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  1. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG School work

    So school is starting again soon (or for some it has already started). I'll have a demanding schedule next year with 16 hours of outside activities. I'm going into 11th grade, so the results are getting more important in that they count towards graduation. I know a lot of the kids are high...
  2. coachmolly

    WAG Elite Gymnast & High School Diver

    We see a lot of talk here about all of the sacrifices gymnasts make at all levels, but especially those on the elite/college bound track that it was fun to see a story about a senior national team member who is also giving high school diving a try simultaneously. Pretty cool of her gymnastics...
  3. S

    WAG Houston School schedule

    The Houston Chronicle recently posted an article stating that Houston schools would be switching to a standard schedule next school year. The end time for middle school and up is going to be 3:50 pm. Even with a PE waiver, that means that a high school kid wouldn’t get out until 2:50 PM. If...
  4. Mom2twingymnasts

    MAG What do you do for school to help with the crazy gymnastics schedule?

    I'm trying to figure out school options for my son. He currently attends a public school but takes 2 classes online. He trains in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday so his 2 morning classes on those days are online courses. He struggles to keep up with it all. The online classes move to...
  5. S

    For Parents improved grades in school with gym change?

    I'm curious if anyone else has seen this. DD (10) was always the last in her JO group to pick up skills -every season was stressful (to me and I think to her) as a result of this. She never had her skills in time, never had skills polished in time, and there was always talk of possibly moving...
  6. Daphne Banks

    WAG Taking an "F" for middle school PE

    Hi everyone! I am newish here and this is my first post. My DD was a level 7 gymnast last year. She trains around 20 hours/week. She is in 6th grade. She skips PE with the understanding of school administrators even though she was not given "formal" permission to do so. She just got her...
  7. RainbowDashZoe

    WAG Gymnastics Hours for Team during the school year

    Question for those whose girls are on a Gymnastics team: our team recently changed the hours in the gym to M,W,F 4pm-8pm with no notice to the parents. Do you think this is a normal or good schedule? Do you have any issues with school and kids being tired ? Its a nice schedule for those who like...
  8. F

    For Parents Creating a Middle School Team?

    Has anyone out there ever been a part of creating a middle school team? DD thinks she may be done with club gym, but would like to compete in high school... which is another year away. Our middle school doesn't currently have a team, but I think there could be enough interest to get one...
  9. O

    WAG High school competitors with optional practices???

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with a compulsory and optional program that generally filter right into a high school program? This is a new world for me, prior to being a competitive director for this gym, high school and JO did not ever meet ends. Prior to now, this club's program stopped at...
  10. Bug's mom

    For Parents Experience designing a modified school schedule?

    Wondering if anyone would have experience working with their school districts or boards to establish modified school schedules for high performance athletes at the elementary school level? Our Board doesn't have an existing model at all, although neighboring jurisdictions have some high school...
  11. OzZee

    WAG Competing club/JO past high school

    so we don't have any college gymnastics etc in Australia so fascinated by the whole idea. Recent threads about d3 schools had me thinking - can girls who have moved onto college not just keep competing for a normal club at whatever level they are at? I can understand the scholarship thing but...
  12. munchkin3

    For Parents Advice for best laptop for online school.

    My dd will be taking some classes online this summer and maybe into the fall. There are so many options! What do you all recommend? Speed, storage, small size???
  13. NutterButter

    WAG Travel Meets and High School

    I've always had utmost respect for the kids managing gym and high school but that has just been upped A LOT after seeing my DD get ready for her first travel meet while in high school. She goes to a public school (but rigorous and nationally ranked). Good Grief! It has been a week. She's...
  14. S

    For Parents Houston, public school, and gymnastics

    I am looking for gymnastics programs in the greater Houston area that support traditional schooling for upper level optionals and pre-elite kids. So far, I have found one, Discover. Do you know of any others?
  15. S

    For Parents send dinner to school?

    Currently DD finishes gym at 8pm. When I drive her home I pack her a dinner that she eats in the car so that when she gets home she can shower and do homework and get to bed. Lately we have started carpooling home more and I am considering sending DD with a packed dinner so that she can eat...
  16. twocurlygirlz

    WAG Sore/shin splits after Mile school PE

    Looking to see if anyone is dealing with this-- my gymmie is rarely sore after practice- even a hard fought conditioning session. But she completed a timed mile run on Monday and thighs, shins, calves have been aching....normal...any other gymmies with same issues?
  17. trampolinemom

    For Parents school camp interfering with international competition what to do

    DS (10) school has come up with a pretty cool school camp which will run wednesdaymorning untill friday afternoon. But... DS has an international competition in trampolining in the weekend for which we will have to drive friday morning really early (9 hour drive), have training friday night and...
  18. e'smum

    WAG any families with a gymnast that works out during school hours?

    and not homeschool? curious how that works with the public school system and how you approached the schools with working it out. our coach said he knows some families (not at our gym) that make it work but need more info before going into the school and starting with the principal who isn't...
  19. D

    For Parents Back to school 'leos'.... did anyone else cave and buy any? I couldn't help it. Darn you Plum, for such an amazing fall line....:rolleyes::oops: My dd was so excited to see all the new ones!
  20. A

    WAG Transitioning to Middle School with Gymnastics

    My DD is starting middle school next year and the bus will pick up at 6:45. This is a huge difference as now she does not even have to wake up until 7:30. In tandem practice hours will be extended another half hour on the back end getting her home around 9:25. She only has 1/2 hour in between...