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  1. Flipomaniak

    WAG Straddle or straight cast/giants?

    What do you do? What do you think looks better? What do you like? I used to do everything straight but my coach switched me to straddle giants and casts...
  2. wgagym

    Parents 5yr old DD almost got her Straddle Press! I usually don't post brag reports. My DD has been doing gym since she could walk and I own a rec gym so she plays around constantly. But here is my brag. She is so close to her straddle press!!! She is not quite 5 and a half and I could not...
  3. ALgymMom

    Straddle Or Pike Jaeger

    My DD caught her 1st pike Jaeger last week! So excited for her. Which is best to train for level 10, straddle or pike? Do they have the same value?
  4. gymnastgets10

    Straddling in Straddle Backs?

    So I've just started working straddle backs, and they're going pretty well (my coach says he isn't really spotting and I've progressed from having the bars in to having them at my usual setting)... except I don't straddle, I just pike over the bar and then try to open my hips once my feet clear...
  5. S

    Straddle cast handstand-- level 6 deduction

    Out of curosity.. what is the deduction for a straddle cast handstand in level 6 IF hitting the angle required of 30 degrees above horizontal? thanks!
  6. Dizzy_And_Lazy

    Help with straddle undershoot on bars

    I have been working on straddle undershoot for a couple of months now because I only do one hour of gym a week. I have improved it a lot from when I started but still can not quite do it. I cast to get my feet on, but my toes only tap the bar before falling off. The coach said that I lean my...
  7. LiveLoveTumble

    Straddle Press Handstand

    I am having a lot of trouble learning a straddle press handstand. We don't work on them at all at gym, but I am trying to teach myself, meaning I can't get a spot or anything. Here's what I can already do: I can easily do a straddle press headstand. I can do a press handstand against a wall...
  8. Dizzy_And_Lazy

    Blood blister and straddle undershoot

    Hey, I am a general gymnast and do one hour of gymnastics each week. During this time I spend between fifteen and twenty five minutes on bars. Last night I got a blood blister beneath my middle finger at the top of my palm. All I have done so far is run it under cold water for a couple of...
  9. ALgymMom

    BARS: Straddle Cast or Straight Body Cast

    Coaches, Which do you prefer? Do you teach your gymnast both? My daughter has been doing straddle cast for for 3-4 years now & now the head coach has decided NO MORE STRADDLE CAST!!! Just wondering why?
  10. flips123

    Pike Press vs. Straddle Press

    Overall I know the straddle works more muscles and the pike works the middle and lower abs,but other than that what's the difference, which one is harder and what do you prefer? I like pike presses because their easier and I cant seem to make my straddle ever but I like the look of them better.
  11. M

    Straddle Identity Crisis! (Coaches Please?)

    Ok so well I have never really regarded myself as flexible...I've been working really hard but by no means am I rubber band. Anywho, the other day my friend and I were stretching, (She's a ballet dancer,) and my straddle was almost at 180!!!! :O I've never had my straddle that far...while COLD...
  12. C

    Straddle lever work......need help

    Hey :confused: I’m an acro coach and was wondering what are the best exercise to improve their levers and then to develop onto lever to handstand. My gymnasts can do levers but their feet are not higher than their hips so abit of work is needed. Does anyone know any good exercise. Thanks:)...
  13. G

    Handstand to straddle handstand to straddle sit.

    On floor - we have to get up into a handstand, then change to a straddle handstand, then lower down to straddle sit. I practice against the wall and I can do the handstand to straddle handstand, but when I lower down my feet just hit the ground instead of sliding outward so I'm in a straddle...
  14. J

    Straddle Backs

    I have been having some issues with always kipping out of my straddle backs. My coach has been telling me to hold on to the bar longer so I can get closer to handstand and not fly over the bar. I always feel like I am holding on to the bar for as long as I can, but it isn't enough. I am a...
  15. P

    straddle press to handstand

    hi! i'm the coach of a 7-year-old gymnast who has been working to get her straddle press to hs for a year now. i haven't coached upper level girls so i have never had a gymnast that has had that skill... i'm pretty sure that this gymnast is very close to get that skill but i'm not absolutely...
  16. G

    Do I need my straddle splits to do straddle backs??

    thats basicly it. I dont' have straddle splits and i am starting straddle back. is this a problem or will i be fine?
  17. V

    Straddle Cast to HS vs Cast to HS

    My DD has started uptraining a number of skills for optionals and I'm learning that I have a lot to learn. She learned her straddle cast to HS about a month ago and she just got her cast to HS this week. Are these skills valued differently (A v. B) or used differently (is one a better...
  18. M

    correcting bent legs in straddle cast handstands

    This question is from my L7 daughter who wants to know how to correct her slightly bent legs in her straddle cast to handstand. She says she keeps trying and focusing on them but they are still bent. They bend as her hips rise to get into the straddle postion. Once she acheives the straddle they...
  19. NewtoGym

    The importance of straddle press handstands

    What is the importance of straddle press handstands. I know it is a strength exercise, but it seems to be everywhere on youtube and I know that TOPS tests it. Our gym does not seem to work these (at least they haven't started in my daughter's level nor have I ever seen any girl do them in the...
  20. M

    bending legs to get into straddle cast postion

    This question is from my L7 daughter who is trying very hard to ge rid of the bent legs in her cast handstands. She cast and then as she moves into the straddle postion her knees bend until get into the upside down straddle then the straighten out beautifully. Its not something that is...