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  1. S


    I'm not in gymnastics atm but I wanna practice for this summer. Well, i'm having trouble with getting my splits (especially side!) to go to the floor! Any helpful suggestions?
  2. M

    How do I help my friend get her splits?

    Well, I have a friend who is a L4-going-on-5 gymnast, and she does not have her good-leg splits on floor. Her mother was a gymnast, and she stretches at home almost every day (or so she says), but after a month of this, she has not gotten any closer. Her attitude is, "I'm not flexible so I'm not...
  3. F

    SOOO frustrated! Splits help!

    I've been working on my flexibility lately and it's going well. I have my left leg more or less down, middle splits nearly down and my right leg in oversplits. I've been trying to what is basically this but on the floor http://www.ngtc.com/images/katrina%20ring%20jump2.jpg but with my foot...
  4. C

    Coaches Splits problem!

    Okay so I have a gymnast who is competing level 4 this year and her splits are so far off the floor but I know she is trying her hardest. This lil girl was born without hip sockets and had to have surgery as a baby to fix it I mean she has the scars to prove it. Anywho she was in a body cast...
  5. R

    Starting Splits

    I'm just starting in Gymnastic's and I have some really bad flexability. I'd really like to get to a split, but I'm NO where near it at this point. Does anyone have any good advice, stretches, guides, etc. That I can use to work on my flexability. I plan on stretching every night and double time...
  6. G


    hey everyone just curious about how many people have splits down
  7. G

    How to get splits dwn and FAST

    ok- heres the thing- i need to have all three splits dwn by friday which gives me 4 days. i barely have my good l;eg down and i hve never had my right or straddle. if i dont have them all down i will have to stretch in between each turn which wud make sense if it was longer than a minute. WHAT...
  8. C

    Splits Challenge during April and May!

    An exciting Splits Challenge during April and May 2008!Hi! In April and May, The Facebook Splits Challenge group is giving your team the opportunity to win some great prizes for your gymnastics club (which includes gold trophy icons for the all the winner's Facebook pages and a great money prize...
  9. G

    Falling Asleep in Splits

    Has anyone ever falling asleep in a split??? Was it hard to sleep? I mean obviously it was hard, but how did you do it if you did lol I'm actually thinking about trying to fall asleep in one of my splits lol
  10. mariposa

    Help for front splits?

    My DD is 5 and is in a developmental class that meets twice a week for 1.5 hours. She loves it. She is currently frustrated because she can't do her front splits. She easily does the side/middle split, but can't get the front split. Are there stretches she can do at home to help her with...