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  1. e'smum

    Parents Does your state hand out anything at states?

    I am finding it enlightening that each state seems to do things a different way in regards to qualifying for states. I figured the way our state does things was done by the USAG rule book and all states did it the same way. That is not the case! So curious if your state gives anything out to...
  2. S

    WAG toughest states/areas for scoring in compulsories?

    I feel as though the area I live in is super tough for scoring in compulsories. And I've heard this is the case -but of course I don't have any evidence. Does anyone know what some of the toughest areas are for compulsories?
  3. hawaii_gymnast

    WAG States

    Doing some research into how States competitions work in the states, if you could answer a few questions that would really help. Anybody in Canada, how has your province decided to do provincials with the adoption of JO? What State are you in? How do qualifications work? (Score to reach at 1...
  4. kimute

    WAG Can you go to states after three events?

    As some of you may know, my DD, level 6, had a wrist (TFCC) sprain that kept her out of skills practice Nov-Feb. She healed well, and went on to compete three meets and score high on three events. She never competed bars. Her coach required she have solid giants and CH to handstand, and she...
  5. skschlag

    MAG States

    Good luck to all the boys competing at state this weekend! D competes tomorrow night, and we are awaiting word to see if his petition to regionals is accepted or not! Go CB boys!
  6. M

    Parents Age for States

    Hello!This will be our first states meet. Dd will turn 8 before the date of the state's meet. Will she compete as a 7 or 8 year old? Thank you for your responses.
  7. A


    Saw this in another thread and got to wondering how States will work. We are in NSW and my DD is L3. For us it is not 'til mid November. Seems like anyone who has competed L3 this year can be in it. (Tho entry fee is steep and it is a ticketed event, oh my I have to pay for the privilege of my...
  8. A


    Saw this in another thread and got to wondering how States will work. We are in NSW and my DD is L3. For us it is not 'til mid November. Seems like anyone who has competed L3 this year can be in it. (Tho entry fee is steep and it is a ticketed event, oh my I have to pay for my other kid to...
  9. Paint A Melody

    WAG States Results

    Does anyone know where I can find results for the MA Xcel gold states? I've looked but can't find them anywhere.
  10. S

    WAG I fell on the beam at states and still made fourth.

    I know I should be excited and all, but if I hadn't fallen on the beam I would have won 1s aa and first on beam. (It was a spectacular fall as wellI grabbed on to the beam and hung on, so I didn't touch the ground) and I got a 9.0. The winner got a 9.45 so I would have won! I also won second on...
  11. Paint A Melody

    WAG Getting Nervous Before States

    I'm competing at states Sunday, and I'm a little nervous for my floor routine. Earlier this year I competed a FHSFT, but it wasn't consistent enough so I took it out. I finally got it consistent enough to put in the last meet before states, but I fell on that for some reason too. :( When I did...
  12. S

    WAG Having states on Sunday, May 16, 2015

    So I'm having an Xcel gold state competition in a week, and it's my first as a gold ;?. I've been getting pretty nervous, so has anyone got any tips? My bar routine is: Kip Backhip cast cast to squat on long hang kip Cast swing flyaway For bars, I pretty much always win between 4th and 1st...
  13. J

    WAG States and regionals

    Is states and regionals harder than regular meets? I know i have to qualify by getting 34.00 in two meets, but is that it?
  14. W

    WAG Level 9 - 34 at states = regionals?

    Is this hard and fast, for all regions, that a 34 AA at states for L9 will make it to regionals? TIA.
  15. D

    WAG Bad meet... States :/

    I just got back from states. On the bright side, my teams l3 and l4 won. L5 came in 3 and our optionals are competing now. Well, I had a pretty bad meet myself. I got a 7.8 on bars, I fell on my squat on-something I never fall on. I made my routine flow-but the fall messed me up. Then on beam I...
  16. D

    WAG 2015 States!

    I have states tomorrow! I'm competing nice and early too... first session tomorrow. Please wish me luck and help with nerves! This is my 3 states.... anything extra I should bring? Thoughts I should have? Tips for keeping my endurance up on floor? Straight arm kip and big casts tips? Cartwheel...
  17. G

    Parents DD only L9 not to make States :(

    Well I will try to keep this short. It's been a rough road . Let me back up 18 months . My Daughter was a L8 at the time (age 10) and got a stress fracture in her ankle right after competition season . She trained for L9 that summer and made the L9 team . 2 meets in last year ( now age 11) she...
  18. O

    Parents States Rant

    Feeling frustrated that we still don't have the schedule for states yet, and its a little over a week away! And to make matters worse, the qualify score was changed the day rosters were due, which I'm sure is delaying everything :( That's all. Anyone else in PA that feels my pain???
  19. gothgymmom

    Parents She qualified for states!!!!

    I'm a PROUD mama right now! her 3rd meet into the season and she qualified for states with a 34.025! She has her personal best for every event except for bars at this meet! She was so excited as normally the medals all look the same, and this time she got one gold, one silver, and one bronze...
  20. P

    WAG How does one qualify for states?

    Does this differ or is there a standard bench mark needed to qualify? I know this is totally a newbie question!