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  1. S

    WAG Small Gymnast XCel Silver

    Hello friends, I have an XCel Silver who just turned 7 and is very small in stature. Our routine starts with a glide swing and then using the Kip block to push off of for a pullover. The problem is, she is so tiny that she can’t use the block to push off of. Her toes barely scrape the edge. She...
  2. G

    WAG 9 year old Xcel Bronze to Silver skills

    My daughter joined an Xcel bronze team 2 years ago and competed this past year for the first time (did really well). They are wanting to keep in Xcel bronze for a third season due to her not having the skills to move to silver. The specific skills are all flexibility related - bridge kickover...
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon Scoring for xcel gold verses xcel silver

    Does scoring get harder as girls move from xcel silver to xcel gold? And then as they move to platinum and higher? Thanks!
  4. L

    For Parents 6 year old trying out for xcel bronze or silver

    Hi everyone , I’m new to the forum. Hi there . I have a 6 year old daughter who will be trying out for Xcel bronze or silver . I’m a little confused between all the different groups. TAAF, USAG, and pre team. I’m not sure what to hope for. My daughter loves gymnastics she does private lessons...
  5. C

    For Parents Switch from Xcel Silver to JO?

    Like many gymnasts, my 7 yo has high aspirations for her gymnastics career (college and beyond). She has also been talking about wanting to switch to the JO team since last year, when she was on Xcel Bronze and saw the JO team practicing in the gym. On Xcel Silver this year, she has placed 2nd...
  6. gymnastics<3

    WAG xcel silver beam struggle

    I am an Xcel silver gymnast and recently I’ve been struggling. I feel like I am progressing slower than most of my teammates. Skills that I used to be closer than them to getting they now have an I seem to be getting less close. Overall I feel like I’m getting worse at all my skills and I...
  7. P

    WAG Would this work as an xcel silver bar routine?

    My DD is feeling uncomfortable with parts of her routine. She did some research and wants to change it to kip, front hip circle, cast, cast, dismount. Would that work? Her other possibilities would be doing two front hip circles or a single back hip circle, but she doesn’t like back hip circles...
  8. S

    WAG Xcel silver bar routine

    Would this routine have a starting point value of a 10.0? kip, cast, back hip circle, undershoot, standing dismount?
  9. S

    WAG Xcel silver bars

    Would this have a starting point of a 10.0 for Silver? Kip, cast, back hip circle to undershoot standing dismount?
  10. FlippinLimon11

    WAG Silver Bars Skills

    Hi, Do you think my daughter can compete this on bars. She is silver. Pullover Cast Double Back Hip Circle Cast Squat On Jump To High Bar Tap Swing Kip Cast Back Hip Circle Baby Giant Cast Pike Sole Circle
  11. Mommyo2az

    For Coaches Help with Xcel Silver tumbling passes

    I recently took over an Xcel Silver group, and am working quickly to get them up to where they need to be. I am having trouble with coming up with possible tumbling passes for a few up them. This group of girls won't have a backhand spring or front handspring ready for season. I was hoping to...
  12. M

    For Coaches Xcel Silver Meet

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could watch some of our recent meet videos and give me some possible deductions, so we know what to improve...Some are pretty visible but some I don’t know! Thanks in advance! PM me if your interested!
  13. EllasMom

    Hello Everyone! AAU Xcel Silver Mom

    Ella - 9 y.o. Silver Xcel My daughter started gymnastics rec classes in March 2018. In June 2018 they had a fun meet and then asked my daughter to try out for their team. Last year she competed Level 1 and ended the season as the AAU District Champion for Level 1. This year they moved her up to...
  14. G

    WAG Is 13 too old for xcel silver

    Is being 13 in Xcel silver old? My DDs the seccond oldest on on her team but I’ve heard other gyms have older girls. Do you think she is too old?
  15. G

    For Parents Silver Bar Routine

    My daughter is competing her first year xcel silver at age 9. She “got” her kip this summer and has competed 2 times with it. The first time scoring a 9.3 and the second only a 8.7. She has a meet tomorrow and is questioning her kip. Would it be better to do it even though her arms aren’t...
  16. T

    For Coaches New Xcel Silver Vault

    Hey all, I was not very happy to receive the Xcel Updates recently, which had Xcel Silver now competing the same vault that JO Level 3 will be turning into in 2021. This is the descriptions of the two vaults allowed that I got in my updates email Handspring over mat stack sideways 1/4-1/2 on...
  17. G

    For Parents Xcel bronze vs Xcel silver

    Can someone tell me what the biggest difference in skills are in tgeth 2 levels? My DD just completed her first year competing but did level 1. Our gym is going to just go only excel route now so trying to decide which is best for her bronze or silver. Our hc I think basically leaving it up to...
  18. J

    For Parents Invitation to Xcel Bronze & Silver

    My daughter is 7 and has spent almost 2 years on two different pre team levels. She recently had testing and was invited to join the competitive Xcel program. I do not know much about this, but I was wondering why the Xcel and not levels 1 or 2? Was she not good enough for those levels? I’ve...
  19. T

    WAG XCEL Silver Vault judging question (WAG)

    I was at a competition last weekend, the team that was on vault had 2 coaches present. The first coach was at the vault table, however sneakily had her hand holding the front corner of the top mat. The second coach was leaning on the mat at the back. This was all to keep the mat from moving...
  20. G

    2 years in Xcel silver?

    Help!! I'm on an Xcel silver team. I am at the older end. I am new to the team this year, but everyone else has already been on the same level for a year. There are a few girls my age. My question is: do I have to stay on silver for next season too? I really don't want to. And, I would have to...