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  1. G

    WAG strength vs coordination vs flexibility -which is most important?

    I just had a chat with DD's coach who told me that strength is the easiest thing to gain in gymnastics while it's more important to have natural coordination and flexibility. I was happy to hear this b/c my daughter has always struggled with strength and has been held back over the years as a...
  2. G

    WAG shoulder and upper back flexibility versus strength

    DD 12 (training L8) told me last week that she is really frustrated because she has lost a lot of flexibility in her shoulders and upper back this year and now feels its not only interfering with her front walk over/front layout, but also with her Yurchenko drills, and her bars. In review...
  3. G

    Parents Other activities to build upper body strength?

    My daughter (7 and on pre team) struggles with upper body strength. She is the weakest in her group. She is extremely flexible. Her pre team meets 2x/week for 2 hours and she doesn't do other activities other than a weekly music lesson at the moment. Since she does have time for more...
  4. G

    Parents Catching up in strength?

    So my DD (7) has been on pre team for almost a year (started at 3 hours per week and is now at 4h/week). When she started on pre team she couldn't do a pullover and was not strong at all but showed other "strengths" which got her on pre team such as flexibility and coordination. Since joining...
  5. tegan_tegan

    WAG How to improve core strength at home

    So yesterday we had a strength test and well my middle body results had gone down a fair bit but all my upper body and lower body results improved by a mile these are what we tested: Leg lifts : was 32 - now 12 Rope climb : was 18 - now 15 Inverted hang : was 34 seconds - now 13 seconds...
  6. C

    MAG Boys strength exercises...

    Hi, My little boy (6 yr old (7 in February)) is based with two gyms.. 1 small one with only vault and floor and he's in the process of moving to a big 6 piece gym.. Week one assessment we were told to continue our 4 hours at small gym but join them for further assessment once a week (2hrs) Week...
  7. F

    WAG I am so unsure....should I try to get stronger or just keep my strength?

    I am from Italy, but in the USAG System I would be exactly a L7. I am a teen already, so I would like to focus on perfecting my skills, keeping my strengths and becoming a good coach, beside the busy school life! Almost all of my former gym friends dropped out of the sport but I want that...
  8. E

    Strength Score

    All the girls getting tested to see how they are getting on strength wise every few months, my youngest (7) dd got a score of 3 when she first got tested 6 months ago and got 14 last time they did strength testing (last week), my dd said the score wasn't the number of a certain exercise they had...
  9. W

    Parents Strength & Conditioning

    Hello, Just starting the kidos off. They're 6 & 3 year old boys. I plan on having them do scaled versions of the gymnastics workouts from, and throwing in some crossfit kids games to keep the kids engaged. Are there any other resources available for this sort of thing...
  10. E

    MAG child strength gains, recovery periods?

    Is there any research on how long of a rest period a child's muscles should have before going back at it, for fastest strength gain? Or if no research, do you guys have educated guesses? Should they be back to 100% before going back at it? Or should they go back at it still sore?
  11. LucyTRA

    Coaches Strength for straight back/front/barani?

    I don't get a lot of conditioning at any of my training sessions (read I dont get any unless I decide to do it myself) because they are generally all about cramming the skills into limited time on the trampolines. I used to be able to do a pretty straight straightback (layout) but that was a...
  12. K

    WAG max strength vs endurance - is it the same?

    I have a few questions concerning strength training. 1.) I was wondering if there was a big difference between maximal leg strength and explosive power? Is someone who can do single leg squats also good at jumping and explosiveness and vice versa? 2.) How many single leg squats and squat jumps...
  13. K

    WAG bars - strength or technique

    I was wondering how much of bar work is strength and how much is technique? I guess back hip circles, front hip circles and kips are definitely technique skills, although you need some strength for glide kips. Giants are also a technique thing I guess. And dismounts of course. But what about...
  14. M

    WAG strength training for L8

    Hello dear community! Just for info - this is the account of my cousin :) I have been a gymnast myself for a little more than 7 years. I started at age 8 and quit when I was 16. I did an exchange year and then everything was really busy with school, and boys... At the time I quit, I was a...
  15. E

    Parents Strength and Flexibility

    How do you define strength and flexibility in young gymnasts - aged 5-7 roughly? I am interested to know what they mean by good or natural strength and flexibility at that age range.
  16. A

    Coaches Good strength exercise for this skill

    Hi Now i am not sure what the skills/excercise is called in english. But in our level system we have an skill that alot of our girls have a problem mastering. You start as you are going to do a beginner forward roll and then press you butt up against the level of your shoulders and the legs...
  17. Jumeriah

    Do you do strength work at home?

    My daughter started gym a year ago and is doing well, she is yet to master the press but is getting there. I spent 2.5hrs at the gym yesterday watching and learning where she is up to and where she needs to be. We have to work on her strength especially shoulder chest etc and her flexibility...
  18. P

    WAG strength buidling difference between female and male gymnasts

    So first of all, I know this is the WAG forum and I am a guy, but I thought that I would get better andwers here, beacuse it's more a "female-related" question. Second, I want to say that I really think it's impressive what little gymnast girls are able to do with their bodies! That's so...
  19. K

    WAG ab strength

    Yesterday a new girl (13 years) came into the gym. She never did gymnastics, never did any hanging leg raises, V-Ups etc. All she did was normal crunches amd sit-ups and a lot of L-sits and V-sits at home, because her brother and father do them a lot on their parallettes and she trained with...
  20. K

    WAG Level 10 strength?

    Title says pretty much everything. How many leg lifts pull ups push ups chin up pullovers can the average female level 10 gymnast do? other levels would be interesting as well! thanks!