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  1. munchkin3

    WAG Straddle casts, and kips vs. pike casts, pike kip.

    Is there an advantage to kipping, and casting with the legs together, vs. straddle? It look pretty to straddle cast HS, but is it harder to pike HS? What is more desirable?
  2. R

    Poll: Straddle or Pike Kip?

    Which glide do you use, straddle or pike? I use straddle.:-)
  3. S

    Coaches Level 4 Floor Straddle Jump

    I was reading the text yesterday and it seemed to indicate that the legs should be straddled at a down angle (like a straight jump with legs apart), but then later it seemed to indicate it should be a straddle pike (with knees turned up). Can anyone clarify? Thank you!
  4. billise

    Parents Straddle Press Handstand!

    So excited I thought I'd share. She's been so close for so long. Tonight she did it!
  5. gothgymmom

    Parents Straddle press handstand

    DD and her Lvl 2 team were uptraining to get ready for testing, and DD is was the first one to get a perfect straddle press handstand!!!! I have been showing her videos for a while on them, and she has been trying them for a while now, and in front of her coaches she got it perfectly! just had...
  6. L

    WAG straddle press handstand substitute

    I have my standing press handstand. My goals are straddle lever to handstand and pike handstand. I wanted to work on it 3 times a week. But since some weeks I have groin and hip problems when I try to do a straddle lever. I am a little bit frustrated now because I can not train the straddle...
  7. M

    WAG straddle press handstand drills

    my DD is working on press handstands. she can press into it from standind easily and can hold a straddle support for about 30-40 seconds. but she can't press out of it! It seems she just can't lift and put her body up! DD can do about 15 leg lifts on a free hanging bar, on stall bars maybe 5...
  8. htimcj

    WAG Changing from a straight body cast handstand to straddle handstand

    So DD has been struggling to get kip cast hand stand with a straight body. She has only every tried to do them with a staight body has never even tried a straddle cast UNTIL yesterday when her coach said to try to do straddle up to handstand then giant giant flyaway.] My question is the...
  9. billise

    Parents Straddle Press Handstand Question

    I was sitting at my kitchen table this evening working on my computer while DD was messing around in the family room. I looked up and watched quietly as DD completed her first straddle press handstand. It was a bit jerky but she did it all the way up to vertical. I jumped up and asked her to do...
  10. #gymnast4life

    WAG straddle press to handstand and beam cartwheel?

    I can do a straddle lever and raise my hips slightly. The handstand bit is what I can't seem to get the hang of! whenever my hips are raised to a certain height, my arms bend and I just fall. does anyone have any exercises or tips to help me get this move in about two weeks?:o Also I was...
  11. amblan01

    Team tryouts and straddle splits

    We have to get invited to Pre-Team which I'm on. And during the last week or two of Pre-Team you have to get invited to team try outs. We need level 1 skills since this year our YMCA started competing at level 1! What are the new level one skills after the changes? And they said you have to...
  12. D

    Poll: Straddle or Pike Glide Kip

    Do you use a straddle or pike glide in your kips? What's your preference?
  13. ABCTechnique

    Coaches Straddle Cast vs. Straight body Cast

    I notice the coaches in my gym are teaching just about every kid that comes across them a straddle cast to handstand. I feel like they are doing it because it's just easier then teaching the straight body. They are even teaching the smaller kids (not younger, smaller) kids to straddle. What...
  14. L

    Help with straddle lever.

    Hi everyone, Just wondering whether anyone has any tips/tricks or drills that could help me get my straddle lever.It would be much appreciated as it seems to me like my arms are too short hehe. Thankyou P.S. I think I have strong enough arms as we do press ups and chin ups as conditioning all...
  15. ALgymMom

    WAG Pretty straddle cast picture!

    I was so excited at our meet yesterday, the photographer actually shot bars! They always do beam & floor so I never get bars or vault & bars is her best event. Just wanted to share her pretty cast!
  16. htimcj

    WAG Straight Leg Cast Handstand vs. straddle to Cast Handstand

    Is there a difference between doing your cast hand stand with completely straight legs vs going up in a straddle? DD is trying/doing them without the straddle. She gets it every once in awhile. Two other girls on her team get them more often but straddle up to them. Is one easier than the...
  17. PalmTree

    Coaches Straddle Back Progressions and Spotting

    I am teaching one of my gymnasts a straddle back (not to handstand). Basically she needs it to compete Xcel Diamond (they must have a pirouette or release move, and this seemed the easiest for her). Although I have never taught it before, I know the basics of it. Does anyone have tips, drills...
  18. PalmTree

    WAG Level 5 Bars - Can you Straddle?

    I have a very tall Level 5 gymnast. The bars do not go out far enough for her to not hit her feet on the low bar when she does her tap swings (she is 5'4''). The bars at our gym are fine, but when we go to meets they always have bars that don't go out far enough. One of the judges said our home...
  19. G

    Parents Straddle split beam mount

    I never taken gymnastics classes as a kid but put my dd ( now 4 year old) in it. She gained strength and flexibility. Now she keeps practicing at home. I never ask her to go anything. She is not allowed go do anything dangerous at home. She can do splits and maybe cartwheels at home. But that...
  20. wgagym

    Parents IJ got her Straddle Press for real this time!

    I posted a video a while back with IJ's first straddle press. It was the first time she pulled her toes all the way through but she ended up in a headstand and did not make it back down. Tonight she got the whole thing. It was very controlled and very nice! She also got her BHC yesturday...