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  1. ldw4mlo

    WAG Ignorant States question?

    So can you do states in multiple times for the same level?. As in this year and next year.
  2. F

    For Parents Lets debate State vs States because well just to talk about something elese

    Just starting a new conversations that has nothing to do with Corona.. So.. obviously we have seen tons of posts in regards to State championships being cancelled and therefore have seen the phrase "States has been cancelled" and "State has been cancelled".. Which is correct? I use State...
  3. kimute

    WAG Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    My poor unlucky girl injured the growth plate in her wrist and thumb at a meet Saturday. Now she is three weeks in a wrist and thumb cast, five weeks until states. Coach, Dr. (who is hand specialist for our local college team), and DD all think she will compete at states. 12 yo L. 8. She had...
  4. C

    For Parents Nj states question

    My daughter qualified for states as an 8 yo but at times this season she has been with 7-8 groups at meets. Her bday is October will she be considered an 8 year old at the state meet? I have read it’s their age as of May or that the groups could just be combined bc of number of athletes.
  5. S

    WAG Qualifying to States (L7) and Regionals in Texas

    Can someone tell me how Level 7s qualify to States in Texas? I've heard there's a minimum score but I've not been able to find it anywhere. And from there, to regionals. I know it's a 34.00 for Levels 9 and 10, but 7 is just a percentage, right?
  6. Steve Jason

    List of Olympic female gymnasts for the United States

    Shannon Miller. Simone Biles. Gabby Douglas. Nastia Liukin. McKayla Maroney. Dominique Moceanu. Carly Patterson. Samantha Peszek.
  7. R

    For Parents Cleaning gym before states: is this normal?

    DD's team had 5 practices left before state competitions. The gym owner had them gloved up (but no dust masks!) cleaning up chalk dust underneath the trampoline and mats for an hour during practice. Her take was that they had just qualified for states at sectionals, and they always take it easy...
  8. N

    For Parents Rest before states

    My DD has states on a Sunday. Coaches are leaving Friday because some girls go Saturday. So that means my DD will be out of gym 2 days without any gymnastics. What ate your thoughts should she do something to keep her body moving or just enjoy.
  9. A

    For Parents 'States'

    Hi, sorry to take up time asking for explanations of what is probably really obvious to most people here, but I keep reading about 'states' and other 'meets'. In the UK, we have a different system, so I was just curious how the US one works? I just want to understand what I'm reading! Can...
  10. P

    For Parents Should States have a higher qualifying score?

    This is sort of a spinoff of the 100% medals thread. My gymnast is a L6 and qualification for States here is a 30.00. The other night we mentioned States to a friend's Mom. The Mom got really excited and congratulated her on making it to States. This started a conversation with my daughter about...
  11. ldw4mlo

    WAG Best timing of doing a meet before states

    I have to decide which meet to sign up for close to states. I'm really interested to hear what coaches have to say. We are only doing one. Meet A would give 3 before states (3 weekends) Meet B would give one week (one weekend) before states. My gymmies meet prior to these 2 would be 5 weeks...
  12. A

    For Parents Question about states and changing levels in a season

    I'm mostly curious at this point, if a gymnast moves up a level midseason and qualified for the state competition at the first level but not second one, would he or she be able to go and compete at the first level? Does it vary by state? I'm thinking of a scenario where the gymnast had never...
  13. Mrs. Puma

    WAG Puma Jr wins bars at USAIGC States!!!!

    Ok, full disclosure first...yes USAIGC Bronze is easier than L5 and yes the talent pool is much, much less deep, but I'm still so excited for her!!! This has been such a great move for her. Even though she's not on a "fancy" path, she's enjoying gymnastics, improving and feeling good about...
  14. alongfortheride

    MAG Competing Down a Level at States?

    At our state competition, they had several levels combined for one session. While watching, I noticed that one of the level 7 competitors had actually competed as an 8 all season, and then competed as a level 7 for states. He took several first place medals. Is this common in the upper levels...
  15. F

    WAG States level 9 and 10

    How do they qualify for regionals based on their state scores or place. Do they go for ind events ? Nj please
  16. T

    WAG *Proud Parent Alert* 9.950 Vault @ Level 10 States

    DD just finished her first level 10 States meet. She competed a Double twisting Yurechenko (start value is 10.1) and scored a 9.950 which was the highest score at Norcal states. Super proud of how far she's come from her 1st season of level 8 when her Yurechenko were so scary that the...
  17. e'smum

    WAG Please explain level 9 qualify score for states/regionals to me!

    Our 9s are competing today. I thought that you needed a 32 to go to states but we have girls who only competed 2 events all year at states. Those girls also got the qualifying score today to go to regionals. I know they can declare a specialty and they have to do it before hand but that's...
  18. skschlag

    MAG States

    Good luck to all the young men competing at states this weekend! D's state meet is Saturday at 1.
  19. G

    For Parents Level 8 States in Texas

    Does anyone know if the State meet for level 8s in Texas is usually a 2 day or 3 day meet? My daughter is almost at the max for days missed from school (she was out for a little over a week with the flu and almost every meet this year has been on friday) so we are really hoping we don't have to...
  20. F

    For Parents Judging harder in some states or regions?

    I continue to read and hear parents say oh well they judge harder here or if their daughter competed in a different state than where they are from? I'm just trying to figure out if #1 is that true? #2 do they say that to make their DD lower scores more justified #3 if it is true why? I thought...