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  1. G

    For Parents Fall State Meet Compulsory qualification with spring score?

    My daughter competed 3 spring 2022 level 5 meets. Does she need to compete level 5 in the fall to qualify for states if she already qualified in all 3 20222 spring meets? Would rather focus on optionals training in fall. There was no state meet in the spring FYI, unlike during the 2021 when...
  2. A

    For Parents How do I locate TOPs gyms in my state? (New York)

    My daughter was recently invited to join the TOPs program at our gym and she's really excited about it. We live in NYC and are staying here for the next year, but we're planning a move after that. We are somewhat flexible with location, but need to stay within an hour or two of the city. We'd...
  3. L

    WAG State team for regionals

    Hi, I just had my state meet a few days ago and I am wondering if I made the state team for regionals. I made the state team last year and hoping to make it again. I am wondering if anyone knows where to look for that information?
  4. gymgal

    WAG NC state L6-10 results?

    Does anyone know where the scores are posted? I have checked the usual sites.
  5. F

    For Parents State Meets

    Hi everyone! New member and gym mom here, and I’m so grateful to have found this site. My daughter qualified for the State Meet (she’s XCEL Bronze) and I was just wondering how it differs from other meets. Is it just a larger group of kids so tougher competition? Do they still separate by age...
  6. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents Gymnastics is a funny sport...State meet report

    Yesterday was USAIGC States for Puma Jr. It was the first meet (besides two in house meets that were sanctioned) she‘s competed in almost 18 months. She broke her ankle in January 2020, then her wrist in December 2020, and that whole pandemic thing lol. Her main level, USAIGC Silver (L6/7ish)...
  7. D

    For Parents State meet scoring??

    Please help me understand state meet scoring. Say a meet has three sessions of Junior A kids in level 3, are there three state champions with the winner of each session considered a state champion? Or is there one state champion that is determined across all kids in junior A from across all...
  8. D

    For Parents Help me understand state meet scores

    Help me understand state meet scores. My daughter hasn’t had her state meet yet but will soon. I’m trying to understand if scoring is different than a regular meet. So, for example, say there are three sessions for a level and each session has a group of junior A kids. Is there one all around...
  9. skschlag

    USAG State/Regional Mask Requirements
  10. D

    WAG State meet question

    Please help me understand the importance of the state meet. Is it just a bigger pool of athletes from across the state. So, instead of say 12 kids to compete against, there are 25-30? If you win at states, then what? It seems that the focus is on states and doing well at states, but I guess I...
  11. PeanutsMom

    For Parents Optional State Championships

    Does anyone know how Optional State Championships will work? I know some states still have many restrictions, while others are opened up and running seasons. Does that mean only some states will have championships? Also, does anyone know if qualifications to state have changed? I think my kiddo...
  12. L

    For Parents WA state gym rec

    Asking this realizing that it’s more of a 6 month-1 year question rather than an urgent one, since changing gyms isn’t going to happen for a while between closures here in WA state, limited sizes for workout groups, and teams that are at capacity. I’n looking for a new gym in the Seattle area...
  13. 2

    WAG L10 Senior and gym decided ALL virtual when the rest of gyms in state are planning for a season (entering local meets)

    We just found out our gym is planning only 4 in-house meets, some sanctioned with Judges in hopes of then attending State, Regionals and Nationals (they don’t want to risk any Covid exposure and have to quarantine per coach). DD is a Senior, third year L10 set for D3 or walk-on D1 (on the cusp...
  14. L

    Those with Fall Seasons? What is your State Doing

    Those of you in states with Fall Seasons have you heard what your state is planning to do for meet season ? Is it being pushed back a few weeks? Pushed to 2021, Up in the air? DD was supposed to do L5. The prospect of optionals not happening until 2022 is demotivating. Our state went back to...
  15. O

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Attempt at tracking data per state on whether gyms are open or not -> Google sheet and a fun map created from that data (not updated in realtime) Anyone can update/add to the spreadsheet above and I'll update the map. (help I'm bored)
  16. C

    For Parents State Meet gift bags stuff - what to do?

    As I'm sure many of you have done, we had started our annual collection of items for state meet bags prior to the meet cancellations. I'm the one who was to be putting the bags together. Including myself, only about 1/2 of the parents contributed items prior to the decision and no one has...
  17. F

    For Parents Lets debate State vs States because well just to talk about something elese

    Just starting a new conversations that has nothing to do with Corona.. So.. obviously we have seen tons of posts in regards to State championships being cancelled and therefore have seen the phrase "States has been cancelled" and "State has been cancelled".. Which is correct? I use State...
  18. PeanutsMom

    For Parents State officially canceled

    We got the news yesterday that state championships are officially canceled. Level 6s may get to have an "end of season" meet competing with compulsory states, but those have also been postponed/canceled. Any chance that USAG would send 1 state medal to each gymnast who qualified as a symbolic...
  19. twocurlygirlz

    WAG 2020 Level 10s qualified for their state met

    We just got our meet schedule for Florida- we have two sessions- with 64 gymnasts in each session. So we have a total of 128 Level 10s qualified for states in Florida. What do numbers look like for other states that have had their schedules come out already?
  20. CoachAngel

    WAG State Qualification Level Question

    I have a gymnast who has competed Silver all season. She’s brand new to the gym this season and we discussed prior to the season moving up to Gold midway. She’s been very successful in the past meets (37.05 all around at the last meet) and has the skills for Gold with the exception of an...