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  1. E

    For Coaches Ethical Spotting?

    I am a "hands-on" coach. In my mind, spotting is for safety and also for reinforcing correct body position. My spotting technique is rudimentary, but so are my students. Sometimes my students have said they dislike my spotting. I respect any complaints and refrain from spotting "upon request"...
  2. Anonymous Post

    No spotting during practice

    My gymnast told me recently that it is against the gym rules for coaches to spot gymnasts. But, she said that they still spot sometimes. My daughter is an xcel gold gymnast and I don’t see where she’s needs a spot on anything at the moment. I’m curious how no spotting works once she starts doing...
  3. T

    For Coaches Spotting a heavier tumbler

    Hi, I teach tumbling at a dance studio and am looking for advice on spotting overweight/heavier students. I have a group of students that are all ready to start learning back handsprings. I could easily spot all but one of them since they are mostly younger or on the smaller side. There is one...
  4. A

    MAG Spotting Deduction

    Anyone know how much is taken off if a coach spots a kid on a skill? Compulsory level if that makes a difference (and not one of the skills where doing it without a spot is a bonus)?
  5. L

    For Parents Spotting

    Just curious - what is your gym's stance on this? To spot or not to spot? Or perhaps limited spotting? And what's your feeling? My dd's old gym had a pretty strict no spotting policy. They'd do so many drills in order to build up to a skill and if the coach thought a child was ready to perform...
  6. mom2557

    WAG Deduction for spotting L9 bars

    What is the deduction for spotting the pac or shoot over in L9? Thanks!
  7. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Amazing Spotting!

    Wow! Check out this amazing spotting of a STANDING full in pike out via @insidegym
  8. Flippingout

    Coaches not spotting on beam

    Hey guys! I just wanted to know if any other gym does this. My coach absolutely refuses to spot us on beam. I am not quite sure of their reasoning because they will spot every where else. JUST no beam. They will however let us get a big folding incline and some panel pats under the beam and try...
  9. T

    For Parents Spotting

    What does it take for a coach to spot a child when they are struggling to do something, such as a back handspring on trampoline? My child is 10, was in the advanced group, stopped doing gymnastics and just started up again after 9 months off. My child has done the back handspring on tramp...
  10. gymmomtotwo

    WAG Spotting on high beam

    DD had a slip of hands on high beam a couple of months ago and has lost her backhandspring. She does it fine on low beam, a little higher crank beam, and can not take it higher. Neither of her coaches will spot her at all on beam, yet there are other kids that do get spotted from time to time...
  11. Sass&Caffeine

    WAG Spotting Bars- please correct me if I'm wrong

    For those girls practicing squat-on and tap swings (relatively new skills and not that great at it)- those should be spotted by a coach, right? The coach at our gym just watches, standing outside the bars- as in, fully outside the bars on the side, not behind the low bar or in front of the high...
  12. munchkin3

    WAG Spotting or no spotting

    Just a question on whether or not your gym spots. For a long time ours was a NO on spotting......with a recent addition in staff, some spotting was also introduced...... Is spotting bad??? It seems that some girls can gain confidence with some initial spot until they are able to go it alone...
  13. L

    For Parents Spotting bars standing between judges and gymnast?

    Our bars coach always spots the girls from the same side (the girls' left side). Sometimes this means that the coach is standing between the gymnast and the judges, blocking their view. Is this okay?
  14. A

    WAG Not quite spotting question

    I saw something this weekend at DD's meet that I hadn't seen before and am curious about it. This is L4. On the bars, one team's coaches were standing very close to where their gymnasts were. So, one between the high and low bar, one of the far side of the high bar (on landing mat). Both...
  15. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Spotting on bars with their head is incorrect, right?

    Can someone correct me if I am wrong but pulling them up out of a straddle circle thing and handstand by their head is really bad right? I know not knowing the terms is bad too but this shocked me. Not my daughter, not my gym, but a video on YouTube i just watched, FYI.
  16. Kcanflip

    WAG Spotting deduction?

    Just curious if there is a spotting deduction for compulsory levels if a coach is on the floor during a routine/tumbling pass but does not touch the gymnast
  17. SweetSecrets15

    WAG Tips for spotting overweight gymnasts

    Hey, I just started coaching this beginners rec class at my gym and I have this tiny 7 year old girl who is extremely overweight. She easily weighs more than me. Spotting her is hard but tolerable on most events, except bars! She has zero upper body strength or body coordination so spotting...
  18. Honey

    WAG Great Tkachev Spotting posted video of the Italian coach spotting his young gymnast on bars at Gymnix. There is no doubt that his spotting is spot on (haha) but given how epically bad that release move went and the fact that it happened twice makes me wonder about the thought process behind...
  19. E

    Grades, spotting and deductions..

    My youngest dd is doing her county grades/levels this spring and she will be doing Level 3 (they go 1-6), she has to do a squat on beam mount, dd's coach told me after practice that she is slightly concerned that dd might struggle to squat on the beam at regulation height (120cm) due to her size...
  20. S

    For Parents Spotting giants coach input needed

    I have a question about the method used to spot giants. To get right to the point, do coaches avoid touching the buttocks of the gymnast? What is the proper spotting technique? I don't want to get into a lot of detail about why I am asking, but would appreciate responses from other parents.