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  1. T

    Bob/ shoulder length hair styles?

    My daughter has hair that's barely longer than a bob - not quite down to her shoulders yet. She just started on a team and her hair is out of control, even just in practice. Does anyone have any advice for a relatively new gymnastics mom for hair styles? Even something simple for practicing...
  2. L

    what's so special about this drill? *shoulder flex*

    I really like the 'thegymnasticminute' youtube channel - they mostly publish good stuff, trying to give the best advices in the shortest time. They posted this video (not new) showing some shoulder flexibility drills - and I was wondering about the first one, the one with the aerobics band -...
  3. M

    Shoulder popping

    My DD shoulers pop alot doing gymnastics and just around the house. I heard it twice this morning at breakfast. She has no pain but just wanted some opinions of what causes this?
  4. S

    Shoulder flexibility

    How do you know if your gymnast has a shoulder flexibility problem? Mine is almost 7 and I'm not in the mind to push anything, but I have been reading about some of the back problems that can develop later if shoulder flexibility is an issue (not sure of the credibility of that information, so...
  5. Kiwi

    How to improve shoulder flexibility for bridge?

    My flexibility has never been good, especially back and shoulders. I can get up into a basic bridge okay with straight arms (just). I'm a long way from getting my legs straight or together. I know for bridge you're supposed to use more shoulder and upper back flexibility so there's less...
  6. B

    Shoulder Strength..

    what are some good conditioning exercises to gain shoulder strength.?
  7. M

    Shoulder angle in handstand

    DD has never had pretty handstands but they have improved alot this last year. She recently moved up in groups and is with a new set of girls and coaches and they are really working with her on her handstands. She has been doing them a lot around the house trying to improve them. A few...
  8. K

    For Coaches Open Shoulder Trainer

    Hi - I'm looking for some independent reviews on open shoulder trainers. Are they effective? Any cautions regarding their use? Thanks, Kez
  9. V

    Shoulder Flexibility Exercises

    My DD is a rising level 5 gymnast (hopefully, :)). Her coaches say she is the strongest athlete on the team (speaking from purely a muscular point of view), and she excels at skills and events requiring strength (bars/vault). However, they think she needs to work on her shoulder flexibility as...
  10. K

    Shoulder Cap Strain/pain shot--State is tomorrow

    Dear Parents: I have a 9 yr old level 5 son who strained his shoulder cap muscle on Tuesday. The Sports med doctor took xrays, no breaks. He has state tomorrow. He has been off it since then and has iced it. The doctor gave him a pain shot Wed and suggested one before state for pain...
  11. nicci1999

    Shoulder pain

    I was working on BHS a little over a week ago, and felt a pain in my shoulder, almost as if I just cracked it wrong or something. It hurt a little, but I was able to finish practice without too much issue. A few days later, just doing tap swings, it was bothering me again, and it still hurts a...
  12. Flipz

    MAG Need shoulder conditioning ideas

    So I haven't been practicing gymnastics in about a year (just coaching) and am slowly working my way back in. I am working toward a new skill on floor that is gonna need a monster blocking front handspring. So with that said, anyone know any really good shoulder conditionings? Thanks in...
  13. maddiekate

    Shoulder pain

    My shoulder pops out and back into place randomly. I don't think it's actually being dislocated because it always pops back in immediately, but it hurts for a few days afterword. It often does it on back extension rolls, but it's also happened to me when I was doing back handsprings on beam...
  14. G

    Shoulder Pain?

    So here's the deal... I was swinging bars a few weeks ago and noticed that my shoulder felt weird. Not painful, but weird. The next day I did bars again and suddenly had a pain shoot through my arm and it suddenly hurt to even lift my arm up. I have a pretty high pain threshold so this had me...
  15. M

    Shoulder Grind in Ring Swing

    I've been working hard recently at getting my swing on rings to be higher and more powerful. However, now that it is much more powerful I have noticed a grinding sound/sensation in my shoulders at the top of my back swing. It doesn't really hurt, but it definitely does seem right. I'm just...
  16. P

    Shoulder Injury

    My daughter is 14 and a Level-9. She is the reigning beam & bar State & Regional champ and has been a gymnast for 11-years. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with a torn biceps tendon in her right shoulder and her doctor is recommending surgery. Have any of you parents dealt with the same...
  17. A

    wrist and shoulder pain?

    hi ive recently been able to do a backwalkover down a pie mat, but the last time i did it i think i freaked myself out and i went over to the side instead of straight back. when i did that i felt something in my shoulder pull really bad and ever since its been bothering me, could i possibly...
  18. elitemom

    Shoulder Injury!!!

    My DD has a mild shoulder seperation. It happened 4 weeks ago and is wanting to do bars so bad. The doctor never gives us a time frame of when she can go back to bars but says she can do flloor beam and vault. Has anyone had this injury? How long till you could do bars? She is so sad right now...
  19. C

    Torn cartilage in my shoulder

    I recently tore cartilage in my left shoulder because i do a one armed veldez on the beam. My trainer says i should be out for atleast 2 weeks but i am starting to train for a fitness competition. Any ideas on how to heel my shoulder or not injure it worse without having to undergo surgery or...
  20. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Shoulder stretches for those with REALLY stiff shoulders

    I have a kid who, though otherwise quite talented, has extremely stiff shoulders, and I think it's really holding him back. The main thing I'm looking for is increased upward/backward extension -- ie the sort of flexibility you would normally work with bridges. This kid is so stiff, though, that...