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  1. Anonymous Post

    Anon Round off Tuck- STG

    *I believe I have posted this before, but it isn't showing up for me. My 13-year-old daughter goes to a gym once a week. Her first class was last week. Before this, she was self-taught for about a year and a half. Her goal is to be a competitive gymnast, and maybe do some college gymnastics...
  2. ProudMomOfAlani

    For Parents Round off Back tuck

    My 13-year-old daughter goes to a gym once a week. Her first class was last week. Before this, she was self-taught for about a year and a half. Her goal is to be a competitive gymnast. Her highest skill that she taught herself is a standing back tuck (when she went to her first class last week...
  3. M

    WAG Round Off: Handstand?

    One of my friends helping me with round off says, its like 3 steps, 1) first going into a cartwheel phase 2) in the middle, you go into the "Handstand" 3) finally, snap your feet down into a hollow Is the middle step correct? Do you enter a true handstand in the round off?
  4. M

    WAG Round Off - Landing into Hollow Body position

    What starts the Hollow body position during landing in the Round Off? My coach told me to "snap your toes down"? Is that true? (a) Do I snap my toes down, and let the legs initiate the hollow position? (b) or does it come from back muscles? (c) Last she said sometimes, it easier to get into a...
  5. E

    For Parents Struggling with a Round Off Backhandspring Back Tuck

    Hi, My daughter is struggling with connecting her round off backhandspring back tuck. She can do her round off triple backhandspring and a round off back tuck beautifully. Are there any tips or tricks?
  6. M

    WAG Round off, hollow body position?

    This sort of touches on my last question. I am trying to work on the round off. During the gymnastics round off, (a) should a person get into a "hollow body position", which includes sucking in/squeezing the abs and squeezing the glutes? (b) if so, when should an athlete start the hollow body...
  7. M

    WAG Round Off, Should I flick the wrist?

    During the gymnastics round off, should a person "flick the wrist" like they are kind of doing a basketball shot? This is also done with the "shoulder shrug pop" to get a lift from the ground. One of my coaches told me to flick wrist, just curious if this is standard practice? Everyone has...
  8. H

    WAG Help connecting round off to a bhs

    Hi guys! Currently I am working on my round off back handspring. It has been a few years since I’ve practiced, yet I am still having the same issue. My round off is powerful, but when it comes to connecting it to a back handspring it goes down hill. My coach is telling me that I need to feel...
  9. R

    WAG Round off vs twisting direction

    Hello All - I have read all the other threads on this topic - it has been discussed a lot but no consensus I think. Wanted to get some input from people who have faced this situation and how they resolved it ? DS has right round off and left twisting. He has done 2 years comp gymnastics and 2...
  10. PeanutsMom

    For Coaches Yurchenko round off mat recommendation

    Hello. Our gym does not have a mat for Optionals to practice Yurchenko entry drills. They have an old panel mat to use for the round off. I am wondering what round off mat you would recommend. I have found Norberts, Gymnova (quote only, I can't tell the price) Mancino mats, and one at Ten-O. Is...
  11. A

    round off handspring tuck

    Hello, I am a 17-year-old boy. I dance and am doing a proud off handspring tuck in my show. I did gymnastics when I was young and cheer more recently. I used to be able to do this, but I always had trouble with undercutting my springs and looking back on tucks. Any help would be appreciated. Video
  12. J

    Round off connecting to BHS

    trying to think of some new ideas or drills to help 7year old connect her round off to BHS. she can’t figure out she needs a rebound and just squats going into her BHS. Advice? She can do the skills independently but can’t work out the connection, I’m out of ideas.
  13. G

    WAG Round off handspring tuck

    Hi everyone. I can do a round off backhand spring back tuck, but I always have an archy one. I know it’s because I am afraid that I won’t make it over... although when I do a round of handspring set it is high enough. I am pretty tall for a gymnast though. Also, I am floppy. I try to tighten...
  14. J

    Round off

    Here a video of my round off and of some drills I have been doing, any suggestions on how to improve would be very welcome! I have heard that one should get the legs together when hitting the handstand, which clearly I am not doing, however I have also read that in order to do so one would...
  15. D

    WAG 5 year old round off back handsprings-average age??

    My five year (almost 6 years) old got her round off back handspring. Is this advanced for her age or is this more of the average age that kids get this skill? Thanks!
  16. R

    WAG I can’t set in my round off back tuck!

    I have been trying to do a round off back tuck for years but it’s always the same problem. I have trouble tucking and setting and I really need tips. I don’t have access to a trampoline
  17. G

    WAG Vault: Round Off (Half On) Hands

    Hey! We are starting to work round off (half on) drill with a few of our girls. What are the best/preferred hands? Placement ("T" shape, straight) and rotation (1/4, 1/2). Any advise would be helpful!!
  18. J

    WAG Is there a wrong way to learn a round off?

    My daughter has a new coach now and I notice the way she is telling her to jump into the round off is different, along with other random differences in technique with some of the other skills. Im zeroing in on the round off because it was so obvious to me but is this just like a personal...
  19. T

    WAG Round off backhandspring help

    I have had fear issues with backhandsprings when I was younger. I have recently just started doing gym again as an adult. I seem to be able to standing backhandspring fine, and I can round off backhandspring into the pit with level mats fine. But as soon as I take the mat away I pull out as I...
  20. F

    For Parents Has anyone's dd done cartwheel/round off L7 beam instead of BHS?

    My dd, age 12, is having a huge mental block on BHS on high beam. It's ridiculous. So bad that the coach is thinking of having her compete 6 until this issue resolves. Her coach wants BHS on beam, states the judges don't like round off's instead of BHS. She has all her other level 7 skills, a...