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  1. S

    WAG toughest states/areas for scoring in compulsories?

    I feel as though the area I live in is super tough for scoring in compulsories. And I've heard this is the case -but of course I don't have any evidence. Does anyone know what some of the toughest areas are for compulsories?
  2. Aero

    Coaches USAG registration for kids who are scoring out of compulsory levels.

    I have two girls who I am bringing into optionals this year. They competed Xcel Gold last season and did well, one being state champion. I am teaching them the Level 4 and 5 routines so I can take them to a meet and score them out. I am having them compete Level 6 this season. Something I'm...
  3. S

    Parents level bars scoring

    Can someone tell me what the deduction is for a slight bend in the knees on the pullover? Also, bent elbows on front hip circle? Thanks!
  4. S

    Parents Repeating lvl3 and not scoring well?

    DD (8) will be repeating level 3 and has her first meet in a few weeks. From the score ranges given at her in-house meet it looks like she might not score well at all this year -despite the fact that she's repeating. The ranges given to her were 7.5-8 for 2 events and 8-8.5 for 2 events...
  5. CoachMeg

    Men's Live Scoring

    Anyone have a website that posts the men's scores live? Watching on NBC livestream but the scores only flash for a second and it's hard to keep up. Wanting something where they post scores of all countries too, not just USA.
  6. Sasha

    MAG New quad Compulsory scoring now lower max?

    Someone correct me if I am reading this wrong.. I just looked more closely at the scoring table for Compulsory routines, and noticed that the base score is now 9.5 instead of 10.0, and virtuosity bonus is only up to .3 (vs up to .5 previous quad). So, with all bonuses, max scores are now .7...
  7. Ali'sMom

    WAG HOPES Classic - live scoring anywhere?

    We have two girls competing tomorrow at the HOPES Classic. I was wondering if there is anywhere to get live scores?
  8. Z

    WAG Scoring help

    DD had a bit of a rough meet this weekend. I was wondering if anyone with L4 judging experience could help me with figuring out a big deduction she got. I can send a video.
  9. gymjunkie

    WAG "Opt out" of on-line scoring?

    A parent asked me if it was possible for her daughter to opt out of "meet scores on-line" and/or "my meet scores." I have no idea. Does anyone know?
  10. B.Gold

    WAG Vault scoring - L8 vs L9/10

    I thought the new vaulting rule in L8/9/10 is that the second vault score is used, regardless if the score is better or not, making it a strategic decision whether a gymnast should even compete a second vault. My dd argues this is just for L8, and that L9/10 still takes the better of two. Is she...
  11. B

    WAG L7 scoring question

    Is it possible--meaning have you actually seen--a L7 score well without giants on bars. what about without a BHS on beam-- a dive cartwheel? I know folks will say she shouldn't compete L7, but these are not long term solutions-- post-injury, coaches want her to do meets just to get back out...
  12. M

    Parents Scoring for a

    Pardon me if I am asking this incorrectly but I'm still new at this. As far as scoring daughter was recently at a meet where the awards were broken into two groups. One group was 6-7 year olds and the other group was 8-9 year olds. All of the age groups had their meet at the same...
  13. CCGymbug

    WAG Regions and scoring

    I keep reading things about some regions are scored harder than others but I still haven't seen a breakdown of which ones and why. Could someone explain this to me?
  14. C

    WAG High Scoring v. Low Scoring Meets

    A jump off of a thread in the parent forum. Obviously some meets are notoriously high scoring and others are notoriously lower scoring. I live in a state where are scores, overall, tend to be extremely high (L3 state had 18 38s so several of those kids didn't even take first AA!!! 91 kids...

    What is the difficulty scoring wise for rings kip to v-sit?

    I know this is a extremely hard skill I couldn't find a place with its difficulty value
  16. Y

    WAG Understanding elite D scoring

    My daughter will never be an elite, but I enjoy watching the elite competitions and am trying to understand the difficulty score. How much harder is it to go from a difficulty of , say, 5.2 - 5.4 in terms that a level 8 mom can understand? Is it like going from a level 4 to level 5 in JO? Or is...
  17. D

    Parents Live Scoring App...BTS Changes

    Okay, is anyone else completely frustrated by the changes which were made to the BTS app? Are we seriously supposed to individually add every gymnast before every meet that we attend, in order to see their scores?! It is terribly cumbersome, and I honestly do not see myself using the app anymore...
  18. littlegirlsdream

    WAG When live scoring doesn't work..vent

    It is very annoying when there is "live" scoring and no scores are up! When they are 2 events into a meet there should be something! :mad:o_O
  19. S

    WAG Importing data into scoring apps

    I've seen lots of discussions here on meet tracking apps, but is there any way to import scores from mymeetscores or MSO? Looking for a way to cut down on data entry from previous meets...
  20. flippingtogether

    WAG Posting results to and scoring software

    This is more a question for meet directors.... But if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated. I cannot find the info anywhere. To upload results to, what format do the scores need to be? Are there options for the format that will work? It seems...