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  1. A

    For Coaches Round off back handspring shoulder problem

    Everytime one of my gymnasts does her round off back handspring her shoulders close on her back handspring, either landing on her face or her elbows. Her round off is nice and she can complete the skill but I cannot figure out why her shoulders close. HELP!
  2. I

    WAG I think I hurt my shoulder?

    Hi! So I think the title says it all- I think (or should I say pretty sure) that I hurt my shoulder. What basically happened was that last Friday - 3 days ago - I was at practice and we were on bars. I was doing my straddle glide kip on low, and as soon as my toes touched the bar I felt slight...
  3. G

    WAG shoulder... uchh

    hi everyone last year i would do a lot of back walkover back handsprings and they would hurt my shoulder but it would only hurt when i did that trick. when i switched to handspring handsprings in may i didnt feel anything and havent felt anything since then until about a week ago. then i did a...
  4. gymnast0119

    WAG Shoulder flexibility

    I don't have very good shoulder flexibility. My coach has given me drills, but they don't seem to always help. Does anyone have any drills they know that helped you/ your DD/ your teammates/ the kids you coach with this? Thanks!:)
  5. C

    For Parents Upper Back / Shoulder Flexibility - Related to winged scapula?

    My six year old is having some upper body flexibility issues. I have read through all the old threads on here, and have talked to her coach for stretches to help. What is odd is that she has good lower body flexibility...I have heard that usually if a person is tight, they are tight everywhere...
  6. GetaGrip

    Good Shoulder Braces?

    A few days ago I found out that I have a subluxated shoulder that has been coming partially in and out of the socket while doing gymnastics for quite a long time. My doctor told me that there are shoulder braces that can stop my shoulder from pulling in and out so I can return back to bars...
  7. GetaGrip

    Shoulder Issues

    A couple months ago I started having shoulder pain. When it didn't go away, I went to get it checked out. Apparently my shoulder could have tendinitis, bursitis, or even be subluxated. Because of this, I'm not allowed to do bars until I found out what's wrong. As much as my hands are grateful...
  8. S

    Shoulder blade pain?

    This is sort of completely unrelated to gymnastics, but this DID happen because of tumbling, and I know that there must be some people on this board who have experienced this. Since yesterday, I've been having some terrible pain in my left shoulder blade(it started during tumbling class) and...
  9. F

    Shoulder flex

    What are your fav stretches or drills to increase shoulder flex as well as back flex for bwo and bhs?
  10. N

    Shoulder problem with forward rolls

    Hi, I am an adult who has just joined a Gymnastics program. I have a strange problem with my left shoulder while doing forward rolls. My left shoulder collapses(internally rotates) when i initiate the roll. How do I correct this?
  11. All Chalked Up

    Shoulder injury! AHHH!

    Gotta vent about this one! I was at school on Tuesday and I tipped sideways out of a chair (don't know how that happened) and landed on my right shoulder. I then went to the ER as we thought it was dislocated, turns out my clavicular joint or something is sprained and than the muscles/ligaments...
  12. L

    Flexibility questions (shoulder,pike)?

    I'll get straight to it : 1. How would one retain, or even improve, shoulder flexibility when working shoulder strength at the same time? - as these two things seem to work against each other. 2. What are some good solo drills to help reach a full pike fold? - the drills I've seen so far just...
  13. L

    Poor shoulder flexibity

    Two of the girls I coach have shocking shoulder flexibility which impacts them in almost every apparatus as they constantly close their shoulders just because they can not really keep them open. At the moment they want to work handspring, Back handspring and a Handspring over vault but these...
  14. S

    Got another one.. Closed shoulder angle on giants

    Closed shoulder angles on giants.. Done the tramp bar bouncing to handstand from their back.. done the reverse angle off of a cheese/wedge with a floor bar and shift to handstand with spot.. tried explaining the issue of tapping at the right time.. what else ya guys got?
  15. B

    Chellsie Memmel (M&M), withdrew from the Pan American Games team due to shoulder

    Chellsie Memmel (M&M), who withdrew from the Pan American Games team due to shoulder injury, will be replaced by Grace McLaughlin (WOGA)
  16. K

    Arm wont squeeze beside ear. Shoulder problem?

    I have my roundoff back handspring (but i go crooked) i cant do a standing back handspring or a front handspring because my left arm wont squeeze tight beside my ear. My right arm squeezes tight beside my ear but my left arm wont do it. Some times it hurts also. My coach says it may be my...
  17. floorlover14

    Shoulder Flexibility

    Does anyone else have problems with shoulder flexibility? I have been doing gymnastics for five years and it seems like my skills are never as good as they should be because of my lack of shoulder flexibility. No matter how hard I stretch my shoulders, I still have a shoulder angle. It's so...
  18. M

    For Parents tendinitis, ganglion cysts, shoulder what?

    Hi everyone - happy summer! My 10 year old is now a L6 gymnast and she will NOT give up this sport. She is training in a good gym and her coaches are great. She wants to get to L10 (that is her long term goal). She is hyperflexible which creates problems for her. She also pronates really...
  19. Coach.Simon

    Shoulder Flexibility/Range of Motion drills

    Short and to the point: What are your best drills for increasing shoulder flexibility/ROM, I know a few but I'd like to expand. This is mainly intended for coaches, but I'm not willing to put it in the coaches only forum and miss out on good input from non-coaches. Thank you in advanced.
  20. S

    Shoulder flexibility question

    I saw someone ask about splits in another post and it made me wonder some girls just never get the necessary shoulder flexibility for gymnastics, and if so is it common not to? Btw, my daughter is doing better but not there yet - and I do know it can take a long time. It's just the split post...