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  1. G

    NCAA post graduation high school year and NCAA requirements

    I am wondering if your child do one more PG year , will this give you one more year , so your child get more prepared to apply for college gymnastics team?
  2. G

    For Parents Gymnastics college team seeker, high school gymnast mom

    Do you ever think about moving to TX ,almost half of National team members are from WOGA!!! Any thoughts? My daughter is doing level9 now , really think about a best gym for her for high school critical time .
  3. O

    For Parents Training hours during school time.

    How do you feel about elementary aged kids missing school for practice? My daughter will be training level 4 next year and one of her scheduled gym practices is a school day 12-4. I hate this. I expressed concern to competitive manger and they are not willing to change time, not willing to let...
  4. Em09

    WAG Middle School Gymnastics

    I'm from Australia and am curious about the system for middle school gymnastics. What are the requirements and what levels are they similar to? Is it true that they use Xcel requirements? If anyone knows, that would be great!
  5. X

    WAG Middle school gymnastics

    In our gym we have a middle school program, I’m planning to be in it, but I’m sure if I’ll progress. The middle girls train the same time as us. I’m not trying to be rude are anything but the middle school girls have a lower skill level than me. A lot of the gymnasts have never done gymnastics...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Home School Group vs Evening Groups

    For those that have both a home school (HS) group at their gym and an evening group (EG) do you feel that your gym favors the "home school" kids? I have started to feel some frustration over the years because the HS kids seem to get more advantages and consideration on things. The Head...
  7. L

    WAG Advice for gymnastics and school

    There are multiple threads on this already, but I wanted to put the question out here. I'm having trouble with grades (around a C) in my math class. It is an advanced class for my grade level and the only class I am struggling with. My parents have told me if my grades don't pick up, I will...
  8. F

    OT Gymnastics College recruiting and High School Cheer

    Should my daughter downplay Varsity High School cheerleading when she posts to he social media for gymnastics recruiting? Would college gym coaches percieve her as not a serious recruit if she does cheer also. She is good at both but I am wondering if we really do need to keep these worlds...
  9. FlippinLimon11

    For Parents Middle school drama + Gymnastics

    Hi, My daughter just started middle school in a new town. Being the new kid she got alot of unwanted attention. She is kind of shy and keeps to herself. On her first day of school she had to get picked up at 12:30 since her summer scedule was still going on. When she came back the next day a...
  10. M

    For Parents HELP! any Rhythmic Gymnastics school near Franklin or Brentwood TN!

    Hello everyone.. I am from Calif. Moving to Brentwood TN and my daughter is about to go into competitive level rhythmic gymnastics at her school in Calif and would be devastated if I pulled her out and move her to TN unless she has another class she will able to go to.. I looked and called all...
  11. M

    For Parents Are JOs really done with gymnastics after senior year of high school

    My daughter is a 1st year level 9, and senior in high school, which surprisingly with COVID she did really well with having to take 3-months off practice. She has been in gymnastics for 13 years and loves it dearly. My daughter just competed JO USAG level 9 State Meet and had some great...
  12. C

    For Parents School Performance

    I just thought that I would share something that is quite comical about my DD’s and their grades they received in PE this past semester. They each got B’s in PE for the second quarter in a row. The specific area that they both received this in was the ability to maintain healthy levels of...
  13. kimute

    For Parents Anyone heard of online school Edgenuity?

    Our school district will be offering this online option to students who continue distance learning next semester: It is a 6-12 curriculum, NCAA compliant. I'm wondering if anyone knows of it and if it is a rigorous academic educational option?
  14. C

    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    My kids start back 4 days a week in person in two weeks and have to wear masks all day, obviously. The school made parents commit to all virtual or a hybrid of in-person/virtual last week and only 40% wanted the hybrid option, so they are actually letting our kids go 4 days since there is enough...
  15. Daphne Banks

    Recommendations for supplementing school

    Hi there, my DDs highschool (in California) just decided to go fully online. As they are not experts in this, they are allowing kids to take classes through other institutions. As so many here have done online classes, programs, and homeschool alternatives, I thought there might be some good...
  16. GymDadWA

    For Parents Anybody trying gym school?

    Our gym posted this as something for the gymnasts to do, did anyone else hear about it or is doing it? Not sure if it is legit or not, hoping that someone on chalkbucket could vouch for it.
  17. M

    WAG High School Gymnastics

    Anyone out there who has a high school team gymnast? My DD is considering trying out for her HS team next year. They use a different type of classification for skills (superior; high superior, etc.) and neither my daughter or I can't find any "cheat sheets" on what it all means. Just when I...
  18. skschlag

    MAG High School Nationals?

    Has anyone heard of this before? D has a friend competing at them this weekend. We do not have high school gymnastics, but a coach put together a team. I am just curious what this is.....
  19. kimute

    WAG Award money for school talent show and NCAA eligibility

    Hi all, My DD is thinking of entering the school talent show doing a gymnastics routine. The prizes are cash-- $200 for first, $100 for second... Would this conflict with NCAA eligibility? Thanks!
  20. dmbgymnast

    OT College/Post High School Plans

    I'm a senior this year, and I was wondering if anyone else/ your DD/DS is going through the college process as well! I know there's not a whole lot of gymnasts on here, but maybe someone can offer some words of wisdom in these stressful application crunch times! I've applied early action to 1...