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  1. G

    Parents Routines used in mobility meets

    Hi all! First time poster here. My daughter is currently in Excel Silver and will finish a season and then have a mobility meet for level 4 (and maybe 5 as well). I know that JO compulsories have the same floor routines. Would my daughter be able to use her current excel routine for the...
  2. N

    WAG Xcel Platinum routines

    Do these routines fit XP requirements? Vault- Half on-half off Bars- Kip cast free hip kip squat on jump to high bar kip baby giant flyaway Beam- Full turn, Cartwheel cartwheel split leap-tuck half jump front tuck dismount (+dance) Floor- Round off back handspring back tuck or front...
  3. M

    WAG Lvl 3 rushing routines

    Sorry this is my first post and I am unsure if I am posting in the right forum (or should be in the Gym Parents). My daughter is 6 and Level 3 Aus. Due to covid she was unable to attend any of the little comps in the Level 1/2 Development Program that she was in last year so this year as a Lvl...
  4. Gymnast :)

    WAG Level 8 Routines Question

    I competed level 7 last season and did quite good. So this year I will be moving up to level 8. I have a mental block on back tumbling and would like to remove that completely from my routines. I have the bar routine and am going to do a tsuk vault but I have some questions on floor and beam...
  5. C

    Parents Tips on L6 beam and vault routines

    Hi folks! My daughter just had her first L6 comp this year and is looking for ways to improve her beam and vault routines. I would love to get advice from you on where she could have less deductions. I can see a few small things, but I am not experienced enough to give her detailed feedback...
  6. R

    WAG Easiest (or easier) platinum floor routines

    What are some ideas for easy or easier platinum floor routines with a 10.0 start value?
  7. MuggleMom

    Parents Easiest level 8 routines beam and floor

    So my kid was doing great then had some allergy issues that have limited practice and stunted progress (two months of missed or short practice) going into the season. What are some easy skills that can get her a 10 value or close on beam and floor (bars and vault are good). Beam- has standing...
  8. helllllooooooooo

    WAG xcel routines

    if you are competing a simple routine for an xcel level this season, would you be able to move up levels if you do well with a simple routine?
  9. L

    Parents New compulsory routines

    I apologize if this has been asked recently, but I couldn’t find anything. Is there an official source for the new women’s compulsory routines that’s accessible to parents? TIA.
  10. GymnastMomX2

    Parents When do you pick music and get optional routines choreographed?

    Hi, my daughter will be a first year optional in Jan '22, won't know for sure what level until October, but we are assuming 7. Curious when do your girls usually choose music and get routines choreographed for the season? I had asked our coach about choosing music a couple weeks ago and was told...
  11. D

    Lu Yufei vs Sunisa Lee routines on bars

    I was surprised that Sunisa Lee's routine scored higher than Lu Yufei's. Do you think this was right?
  12. I

    WAG New USAG routines

    Just curious if anyone has seen them? How’s the music? Anything surprising ?
  13. W

    WAG What are your dream routines?

    Hey! I have been having fun designing dream routines lately, mostly beam and bars and would like to hear some of your dream routines too! I’ll share my dream routine first: Mount: Erceg - Split Jump - Straddle Jump (G-B-B) Schaefer - straddle Jump half from side - Split Jump half from side -...
  14. F

    Coaches New Compulsory routines

    Does anyone know when materials (videos and printed) will be available for the new compulsory routines? I’ve seen the posted workshop dates (August for Region 5) but was wondering if materials will be released sooner. I coach at a park district and our compulsory season begins in August.
  15. K

    Parents New Routines

    Can anyone tell me when the new USAG routines take effect? Is it Fall 2020 or 2021?
  16. J

    New routines? (Australia)

    Are the 2020 floor routines for levels 3-6 new routines to the old music, or have they just had the choreography changed slightly to reflect new requirements?
  17. Jasmynn

    Coaches Does anyone have a date as to when the new 2021 compulsory routines will be available? Not the proposed skill list that’s been out.

    Does anyone have a date as to when the new 2021 compulsory routines will be available? Not the proposed skill list that’s been out.
  18. T

    WAG New Compulsory Routines - When?

    There is some debate in our gym. Will the new routines be in affect Fall 2020 or Fall 2021?
  19. CoachAngel

    WAG Advice Needed: Gymnasts aren't memorizing their floor routines.

    I've been a competitive gymnastics coach for seven years now, and this is my second season as the head coach for our Xcel program. I've always choreographed the routines myself and taught them the same way. This season the problem I'm running into is that the Silvers just aren't memorizing their...
  20. N

    WAG Floor Routines

    We paid a choreographer for a floor routine, and found our own music. My daughter competed it for two seasons, and we have now left the gym because it is unsafe. Tonight we found out the coaches have given the routine to another girl. Is this common? She really loved the routine and felt it was...