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  1. S

    For Parents All splits required for bronze?

    Gym started a small team this year. They weren’t highly competitive and only offer bronze. They had a pre-team, but don’t offer different levels of classes and all classes are drop in whenever so it’s not w same kids or grouped by ability. They’ve informed parents that everyone needs to tryout...
  2. Shminklepoop

    WAG Why cant i do splits anymore

    I keep practicing splits but i cant get down anymore I used to get to like 90degrees now only like 10cm off the floor. Plz give tips how to make them better.
  3. D

    WAG How do i get my splits

    hey does anyone have tips on how to get your splits? it's been a while since I did them because I had to pull out when I was 8
  4. F

    WAG Tight hamstring popping and tingling in splits

    Whenever I do my left leg splits, my hamstring feels tight. I know I am flexible enough to do a full over split on a panel mat with my left leg, however, if I push past a certain point in the split, it feels like my hamstring is popping and a tingling sensation travels down my leg. It is a weird...
  5. gymkayla

    WAG hips popping in middle splits

    Over quarantine, I've been trying to get more flexible because I struggle in that area. Splits have been fine but my middle splits or straddle is really bad. Whenever I try to stretch them my hips pop. Is this normal? And if it is not, what are some good stretches to do to improve this?
  6. G

    For Parents Holding RL Splits

    Hi there - new to this forum, but most likely leaving the world of gymnastics, but I'm after some collective advice please. Daughter is 8, has been training for 2 years, was invited to join prep squad, and had to complete four stages before being able to join squad squad (hope this makes sense)...
  7. _gym_wolf_

    Splits and Stretching

    I am in lvl 6/7 and had an injury during my year of lvl 5. My coach overstretched me and I tore my hip in multiple places. Now, I have a tight hip and hamstring. I can usually go all the way down on the previously injured side, also my good side (left), but on the other side the hamstring is...
  8. AliyaFan76

    Help With Splits

    I've finally decided it's time to really get those splits down to the floor, and I've been practicing splits along with other basic stretches most days for about 2 weeks, but haven't really seen any improvement. Does anyone have any advice?
  9. flagstaffgym

    backwalkover troubles no splits

    I have a back handspring and im in level 4 but I can't do a back walkover I don't bring my leg with me when I do it what should I do?
  10. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Teen cheerleader forced to do splits article

    Thoughts? Article
  11. A

    Painful splits problems??

    Hi! I know the title sounds idiotic, but just hear me out, okay? Last year at around Christmas time, I got my good leg front split. Of course it was very painful at first, but it actually became quite comfortable! Anyways, I was moving, and hadn't had time to properly do gymnastics or stretch...
  12. A

    Front/Back Walkovers, Splits Flexibility

    Hi! For a front walkover, I keep putting my phone down in the middle/towards the end of when I am standing up. How do you keep your foot from touching the ground when you are coming up? I can do a front limber also. For a back walkover, I can do a backbend kickover on the floor. However, how...
  13. P

    Splits problem

    Hi everyone ! First,i don't know if this topic is appropriate in this forum but i hope it does ! I wanted some testimony from you guys because , i got my front split ( good leg) 6 months ago, and even though i stretch frequently ( 3 times a week approximatively, sometimes more ) i still don't...
  14. G

    WAG Young kids & Splits

    Does anyone have any tricks,tips or techniques for getting 5-7 years old understand how to do'proper' splits. As in hips square,back knee under etc. A few of them or more or less perfect while the rest are all over the place, can't stay in a nice straight line.
  15. twocurlygirlz

    WAG Sore/shin splits after Mile Run...at school PE

    Looking to see if anyone is dealing with this-- my gymmie is rarely sore after practice- even a hard fought conditioning session. But she completed a timed mile run on Monday and thighs, shins, calves have been aching....normal...any other gymmies with same issues?
  16. flipnastic

    For Parents Over splits and young gymnast

    What's normal/ok for 5-6 year old level 2's?
  17. N

    For Parents Splits

    My dd is 5 and in a development squad, she's been advised to practice her splits at home. She loves gym and is happy to practice at home but we don't know exactly how to help her get her splits. She doesn't seem naturally flexible to me and is probably a couple of inches away from her splits...
  18. S

    WAG middle splits question

    DD (8 years old, level 3) complains that her coach presses her and some but not all of her teammates down into middle splits each practice and that it really hurts. Is this normal? I asked why only some of the girls are pushed down and DD said they are the ones who have trouble getting their...
  19. stxrdusty

    WAG Foot angle in leaping and splits

    In static splits and leaping it's ideal to have the feet slightly turned out. However, feet naturally turn-in when in my splits and I was wondering what could be causing this. This has been happening for about a year, prior to which I could turn my feet out in the splits. I'm wondering if a...
  20. T

    WAG are split jumps easy if you have your splits

    I have a hyper pancake stretch, I have my right front oversplit of about 7inches and my left split. I also have the middle split. I think my legs are quite strong as I am able to do L-Sits for about 40 secs and straddle L for 30. I need to get my 180degree split jump, sissone, straddle jump...