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  1. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Stalder/Toe-on for Level 5 Bars

    Anybody have kids competing a stalder or toe-on instead of a free hip? If so, how are you training it? How's it working for you? What do you see as the advantages/disadvantages compared to a free hip? I have a few girls drilling towards them, but so far it looks like when competition rolls...
  2. PalmTree

    For Coaches Am I Teaching a Stalder Correctly?

    I've never taught one before. I'd like to have a couple of girls compete it in Level 5 if they get it. They already have the flexibility for it and we've been working sole circles, practicing the entry and compression, etc. They have press to handstand as well. I am currently having them do a...
  3. S

    Teaching stalders and toe shoot to handstand tips please

    looking to use these as a second b in a 7 or 8 bar routine. Giant not quite there . Girl has tons of stregth just fear and would like to try these skills to see if they could be an option.