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  1. Gymbletot

    For Parents Split jump

    My 6 year old is currently very into the idea of doing split jumps. I assume because they've been working on them in the gym. Having watched her leaping around on the trampoline and on her little beam, I'm just curious about the different mechanics between doing it on the trampoline vs off the...
  2. annakat

    Back handspring stepout split help

    I’m trying to improve my stepout in my Bhs. I’ve been trying for years to split earlier so I have that beginning shape but I just can’t and I’m jot sure what to do. I have an okay split it’s not totally down and I’ve been trying to stretch my back more for flexibility there as well. I just feel...
  3. JBS

    WAG How We Teach Front Tumbling (split from Question about Tiger Paws)

    We teach front tumbling a specific way that reduces upper extremity impact as well. I've never thought of it as a wrist saver until now... but it definitely is. If anyone is interested in that... just let me know... but that's a whole other topic. EDIT: This is a post that was split from the...
  4. G

    WAG Improving split jump beam

    Can someone please help with improving split jump on beam? It's not flexibility, my daughter can do past 180 splits. She needs help with how to get more power, etc to allow her the time to get to a full split on the beam. Any technique tips would be greatly appreciated!
  5. G

    WAG Over Split Question

    This may sound silly to some people but I’ve been wondering.... let’s say you got a stack of mats and held an over split for a couple of hours, what would be the result of that? I don’t think I’d ever do this but hypothetically.
  6. amiandjim

    WAG Level 6/7 split leap question

    My daughter is just a level 4 so it doesn’t pertain to her, but I’m curious about the 180 degree leap requirement in level 6/7. I see a lot of routines at those levels that have leaps that clearly do not meet 180. I know they receive deductions on the leap, but let’s say it’s 140-160 degrees...
  7. T

    For Parents Help! DD needs split by November

    I’ve posted about my dd’s poor flexibility before. She is 6 and hates to stretch at home and her pre-team class is only one 3 hour class per week. So, she isn’t getting a lot of gym time to work on flexibility. In order to be considered to move up to JO level 3, she has to have her split. I...
  8. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Does a fouetté hop/jump count for split requirements on beam?

    Assuming the split is actually at the right angle, can you get SR credit for doing this? And adding on, would a fouette hop to a wolf hop work as a jump series? ex to minus the full
  9. A

    For Parents Help with "bad leg" split leap

    Hi! My daughter is pretty new to team gymnastics. As part of their warm up they always do good and bad leg split jumps across the floor. Apparently, she has just been doing it with her good leg each time and ignoring the instruction when they switch to bad leg. Now they are doing left and...
  10. vans2

    WAG Tips, stretches, drills to straighten back leg on beam split jump

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had drills or stretches etc to help straighten out my DDs back leg on her beam split jump. She's lvl 5 and seems to always have a bent back leg. The coaches tell her to just straighten it but she can't. She's a very strong, powerhouse gymnast, but not...
  11. G

    WAG Full split in walkovers, kickovers and one-legged bridges

    I have a question that is not too relevant for any JO Level, but I think it is a basic thing I was always interested in. Everyone knows that the more split the legs, the more beautiful walkovers and kickovers look and the better is the technique. However, some kids seem just not built for...
  12. Aero

    For Coaches Questions about twist and split preferences in a few skills.

    The Tour Jeté Leap I love the look of the tour jeté leap, and I want to begin teaching it to my gymnasts soon. I think it would be a great skill to add flair to any floor or beam routine. However, I have a question for any knowledgeable folks out there. The tour jeté involves a 180º turn. For a...
  13. Myah Emily

    WAG Back split leg/bridge kick over

    When I try to do a kick over I don't make it over. I am a level 4 gymnast and it is really holding me back! I just figured out that my back split leg/ the leg I am not kicking with is my problem. My right leg(kicking/cartwheel leg) can kick far enough to but my left leg follows it up right...
  14. S

    WAG Split leap floor and beam drills?

    My team is relatively weak on their split leaps and split jumps on both beam and floor. There are several problems. I have several that have good height and good split but their legs are bending getting the split position. Kind of a stag but it's certainly not a lift straight up with front or...
  15. flippinam

    WAG Split Toe

    So, I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the skin at the base of the big toe splitting. This is the second time this has happened, and it is quite the nuisance! I was vaulting yesterday, felt it split while I was running, & sure enough, when I landed and looked at my foot, there...
  16. cloud9

    When levels have to split at a competition

    Hello :) I am new to this site and wanted to ask a question. My DD is 7 and she's on level 3 competitive team. This will be her second meet this weekend! At this meet coming up, her level 3 team is split up. Do you know how this works at the end of the meet regarding awards? She is the youngest...
  17. D

    For Parents Sponsorship money split amongst all gymnast or just boosters?

    I am trying to consider the value of a boosters club. We established one last November and have had a lot of confusion on the rules of a 501 (c). We are experiencing similar problems as many other boosters, you have a handful of families doing all the work but plenty of parents with their hands...
  18. F

    WAG perfect split jumps in 6 months - possible or not?

    I am assisting with some coaching at my gym. Today, coach told me to do split jumps and leaps with our "grasshoppers" (levels are named after animals, they would be about L5 in USAG!) Ok so, their straddle jumps on floor are ok, on trampoline they are great. But their split jumps are horrible...
  19. ivyagogo

    WAG HELP! Split Leaps

    Most of the girls on my new Xcel team have no dance experience and their split leaps leave much to be desired. They are pushing off their back leg and hopping forward and look like teeter totters. As bad as they are on floor, they are REALLY bad and scary on beam. I can use some help.
  20. K

    WAG We don't work split jumps in the gym - what should I do?

    We hardly ever work split jumps in the gym, because we are mixed gender. I finally have my split jump and split leap and straddle jump to horizontal. I practiced at home with ankle weights on the tramp and just doing them on my mat at home. Now I have them consistently since one month. I am...