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  1. kandkfunk

    WAG Gabby Douglas and Chow split again

    Just saw this on Gymnastike. I wonder where she'll end up?
  2. R

    How do coaches usually split their group for comp team?

    Hi just wondering how coaches usually split their girls for comps, as in- if there are 9 girls in a squad do they put top 5 in one group and bottom 4 in another? Or evenly mix the two groups?
  3. T

    WAG are split jumps easy if you have your splits

    I have a hyper pancake stretch, I have my right front oversplit of about 7inches and my left split. I also have the middle split. I think my legs are quite strong as I am able to do L-Sits for about 40 secs and straddle L for 30. I need to get my 180degree split jump, sissone, straddle jump...
  4. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Late drop vs. split toe on

    There is a thread in the coach forum talking about this and I wanted to ask another question. First of all, I think you are talking about when they go from cast handstand, put their toes on the bar, and go around then back up to handstand, sort of like a free hip on their toes? Well my dd does...
  5. gymjunkie

    Coaches late drop vs. split toe on?

    Can I hear thoughts on this? Is there a reason why you only teach one vs. the other (or do some of you teach both)? Split toe-on seems to generate more control coming out of a giant. I like late drop better on the low bar, but some kids just can't get it as quickly as the split toe-on...
  6. Ariekannairb

    Parents Split leap question

    I am just curious to see if this is something that your gymnast has problems with? DD can do an ok standing split jump, she has her splits on 1 leg and nearly on the other, but when she does a split leap her back leg barely comes off the floor. My thought is maybe it is a strength thing? Maybe...
  7. munchkin3

    WAG Beam Split Leap, Height or Distance??

    I don't know what is ideal and expected for the little athletes. I have seen girls in L3-L4 who are working on the split leap do all different kinds. What is the best way? Distance? I have seen girls go low and far.....does it matter how far you go? Height? I have seen girls jumping over a...
  8. R

    WAG Ballet vs.Gymnastics Leaps/Split Jumps

    I know that in both gymnastics and ballet, the hips needs to be squared forward during split jumps, but what about the rotation of the thighs? For example, should the top of the front foot be facing up or to the side? I know that in ballet, the thigh/feet should definitely be facing to the...
  9. M

    WAG Back leg in split jump-help!

    My daughter is a Level 2 and is having trouble keeping her back leg straight in the split jump-is there anyway to fix this? The rest of her routine is great but for some reason the split jump always has a bent back leg. At her last practice her coach had her jump in front of the mirror so she...
  10. G

    WAG COP Question: Split Angle Requirements L4 and L5

    Hello, just wondering what the sissone and leap and straddle jump requirements for split angle on floor for L4 are. How about leaps on beam? How much does the requirement increase for L5? Where is the angle measured from? It is bottom of knee on forward leg to front of knee on back leg...
  11. B

    Coaches Split Jumps

    The one leap/jump I find gymnasts struggle with is Split Jumps. It is perhaps from Active Flex needing improving. I do resistance band jumps on the trampoline/ kicks with resistance bands. What else can I do to improve the degree of split in split jumps???? Thank you in advance
  12. L

    Split leaps!

    When I do a split leap my back knee seems to bend slightly. My split leap has full splits in the air, but it is just my back knee that will bend slightly. Also my back leg sometimes twists out to the side. How can I fix this?
  13. amblan01

    Dance leaps/split jumps

    How do they get so flexible in the air. I have my splits all the way down. But I can't do a scorpion or big split jumps or leaps or hold my leg up.
  14. amblan01

    Straight legs in cartwheels and split jumps?

    I can't feel the bend in my legs. I can't feel when it's locked and when it's not so I have a bent ugly back leg. Any help on the split jump? And in cartwheels I can't feel that my legs are bent. Usually I can feel it.
  15. staceyf07

    WAG need MAJOR help with split jump/split leap/switch leaps

    Okay, I know this might sound a little confusing. Regardless of who I ask at my gym, no one really understands what my issue is. I have both my left and right splits, my right is definitely stronger though. I can do a RIGHT split jump to probably 160 My left split jump is a mess...like it...
  16. htimcj

    WAG Sissone/split jump vs. sissone/tuck with 1/2 twist

    So what which be better? On beam DD has some choices on the beam routine. She needs a b jump so we are trying sissone/split jump and the sissone/ tuck jump with a 1/2 twist. Both the split jump and tuck with a 1/2 twist are bs. Here is the DD thoughts. She hates the split jump and honestly...
  17. twisting007bigflip

    WAG Cross handstand, legs in split...new level 3

    Can someone define this for me? Does the split need to be parallel to the ceiling for it to count with no deduction? Or is this more of a "lever hop" where they can kick up to a partial handstand and never join their feet? Also, after watching the American cup, the elites are no longer able to...
  18. gymgal

    WAG Split jump on beam - deductions?

    Level 7. I know you need a 180* on a split jump for a B skill. But is there a range where it counts as a B skill, with deduction for not reaching exactly 180*? (like with the hs on bars, where up to 10* hs still counts) If so, what is the minimum degree? Sent from my ADR6400L using ChalkBucket...
  19. Kiwi

    WAG Split leap question about chasse step

    I asked this question on the 'chasse' thread but it seems to have kind of got lost, so I thought I'd ask it in a separate thread. On a split leap my DD swings her front leg into the leap right out of the chasse and this is also the way I've been doing leaps. That is, chasse would be L-R-L...
  20. B

    WAG fix for split leap

    I have a level 5 with a terrible leap on floor and I don't know how to fix it. Her leap is great on beam and is fine if she walks into it, but as soon as she runs into it, her front leg is bent and turned in and her back leg crosses over behind her to the opposite side (does that make sense?)...