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  1. S

    WAG Shoulder Flex

    Hi all my dd (7) has very tight shoulders and needs to improve her shoulder flex. I am concerned this will hinder her progression now she is required to start flipping. Please would you share with me some stretches and also can this be fixed?
  2. Cartwheelmom

    For Parents Shoulder injury

    Does anyone know anything about long thoracic nerve or winged scapula? My DD was just diagnosed with this.
  3. E

    WAG Shoulder soreness

    My daughter started mentioning that her one shoulder was stiff this summer. She said she has to stretch it a lot at the start of practice. She joined xcel this fall and increased hours from 4 to 8, doing a lot more bars and strength. In addition she is constantly on monkey bars and doing...
  4. S

    WAG Shoulder and ankle pain after growth spurt?

    My ten year old daughter has had an insane year in terms of growth. She's gained about 15-20 pounds and grown around 4-5 inches. She's also matured physically in other ways and it has all happened so quickly her doctor told me she was just entering puberty and then within a month or two--tons...
  5. E

    WAG Xcel question -- avoiding shoulder flexibility

    DD age 11 has always had tight shoulders. I know they can be improved but let's say it's simply managed. She will probably do a couple of years at L4 which I think is manageable with the shoulders. After that is it possible to compete Xcel without having to do BWO on beam and -- what are the...
  6. G

    WAG shoulder and upper back flexibility versus strength

    DD 12 (training L8) told me last week that she is really frustrated because she has lost a lot of flexibility in her shoulders and upper back this year and now feels its not only interfering with her front walk over/front layout, but also with her Yurchenko drills, and her bars. In review...
  7. H

    WAG Swollen Shoulder

    DD (11) has a swollen shoulder (it's on her back between the base of her neck and her shoulder). She's not in excruciating pain, just a lot of discomfort. I have been alternating ice and heat, massaging the area (I do feel a bit of a knot, but it's more puffy than hard), and giving her...
  8. All Chalked Up

    WAG Shoulder popping in back ext. roll

    I was working back extension roll (hands all the way together) for clear hip circle this morning. My shoulder "popped" in the HS and has been quite uncomfortable since then but I finished practice. What could have happened and should I be worried about it?
  9. Flyaway

    WAG Shoulder stretches

    Dd's (7yo) coach told me last week after working BHS that her shoulders were very tight and she "needs to stretch bad". I asked for some suggestions, she told me to have her do the "cat stretch"?? Are there any other stretches that would be safe for her to do at home with me helping/supervising?
  10. ivyagogo

    WAG open shoulder trainer - tumbltrak

    Does anybody use this item? My kids never keep their arms by their ears and I was wondering if this is a good item or a total gimmick or is it dangerous in any way?
  11. B

    Great shoulder stretch on stall bars.

    I've talked a lot about this one after learning it a few years ago. It's also a great pike stretch. It's like a cat stretch on steroids with a pike so 2 for 1. From David Durante's instagram. Actually found something to post about it for once.
  12. Amir Hussain

    shoulder flexibility

    Guys,I really would be happy to know your comments. Thanks
  13. amblan01

    Back and Shoulder Flexibility

    Back and shoulder flexibility are the reasons I don't have about 10 skills. Bridges are harder to hold up than it is for other girls because my shoulders are stiff. This summer I want to gain a lot of flexibility for next competition season.
  14. Amusibus

    WAG Question on Shoulder flexibility

    My little 7 year old is in a low level competitive program at 2x/week for 4 hrs each. She has a really hard time with getting her arms into full overhead flexion (ie, up and back, the "ta-da" position). When she tries they don't go back all the way so she compensates by arching her lower back...
  15. emilykatherine

    WAG Shoulder problems

    About a week ago my shoulder started hurting. Not too bad or all the time but jolts of pain would come out of nowhere and they'd only last about a sec. Well I didn't tell my coach because I thought it was nothing but I did tell my teammate. The other day we were at gym and in the middle of doing...
  16. skschlag

    MAG Shoulder....part 2

    D fell again tonight. Again on pommel. This time he twisted and landed funny, and said he felt a "pop" in his shoulder and had never had something hurt that bad. We are icing and ibuprofen for now as it it after 6 and the orthopedic center isn't open. Hoping that he is just more down and...
  17. V

    WAG 'Aggressive' Ideas for Shoulder Flexibility

    DD has amazing progress with her gymnastics. Honestly going way further than I ever expected (she'll be a L8 this season). She's as strong as all get out and has good split flexibility. However, if you saw her bridge you probably wouldn't think she did gymnastics (especially at her current...
  18. skschlag

    MAG Who needs a shoulder?

    D has been super frustrated with not being able to do much. He has a little bit back, but can't do a lot of what the others are doing yet. That made him even more pumped to do this:
  19. twisting007bigflip

    For Coaches My stupid shoulder

    Has been bothering me for the better part of 2 years, and has hurt daily for the past 6 months. I finally broke down and saw the ortho today. So the diagnosis is that I have Biceps Tendinitis. Obviously, he goes on to tell me to have someone spot for me for awhile. Gives me several options for...
  20. skschlag

    MAG Shoulder

    I have a question for those in the know. D was doing a stockli on the pommel last night, fell off, but didn't let go with one hand. As best i Can tell from the description, he kind of "jammed" it. I don't think he pulled it. It did hurt (tears, ice). Coach said not to come to work out if...