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  1. JBS

    WAG Strength Training With Weights

    Any girls teams out there weight training. I am looking to start weight training with some athletes and wondering if anyone has any tips? Been looking at some of Ellie Blacks posts...
  2. H

    For Coaches Pull Around and Back Hip Circles

    I am currently teaching a group of seven girls, and the two skills they are struggling most on is their chin up pull arounds and back hip circles. Only one person out of the group can successully pull around with good shape. One girl can do both the skills, but with terrible shape. Her back hip...
  3. G

    WAG How much time spent conditioning?

    What percentage of your child's practice is spent on conditioning versus working on skills?
  4. Z

    WAG Conditioning - what works best?

    Gymnasts, coaches and parents! I would love to hear how you or your gymnasts are conditioning! There is no real conditioning concept at my gym, it is more like whatever the coaches prefer on a given day. In my opinion the gymnasts would profit by a structured conditioning. So I have been...
  5. D

    For Coaches Boys conditioning schedule help

    Boys gymnastics conditioning question. My boys team currently only goes three days a week as I have responsibilities coaching girls optional team too( and their are a lot more of the then my whole boys team). The boys go wed, sat and Sunday. I'm looking for the most effecient conditioning...
  6. H

    Core and Upper Body Strength

    Hello! I,ve been struggling with my core and upper body strength lately. I started gymnastics late last fall, after having to stop a different sport due to injury. I'm completely cleared for gymnastics and have been fine with that. However, due to the sport I played earlier I have a ton of leg...
  7. M

    WAG geddert's conditioning?

    I just read this in the Coach Forum but I can't reply there so I decided to open a new thread here! This Conditioning looks great! But it says there are 3x10 pull-ups for a Level1 and 3x20 for a...
  8. coachmolly

    For Coaches Conditioning Chart for Pre-Team

    I have a new pre-team group, girls ages 7-12 who are fresh from rec. classes. Quite a few of them have very good natural strength, but it is overall an area where they are lacking as a group. In an effort to encourage conditioning while still making it fun and helping them to see their progress...
  9. G

    WAG How is your conditioning organized and structured?

    How is your conditioning organized and structured? Do you do it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the practice? Do you have circuits or do you do the conditioning on the floor all together and at the same time? Or do you use conditioning sheets with repetition numbers the kids...
  10. M

    WAG Power to weight ratio and/or weight to strength ratio

    I often wondered when gymnasts reach their peak gymnastically and/or at what age can one determine the maximum potential of a gymnast. Studies have shown that the physical peak for most humans are 23-35 (average I got from various studies). Men peak a little later then women. This peak...