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  1. F

    WAG Start value for L9 and L10 WAG vault- Kasmatsu Full

    Anyone know the start value and FIG code for the Kasmatsu Full for Levels 9 and 10 girls. Thanks in advance :)
  2. D

    WAG Level 10 vault start value question

    Does anyone know what a front handspring front pike vault is worth in JO? I am talking about running and hitting the table like for a level seven front handspring and then doing the pike out of it….not doing an extra front handspring onto the springboard and then doing the front pike. (I know...
  3. D

    WAG Anyone know the start value for a tuck full yurchenko vault in level 10?

    …not sure if it is 9.7, 9.8, or 10.0 Thanks!
  4. MuggleMom

    For Parents Level 8 Beam Start Value

    Beam this year has been an emotional journey for DD. So....She is pivoting from bhs bhs for now just to do something to maybe get a routine together before the end of the season so she can qualify to regionals. She will score low 9s on vault and floor and 9.3-9.5 on bars so she really just needs...
  5. D

    WAG Start value question, Level 10 bars

    My friend had a question about her daughter's start value on bars. She is working jaeger but it's not ready. Current routine is jump to high bar, kip cast to hs, pac, pirouette right into toe hecht, kip cast to handstand, giant giant, full out dismount. I say it's 9.9 They *think* it's 10.0...
  6. T

    WAG routine start value L10

    BH/LO Switch leap/Split Jump/LO step out single D skill, single D skill, full turn split 1/2 dismount RO 2/1 or 2.5
  7. C

    For Parents Shortest or extremely short 10.0 start value level 8 beam routine

    Hi, I’m new here :) my daughter is 9 years old and is going to compete level 8 in spring. She is fairly good at beam, got a couple 9.5s as and 8 year old in level 7, competed a Bhs bhs series last year...but she gets very nervous for this event! For fun, she asked me what is the shortest...
  8. Z

    WAG Start Value

    So, how does it work? DD competed today, XP. One of the judges gave her a 10.0 start value and the other showed a 9.5 start value. So, how do they cone up with a score in that case? Do they have to agree on her start value? Do they just calculate their individual scores (using their start...
  9. M

    MAG Start Value (Div 2)

    For some reason I was under the impression that all compulsory start value in Div 2 was a 9.8 and the boys could raise that to a 10.0 if they stuck. When the card came back from a recent meet, I saw ALL 6 events had either a 9.5 or 9.7 start value. He has no missing elements and he stuck...
  10. esor

    WAG Level 9 Beam deduction/start value question

    Quick back story - my DD had elbow surgery in the fall and we thought her season was shot. But, ends up, she is going to compete this coming weekend on beam and floor at her first level 9 meet. She is so excited even though she knows she will not be super competitive because she has not been...
  11. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Does a roundoff vault have a start value of 10.0

    In xcel platinum, does a 1/4 on 1/4 off vault to face the table have a start value of 10? Or, 1/2 on? Thanks!
  12. Gym Panda

    WAG Xcel Gold bar routine start value help

    My daughter completes xcel gold...the last 2 meets she has received a 9.5 start value. Her cast seems above horizontal (slightly pikey- but still above horizontal) . Her tap swings could be a little higher. She does a tap swing half turn (L4) dismount. Is there any way that they are not...
  13. M

    For Parents Another start value question.

    DD has fallen on every attempt of giants this year due to cast not being high enough. So coach is removing the giants and one of the cast from the routine. She is trying to qualify for regionals in 3 weeks She is about a total point off around 34 AA. Needs a 35 at states. So SV is super...
  14. G

    WAG Level 10 Start Value

    I am trying to understand start value for Level 10. Here is an example floor routine: Front Layout-Front Rudy Switch Ring to Switch Side Front Layout-Front Pike 1 1/2 turn Roundoff-1 1/2 Can you explain how the start value would be calculated? Can you break it out? Thanks!
  15. G

    WAG Start value of level 9 bar routine

    can someone tell me what the start value would be of this routine jump to high bar kip cast pak to low bar to piorette kip cast squat on jump to high bar giant giant double back dismount Thanks
  16. ZJsMom

    MAG FX Start Value

    Is there anyone on here who's good with the MAG JO code and feels like helping me figure out my DS's start value on FX? He's been getting different ones that don't make sense to me and I can't get there based on what I know. KRC? In can go through what I think he should get vs. what he's...
  17. Cartwheelmom

    WAG Start value?

    Can someone please explain start values. My DD's start value on floor was 9.7. Her tumbling passes on floor are robhsbt and fhsft for level 6.
  18. profmom

    For Parents This whole start value thing for optional boys . . .

    OK, I'll preface this with the statement that I don't know for sure that DS is going to be a L8 next season, but his coach seems pretty committed to having a decent sized L8 team and told one of the moms that he could create routines with all A skills if necessary. I have looked at the rules...
  19. Gymnast_Tor

    WAG Xcel new changes- lower start value on Floor Routine?

    Hey guys. At my meet on Saturday, us Xcel Silvers performed our floor routines just like at the previous meet in late december, where we started out of a 10.0 start value. At this meet, we were judged out of a 9.5 start value! I can't seem to understand why we were lesser this time, as my coach...
  20. skschlag

    MAG start value question

    So, twice this season, we have seen this happen, so I am curious as to whether or not it is normal. On vault, level 7, a yama****a has a value of 12.5. 2 times this season, from 2 differnet judges, we have seen the same kid score a 12.7 and a 12.8. Granted, he vaults well, but those scores...