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  1. K

    WAG Mental Block - straddle cast handstand on bars

    My daughter is becoming discouraged and frustrated and I am hoping folks here can offer some advice... She's training level 7 and still doesn't have her straddle cast to handstand. Her coaches say that for months she can do it nicely if they very lightly spot her - and they say they aren't...
  2. Sari

    For Coaches Kips - straddle vs. no straddle

    Do you teach kips with a straddle during the glide or with the legs together? Are there pros and cons I should be aware of? I have a few girls who straddle way too early and lose all momentum so I'm thinking about switching them over to no straddle. Only obvious thing I can think of is the...
  3. L

    Straddle Lever help

    Hi! My 7 year old daughter has just managed to get her straddle lever from the floor this weekend but only whilst up against a wall. She has been trying to do this for a couple of weeks and really pushing herself by conditioning herself by doing straddle ups from tiptoes and controlling her...
  4. M

    WAG Straddle cast handstand

    My kid tells me that she is learning her cast handstand with her legs together until a certain stage she calls "butt-up," at which point she straddles the rest of the way up to HS. She says this is not actually a straddle CHS because in a straddle CHS you "straddle right away and then basically...
  5. M

    WAG straddle v. pike glide kip

    Does the choice of straddle or pike for the glide kip mean anything at all--for example, does it signal whether the kid will find straddle or straight cast handstand easier?
  6. H

    WAG Press HS and Straddle Cast HS

    Is it pretty much a given that if a gymmie can't do a press handstand then she won't be able to do a straddle cast handstand on bars either? I definitely see how feeling the form of and having the strength to do a press hs would help in getting a straddle cast hs, but is it more than just...
  7. Sasha

    WAG Curious about "Straddle Tap" - when/how to transition?

    Hi WAG folks, My daughter (L7) is growing, pushing 5'1", with very long arms, so in an extended hang, she is actually 'longer' than some L7/8/9 teammates who are a few inches taller. Bars have always been her strength. Her gym permits a wide bar setting (I do not know how wide, but my guess is...
  8. D

    WAG Question on Cast Straddle Handstand

    My daughter seems to be having difficulty keeping her one leg straight on a cast straddle handstand on bars. Does anyone know why this might happen? It is always her left leg. She thinks it is straight but it is consistently bent when she casts and moves to the straddle (looks like a frog...
  9. hawaii_gymnast

    WAG Straddle cast in Compulsory

    We have in the past year made the switch to JO and I have seen a vouple times athletes doing straddle up casts in compulory levels 4 and 5- between 45 degrees and handstand. Judges- should there be deductions if this is done? What would they be? Or is the straddle jump technique allowed...
  10. G

    WAG Is a straddle press with no lean possible?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a video of a person performing a straddle press from straddle L with as little lean as possible. I have not been training for a few months now as I was really busy, but I can still press up from straddle L and lower down controlled, which really surprised me. When I...
  11. Flippingout

    WAG Straddle cast handstand struggle!

    Hi guys! This is my first post on here, I am training level seven and I hopefully will be able to skip 8 when I get over this!! My straddle cast handstand on bars is becoming a big problem for me. I can giant pretty well between bars but I just can't get the cast handstand all the way to...
  12. G

    WAG best exercise for straddle presses

    Ok, I just wrote a very long text explaining the whole situation but I will just make it simpler and ask the question right away. There is a dancer, focusing on floor acrobatics (walkovers, handsprings, handstands) with good gymnastics technique. Workout is 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day including...
  13. cbifoja

    WAG Straddle versus straight cast handstand

    My daughter recently switched gyms and her new coaches told me one of the first things they are going to do is to have her begin doing a straddle kip cast handstand. Can anyone share their experiences about how that process was for your daughters? Did they find it hard to transition after...
  14. C

    WAG 115 Straddle Presses IN A ROW!!!!!

    Thought this is a must see here! :eek::eek::eek:
  15. Y

    WAG Straddle kip cast handstand mechanics

    I have questions about the cast handstand. DD seems to have no problem getting to handstand when coming from a glide kip cast on low bar or high bar, but she has trouble getting into a handstand when she is in a front support and bouncing her legs off a bungee, as needed for a pirouette drill...
  16. G

    WAG Moving from straddle cast hand stand to piked

    dd is almost 13 and close to done growing at about 4'9". Had initially done piked chs when she learned them at 9 but switched to straddle for a couple years. Took a bunch of time off gym and more days than not now seems happy to be back. New coach much more experienced than she's had before...
  17. ZachsMom

    For Parents Straddle Press Handstand

    My 6 year old son got his straddle press handstand the other day!! I am so proud!
  18. munchkin3

    WAG Flat Palm, of fingers on pike/straddle press

    Is there a difference? I notice the flat Palm presses are harder, but a friend of mine who is a coach also feels it can put unnecessary stress on the wrists. For competition, I know girls are not really doing these in their floor routines like the guys, so I am talking about for conditioning...
  19. Faolmor

    For Parents Question about straddle fold stretch

    Hi Sorry - not sure if this is the right forum to post this question (admins?)... DD (5.5 years) is in a development training group and has been given a daily homework sheet of stretching and conditioning to do while on summer holidays (cough, which we only just noticed on the club website...
  20. munchkin3

    WAG re-learning a Straddle Cast Handstand

    DD is re- learning it at her new gym. I find she is really having a tough time breaking the habit of arching her way up. She can do a beautiful correct looking one, (for my eyes) as long as the coach is standing there reminding her to hollow, and almost touch her toes to the bar before snapping...