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  1. X

    Parents Building strength

    hi My daughter is 9 and has quite good upper body strength, she can do pull ups and chin ups to chest height on a good day at gym, she usually has to do 5 of each at gym to chest height as part of the conditioning they do. My daughter is currently struggling with hanging chin circle overs, she...
  2. G

    WAG Aerial skills - strength or technique

    What do they rely on? More technique or leg strength/explosiveness? I always thought you need a crazy amount of quad power for those aerial skills. But on team we have incredibly strong little girls, they do standing back pikes with ease, but have such a hard time getting their aerials. I made...
  3. G

    Coaches core strength for back problem

    We got a new gymnast and she has a slipped disc (probably from too many walkovers). We completely limit all arching. Now I want to give her extra core conditioning for making her core and back really strong. I think that V-Ups work too much hip flexors, so I thought about hollow rock+reverse...
  4. G

    Coaches Pushing strength

    I have a few questions about conditioning. What do you do for pushing strength? You can do Push Ups, Dips and Handstand Push Ups. Do you work all 3? Does one relate to the other? What duo you do for back strength? Do you work weighted Reverse Sit-Ups and Leg Lifts? Or only arch rocks? Thanks!
  5. D

    MAG Leg strength, or something else?

    As I have posted before, DS9 (almost DS10) has had a back tumbling "mental block" for a couple of years now. I, and his coaches, have tried everything we know to help him, but there has been almost no improvement from what I can tell from DS and how he looks when he comes home from gym. I am...
  6. F

    WAG How long does it take for strength training to show results on bars?

    My DD is fairly weak on bars as a L5. She recently changed gyms and they do the TOPS conditioning program, which is much more intense than her previous conditioning. How many weeks of that conditioning will pass before it really starts to show on bars?
  7. H

    Core and Upper Body Strength

    Hello! I,ve been struggling with my core and upper body strength lately. I started gymnastics late last fall, after having to stop a different sport due to injury. I'm completely cleared for gymnastics and have been fine with that. However, due to the sport I played earlier I have a ton of leg...
  8. H

    WAG Are Pull-Ups and Presses enough for gymnastics strength???

    I have a question and hope some coaches will reply: What would happen if a gymnast would only do cardio, press handstands and pull-ups and now other strength at all? Why I am asking? Well, 2 years ago I was a Level9 gymnast, almost L10. I could have competed but never did. We were 5 girls on...
  9. N

    Parents need advice on strength in 5 year old

    My DD is in rec gymnastics. She goes once a week, but on her days she don't she will practice on her on. She doesn't have the strength to do pull over. She did it the first month she started, but then there was 2 girls in her class that told teacher they were scared and didn't want to do it...
  10. Gymettemom

    WAG Strength. Is it genetic?

    My 11 yo DD competed level 5 last year and is desperately trying to be level 7 this season. However, it seems that is just not going to happen became of bars. Namely, Giants and cast to HS. DD just doesn't have the strength needed for the upper level skills. She tumbles well and excels on beam...
  11. S

    WAG Improving upper body strength

    My dd is a young gymnast on the elite path. She needs to improve her upper body strength and has a chin up bar that I assist her with. I was wondering what exercises she could do when I am not there to gain more arm strength. Thanks in advance xx
  12. O

    WAG Upper Strength while in a cast

    I'm wondering how (or if) it would be possible to maintain upper body strength if a gymnast is in an arm/hand cast. Is this a lost cause?
  13. G

    WAG Lacking arm strength???

    Okay, so I am a gymnast and every time I seem to put a lot of weight on my hands they bend. When my coach spots my kip chs, I end up flipping over the bar because my arms bent. On my FHS, my coach always nags me because my arms are always bending!! Am I lacking arm strength or is it something...
  14. Gymnastbecki

    WAG Ankle strength

    I have quite weak ankles and my coach at gymnastics is against any kind of ankle supports! However I often hurt my ankles doing tumbles etc... They always roll to the side! And I think I need to build up some strength in my ankles, what strength exercises can I do to make them stronger?
  15. C

    WAG Strength or technique

    Just a few days ago there was a thread about if kids on vacation should work out or not. So now I have a pretty interesting question and I am curious about your opinions. Would you say it is worse to not practice the skills or to not do any conditioning/stretching? If a gymnast quits gym, but...
  16. SignHere

    Parents Give Me Strength to Keep my Damn Mouth Shut!

    DD (11 years old) is getting a new floor routine this year. So, her coaches gave her 5 music tracks to choose from. While I would really prefer something more classical ( I think that just tends to be what I see the higher routines use - in general, so I think judges prefer it) all of the...
  17. S

    WAG Strength for kids with low strength to body weight ratios

    I have a couple of kids that are a little heavier than most competitive gymnasts and are very weak in the upper body as well. The combination has been frustrating for us both, primarily in that they are weak on bars and my efforts to condition them haven't been all that successful. They suffer...
  18. G

    WAG Is more strength required for a MC and FHC than a pullover?

    DD (7.5) can do a good chin-up pullover but is struggling to get other level 3 bar skills. Is it a strength thing for MC and FHC? Or is it just about timing, etc? I am wondering if privates are likely to help (she wants to make team and it's getting down to the wire) or if it's likely that...
  19. Z

    WAG Upper Body Strength

    My DD's best friend is struggling with her level 4 skills. She is a great tumbler and very flexible. However, she cannot do a chin up and even after a year at level 3, she has difficulty with pullovers (and she is 10, so probably not a big hhead problem). So, my question is, can a child with...
  20. G

    Parents what sort of strength/skills are expected for a TOPS training group?

    I am considering looking for a gym where my DD could train tops (or the like) in a more intense program. Our gym doesn't offer a lot of hours for each level. What sort of skills/strengths would be expected of a 7.5 year old to enter a program where they train for TOPS testing?