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  1. k2bdeutmeyer

    Malea's Splits!!

    Malea is so excited to show off her good leg splits (and I'll throw in her bad leg, and middle just for fun)! She has been working hard!
  2. G

    Do I need my straddle splits to do straddle backs??

    thats basicly it. I dont' have straddle splits and i am starting straddle back. is this a problem or will i be fine?
  3. d0nut_l0ver

    Stupid Splits!

    Okay, so somewhere online it said that you could get your split almost all the way down if, for a month or a little more, you went in your split for 2 minutes. And that seemed reasonable, even though I was 5 inches from the ground; I figured I could get to at least 2 inches off the ground. So I...
  4. P


    DD's gym has decided that they must have all 3 of their splits prior to competing the next level. I realize everyone has different flexibility, but they want the girls to have these splits on the boards. I think this means 2 spring boards pushed together. Is this safe? My DD has 2 of the 3 I...
  5. TMichelle

    Splits advice needed!

    I really want to get my splits as quick as possible. I am about a foot off the ground for both front splits and 2 feet off the ground for the side splits. Pretty bad I know. Please post any advice you have on getting your splits, any kind. Thanks!
  6. henrik541

    Splits tips

    Hey people! Merry not-yet-christmas everyone! So I was doing splits the other day and my coach said they were fine! Fine! I'm so happy! I always have been the-one-can't-do-splits and now they're fine! :p Since I heard this, i feel more confidant and flexible all the time. But now, I want to get...
  7. B

    curious about the correlation between centre splits and frog splits

    I've noticed that my elder DD can't do frog splits (with knees bent) even though she can do centre splits all the way (not oversplits though). My younger DD's knees are flat on the floor in frog splits even though she can't do centre splits (well I don't think she can based on when she does...
  8. I


    How do you get your splits all the way down? I am not all the way down, but I do over splits sometimes, I hold my arms up for the last 10 seconds, and if I tick off my coach, I get pushed down lol. Anyways, any tips for me you have? I need my splits all the way down before our season starts or I...
  9. P


    Hey Guys- I need serious help! I have never been flexible and never had any of my splits down. Im really close to my left side and have been stretching for the past few weeks almost every day, but i haven't been seeing much progress besides sore muscles :(. my coaches, teammates, parents are...
  10. Mag_7_Fan96

    I'm so close to my splits!

    Hey Guys! I'm really excited!! I'm only 4 1/2 inches away from my splits (with my left leg in front) my other side is a little weaker (7 inches to go). It doesn't feel like that long ago that I wasn't even close to my splits. A quick question as well. I stretch both legs individually and...
  11. mariposa

    Compulsory floor routine deduction splits

    What is the deduction if the gymnast when doing the splits in L4-6 floor routines, touches her hand down on the ground when it shouldn't be? For example, my daughter's most recent meet, she said she touched so she wouldn't fall over. Is that a fall? Just wondering because floor is her hardest...
  12. B


    How many ways can you do the splits? And can you do oversplits? I just wondered because everyone here seems to be better than me at gymnastics, I wondered if I could beat anyone at flexibility! Haha!
  13. D


    I had my splits then i didnt do them for a while and lost them, how could i improve my splits so i can go all the way down?
  14. B

    what are the odds on developing good splits from nowhere

    Question to all, but I guess especially the coaches. My DD could almost do splits when she was 3, but now at 5 apparently she's much further off. I kind of assumed she had a reasonable natural flexibility, but since neither I nor her kindergym ever gets her to try splits it's only recently I've...
  15. A

    middle splits!!!

    hello everyone!!! im having trouble with middle splits and i really need some stretches!! i have my right and left splits and i need my middle to complete it!! thank you so much if you can give me some good stretches!!!:):):)
  16. S

    help with splits?

    a little over a year ago i was so close to doing the splits, but then i pulled my leg muscle. i continue to stretch but still haven't got my splits. do you know any exercises to help my flexibility get better? thanks.
  17. G


    What is the best way to get your splits down? everyday, 2ce a day, i do splits and oversplits. i still dont have my splits! Now, b/c of oversplits, i am having knee pain. But any suggestions help, i can bare through the pain!
  18. T

    Crying in Splits?

    I really need to get my flat box splits for my beam mount, its for a competiton soon, i only have 2 weeks to get flat or i will have to do a squat on. :( I asked if they would sit on me and they said next week, i knwo they will, and i know i will cry, but if i do they will get off. Its nice fo...
  19. I

    streches for box splits

    hi, my gym club has a competition in 5 weeks and i need to get my box splits down! at the moment they are about 25cm off the floor and if i don't get them flat or near flat i won't be able to compete! does anyone know any good stretches that work? please, i need help!!
  20. gymgirl1309

    stretches for front splits

    Please can someone give me some stretches that can help me achieve the splits. I stretch everyday and i need to get the splits (front splits please) down in two weeks. All stretches possible will help. Thanks