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  1. JBS

    OT Strength Periodization Article

    Sticking with an exact plan has always been the issue with this for me as a coach. Love how this article addresses that.
  2. DTAG

    For Coaches More strength!

    I recently started coaching rec gymnastics for boys. I absolutely love it and love learning the sport. I do not have a background in gymnastics other than my son who is a gymnast. I am older (just turned 42) and not as fit/strong as when I was in the service a few years back. Spotting and...
  3. JBS

    WAG Strength Training With Weights

    Any girls teams out there weight training. I am looking to start weight training with some athletes and wondering if anyone has any tips? Been looking at some of Ellie Blacks posts...
  4. dan129834

    MAG Need advice for strength and flexibility training

    Hey guys, i posted here about becoming a pro gymnast, i've been working out in gym for 5 years and got more interested in gymnastics. What i currently wanna do is change my workout routine but i need some assistance with exercises and routines. Now because im in the gym, i want to take advantage...
  5. JBS

    OT Home Gymnastics Strength / Drills / Things To Do (Instagram / TikTok / etc)

    Ok... here is a little game to get everyone going. Basically... the object is to make this thread as long as possible. Link to social media posts of things that gymnasts can do at home to be productive. The post must be a video post so everyone can see what to do. Just copy the link from...
  6. hsgymnast333

    WAG How to build arm and shoulder strength

    Hi. So I’m a high school gymnast and right now (since it’s the fall) is off-season. We compete in the winter and there’s summer gymnastics. Which means I’m not in the gym from August through October. I’ve been conditioning at home, but I haven’t been as consistent with it as I should be. I...
  7. M

    MAG Strength training

    Hi, ive got a few question: I really appreciate if you take your time to read them and maybe leave a comment As a bodyweight athlet (rings gymnast) I am intrested in a strenght training where you get stronger but dont gain any (as less *** possible) muscles I have read that the intermuscular...
  8. Pwicks

    MAG Catching up on strength?

    Hello. My DS just turned 9yo and just finished his L5 year (1st time doing level 5). The coach keeps telling us we need to work on conditioning at home with him to improve his strength. My son is very flexible (this comes from his coach... I am relatively new to gymnastics so i wont begin to...
  9. M

    Back Handspring Bent Arms - Technique or strength?

    Hi DD has been trying to get her BHS working right for about a year now, but still struggles with bent arms on landing. She can do it fine with spotting and on the trampoline or mattress, and she tends to be able to do it better after a roundoff rather than standing, so I'm not sure if it's...
  10. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Strength to body weight ratio

    I have seen this multiple times on here, but what would be the ideal Strength to body weight ratio? Is there a formula for this? Just curious
  11. Plank

    For Coaches Strength training for coaches

    Hi, I'm new here (well I've been lurking for a while) and I'm training for my British Gymnastics Level 2. I'm getting in a pickle with the supporting, especially where I have to lift or catch the kids. Sometimes it seems impossible that I could ever hold them. I am working with older rec kids...
  12. M

    Helping a 4 year old build strength

    Hi, My son has been going to gymnastics classes since he was 18months. This summer he was picked to train for a place in the team. He broke his arm 5 weeks before training started and was in a cast of just over 3 weeks. His instructor has told me he is behind his peers due to a lack of strength...
  13. R

    For Coaches Shoulder Strength Conditioning

    Hi there, I've just started coaching again after a long-ish break from it and I've forgotten everything... I need help with some shoulder conditioning that I can make up a conditioning sheet with. Things like chin ups and stuff, but I want to target shoulders. Any ideas would be super helpful...
  14. I

    For Parents How to apply upper body strength to handsprings?

    My daughter seems to have great upper body strength--she happily does tons of pull-ups, flies up the climbing rope all the way to the ceiling, can rock climb using only her arms as her body just hangs, bar is her best event with early/easy pullovers, etc. Yet when she goes to do a handspring her...
  15. A

    For Parents Is strength a deal breaker?

    Hello! I've really appreciated all the insight I've gotten from these forums as a fairly new parent to the sport. My daughter is almost 6 and is on a pre comp team (4 hrs/week). She is crazy flexible but has always struggled with upper body strength (I blame my genes). Took her longer than the...
  16. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Strength and basic skills's_Progress_Tracking_Charts.pdf?1500736285 I think that is a great thing to have, especially for the lower levels. Just wanted to share in case anyone is interested!
  17. J

    OT Arm and core strength

    Not sure where to place this topic... So, I'm injured and I can't do too much gymnastics. While the rest is doing events, I'm doing strength training. But I don't know too many exercises, I spent about 1.5 hours of a 2 hour practice doing v-ups and variations of that. I can do arm and core. Any...
  18. Lilou

    For Parents Strength and flexibility ideas for home

    My gymmie has nearly all of her skills for Level 3 (she can do the entire bar routine, back handspring (but it needs work)) but is being held back (repeating L2) because the coach said she needs more upper body strength and flexibility. What are some good conditioning moves to strengthen her...
  19. M

    WAG Kip drills for strength

    My DD is trying to learn her kip. The coach mentioned that she needs to build her forearm strength to be able to hold on to the bar for an extended period of time. What exercises could she do at home to work on this? It would be preferable to do some exercises that we could do together so it...
  20. Abbey

    Upper Body Strength

    I'm 16 years old and just joined my high school gymnastics team after a 6 year break from the sport. I still have all of my splits and my bridges and basic skills that can be done with muscle memory and flexibility. But anything that requires strength is a problem. I'm pretty overweight. I'm...