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  1. AnotherTexasGymMom

    WAG Question re qualification to Texas North State & States

    For compulsory level 4P, what do you need to qualify for North State? Is it a certain score or placement? And same question for States?
  2. G

    WAG tougher scoring in certain states?

    I have heard some mentions here on CB about how some states tend to score tougher than others. Is that true? Where are the higher scores seemingly harder to get and where is the judging maybe more lax?
  3. tarheel618

    Parents How many meets does your gym do before states?

    So just curious of how many meets your gymnasts competes in before states? We generally do 4-5 which in my mind is a low number?
  4. txgymfan

    WAG Spin Off - Encouraging Gymnastics in Underrepresented States and Regions

    I am starting this because it seems like a natural spin off from the discussion about Nationals needing to representing the entire US vs the best gymnasts in the US. What should we or someone do to encourage gymnastics in the underrepresented states and regions? Coaching development? More...
  5. B

    WAG States today

    We are ready. My girls are doing their best routines of the season. I'm really proud of them for their hard work and great year and told them that I will be proud of them no matter what happens. But... Our level 6 team placed first yesterday. They are a group of girls who competed either level 6...
  6. StringBean'sMom

    Parents States bound -Finally!!

    After a cancellation and rescheduling due to a water main break at the venue last week, we are finally off to States!! Think the kids are more excited about an unexpected hotel stay and pool time!
  7. B

    Coaches After States plans

    What are you doing for conditioning and flexibility in the off-season?
  8. emilykatherine

    WAG States!

    States are this weekend! I'm getting exited. We leave tomorrow and my best friend gets to come. The only thing I'm not excited for is I have to compete alone because of they way the age/sessions are, and in awards they go down all the way to last place so for bars, vault, and aa I'll be in last.
  9. skschlag

    MAG States

    Good luck to all the boys at state this weekend,!!!
  10. profmom

    MAG official getting ready for states thread!

    We are 2 1/2 weeks out! And yay, states is the end of the road for us! Good, bad, or ugly as states may be, as soon as the meet is over and the boys have hopefully achieved world domination of the level 5 Olympics, they can start working on new stuff, and the pressure will be off for a little...
  11. B

    Coaches Ramping up to States

    We've got two months and 3 meets left. It's been a great season but we still have room to improve. Just want to peak at the best time. What things do you think get the most out of your athletes and routines?
  12. samuel310

    MAG States

    Since this is our first year of competition I am wondering how states works for awards. Do they give out awards for top 3 or more? Do the kids get anything for participating? I see kids walk around with t-shirts but I assume those are bought from vendors.
  13. O

    WAG USAG Level 4 States NJ

    Has anyone received the schedule yet for Level 4 States in NJ? In years past they are always posted online but that website doesn't appear to be maintained any longer (not within the past few months anyway). If anyone has heard anything can you please share? The suspense of not knowing is...
  14. 5

    Parents Qualifying for States

    My level 4 dd has had a back injury and is finally back in the gym doing bars and beam.she will go to her first meet as a level 4 in 2 weeks. She will probably not compete vault and floor until mid February. How does this work for qualifying for states in early April? She will not be competing...
  15. S

    Parents Gift Card from States

    So, I'm technologically illiterate. We are in Region 6 and the girls were given a $5 gift card for music. (not sure if all regions did daughter loves it and put it in her scrapbook....has a picture of the Fierce Five on the front!) Anyway, it's not iTunes but Amazon. We've never...
  16. M

    Parents States are this weekend and I am so nervous...

    Sigh, I need to calm down! Dd has had such a good year and I really want her to do well at states. I don't care about placements, just that she hits her routines. She has struggled big time at state meets in the past, in fact last year she came in last for her age group. She (and all...
  17. allison3724

    Anybody going to PA states this weekend???

    Any level 8s competing this weekend at states???? Sent from my iPod touch using ChalkBucket mobile app
  18. 2G1B

    Parents great. states conflicts with standardized tests. Kudos to the school though

    I realized yesterday that the dates for our state competition conflict with our school systems' standardized testing. I have never taken any of my kids out of school for a competition; but this one is about 5 hours from us, so I had planned to either skip school on that Friday or take them out...
  19. Gymmonkeymomma

    Parents Level 9 States Report

    DD's 1st event was bars, which has been coming along all season but inconsistent in her dismounts (double pike), usually over rotating. She did a really nice routine, right up to the end, where this time, she under-rotated and fell - 8.575. Beam was 9.4 with a couple of wobbles, 7th place...
  20. skschlag

    MAG Age groups for states/ regionals

    So, does your state use the USAG age ranges for states and regionals, or do they break it down further? I know we talked about age groups earlier this season but in context of regular meets. I was talking wiht another member about the age ranges in her state/ region and ours and how different...