My hands are not soft at all and form calluses easily...
  16. S

    For Parents Preventing rips and callouses?

    My DD hasnt ripped yet but she has callous forming on her left hand. I read somewhere that callouses are what causes rips. Is there any truth to this? If so how to I prevent them? Or at least keep theme from getting bad. Right now I'm soaking her hands and scrubbing them with one of those...
  17. G

    WAG Rips

    I have a rip that won't heal. I got it last Thursday and it's a week later it's on my finger and it still burns. I have practice tomorrow what should I do?
  18. M

    For Parents Taking care of rips

    State meet is next weekend and after 4 years of Gymnastics, DS is the proud owner of a monster hole in his hand. The blister has torn way mostly, but the skin is still hanging on. It about the size of a quarter. My question is, to cut the dangling skin off or leave it alone? I have duoderm...
  19. J


    Okay so i have been doing gymnastics for 3 years now and have always had a rip problem. i rip always on bars even at compitions. any suggestions on how to heal them faster or how to get stronger skin? much aprieciated
  20. notthatmom

    For Parents Her first rips!

    DD's coach had them on the bars for almost 2 hours yesterday....probably the longest they've spent on the bars at once ever at practice. DD came into the lobby afterward and showed me her hands, with fresh new rips on them, I told her "those are called rips, congratulations!" (She looked at...