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  1. flipnastic

    For Parents School schedule: wwyd?

    Agh! I can't believe it..a few if y'all are familiar with our recent gym drama, resulting in us switching gyms this month. My daughter (level 2 preteam)LOVES it, and has told me every day how she can't wait to go and wants to be a "competition girl." One of the (many) reasons I have fallen in...
  2. G

    For Parents Modified school schedules?

    Would love feedback from anyone has modified school schedules to facilitate gym practices? I know I have seen threads about it before but can't find them now. Trying to figure out how we will handle a later school day when daughter starts middle school and 4 hour gym practices. Kids don't get...
  3. G

    For Parents School exemptions such as PE or language, etc.

    Hi. My daughter is a level 8 7th grader. I was wondering if any of you are able to obtain any kind of exemption in school for PE or electives or language or art or music in order to give them additional study hall hours. We are finding that daughter's training schedule, which is 22 hours a...
  4. gymmomtoo

    For Parents Anyone else doing high school gym?

    their gymnast, I mean, not you yourself!
  5. R

    For Parents Cyber/Home school pen pal

    Hi everyone! My daughter is currently a level 7 and started cyber school this year. She is looking for a pen pal to send letters and small treats or gifts back and forth. I thought it would be really special if her pen pal was another gymnast. Are there any groups that anyone is aware of that I...
  6. A

    For Parents What to do coach wants child at gym at 2 and school doesn't end till 2:37

    My child switched gyms this year to a elite gym. She is currently a level 8. The coach wants her there at 2 but school doesn't end till 2:37. I have to drive 45 minutes to the gymnastics school. I asked the principal for permission for to leave an hour early and to rearrange the class she would...
  7. J

    MAG Getting out of school early.....

    what would you do? My son just got on a TOPS type level 4 team. They meet at 2:30 and he doesn't get out of school until 3:30. he will be going into first grade. We would have to get him out at 2pm to make it to gym on time. I'm stressing out big time! My husband feels very strongly that he...
  8. T

    Central Pennsylvania Area, High School Head Coach

    There is a head coaching position open at a local high school. It's only 4 months out of the year. Feel free to contact me for more information. The position is posted at on the high school website. Click on Human Resource tab, then employment opportunities.
  9. gymnast9261

    WAG High School Gymnastics?

    What skills does your local high school require you to have for tryouts? I'm too busy to actually be on my team, just curious :)
  10. G

    For Parents Year round school and summer gym schedule?

    My DD goes to a year round school -they get about 7 weeks off for summer. Our gym (as well as the other gyms in the area) has a 9 week summer schedule -so it starts 2 weeks before DD gets out of school for the summer. It's not a problem this year as DD's practice starts after school hours -but...
  11. Z

    WAG High School Gymnastics

    I noticed that HD gym is almost never a topic of conversation here. Do any of your kids participate? My DD has a few years before she gets to that point, but I am curious about the pros and cons. I know several girls who compete HS and then come back to club after the season is over to...
  12. E

    WAG Overzealous Middle School PE Teacher

    My DD is in 6th grade and a level 8 gymnast. She trains 23 hours a week. She is a straight "A" student and takes her studies very serious, including her PE grade. This was her first year in middle school and she is having all sorts of knee and foot pain. I realize some might be related to...
  13. D

    WAG Continuing JO track after high school

    I have a gymnast who is graduating high school and would like to continue to compete on the JO track. She is a level 9 and going to a local college with no gymnastics team. Does anyone know the rules on this? We have only done adult AAU before.
  14. thefellowsmom

    For Parents Help with DDs school project

    Hi everyone. My daughter is working on a project for school where they are to create a presentation about their passion. Mine, of course, chose gymnastics. I was very proud of her approach though and told her that I would reach out to you guys for some help. She has chosen to focus on how...
  15. X

    School and Gymnastics

    I had an interesting conversation with another gym mum. I was told that if you have a gymnast in a development / competition group then you should be on the Gifted and Talented register at school for sports. Apparently this makes the school look good in Ofsted's eyes and makes it easier to get...
  16. K

    How to balance school and gymnastics?

    Can you give me some tips on how to balance the two? I go to gymnastics 3 times a week (Monday Wednesday and Friday) from 5:30-8:30 depending on the weather, if it is bad I go from 6:00-7:30. Lately it's just been really stressful. My grades weren't that good last quarter, and I really have...
  17. E

    Competitions on a School day

    I recently received my oldest dd's comletition schedule for this year, most of them are on a Sunday except for one, one of the last competitions on the list is the British Championships (disability) and the date is on a Friday which I think is the first day back at school (if it is the case then...
  18. Kristen Sebring

    For Parents Question: Does youw school district offer Independent Study PE

    Hi everyone. I am a brand new member here. My daughter just finished Level 5 at the state level (first year.) I am curious as to what everyone is doing for PE school requirements for middle or high school. Our school district does not offer any sort of independent study PE. Period. (insert...
  19. dani4

    For Parents extracurricular PE class at school

    My daughter's elementary school offers a 2 day per week before school extracurricular gym class. It is taught by the regular PE teacher who everyone loves. I've met him and he does seem like a good guy- but he's not a gymnastics coach as far as I know. I do know that he is a basketball coach...
  20. M

    WAG Junior in high school predicament

    We have three juniors this year that competed L9 last season. All three made regionals and two made easterns. All three were offered the opportunity by our HC to decide which level they want to compete. Of course the coach presented them with the pros and cons for each level. Gymnast A will...