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  1. S

    Ideas for strength conditioning exercies at home

    I have a 10yo level 6 gymnast that needs to build up strength (mostly for bars). What are some good exercises we could do at home as a family that would help compliment what she is doing at the gym (I know I need more exercise, too! :) ) Probably the main thing she is working on at the moment...
  2. BreathexGymnastics

    Rebuild strength, reduce pain?

    2 years ago I was in a squad, but I gave it up and moved to recreational gymnastics, an hour or 2 a week as and when I felt like it. On Saturday I changed gyms and am now in a squad again, 8hrs per week. My whole body hurts. My calves, my tummy muscles, my arms, my shoulders, my trapezoids...
  3. F


    I'm an 18 year old gymnast and i really need help with strength stuff =/ It's weird - i'm really muscly, and i can do LOADS of chinups/pressups/rope climbs without using my legs, etc. and people including my coach are always saying how strong i am. BUT i'm not because i can't do anything like...
  4. I

    Coaches Strength; Lower to upper

    Quick question for anyone coaching level 6 and 7 girls. What sort of strength do you do each week. What is the comparison to lower and upper body in the amount of strength done in both areas. What are examples of a few from each. Thanks!
  5. E

    stretching and strength

    i was wondering if anyone had any stretches or strengthening exersizes to add to my daily routine this is what i do at the moment stretching splits all three left leg over slpits bridge elbow stand with feet on floor leggs straight banana stretch( where u lie on your back and some one grabs onto...
  6. Invisible Duck

    Coaches increasing strength?

    I have a girl in my squad who I have coached for going on 3 years now (plus she did 6mos to a year of rec before that). anyway.... she is mostly fine on all apparatus (although some increased active flexibility would be nice!:p) but she is absolutely terrible on bars. she can still not do a...
  7. L

    Parents Summer Strength and Flexibility class

    This is my first time ever attempting to post a poll, so forgive me if I screw it up! I have a lot of coordinated kids in rec who want a specific skill, but are held back by flexibility or strength issues. Common examples are back walkovers, pullovers, and backbends. The structure of a 1...
  8. M

    How Much Strength Training?

    How much strength training do you/your kids do at the gym? I'm asking just to get a feel of how much my gym does. We do 30 minutes per practice, 3 days a week. That comes out to 1 hr 30 min a week, which is 1/8 of our total practice time. This is for level 4's and 5's. Sometimes it seems like...
  9. G

    Coaches Strength vs. Flexibility

    Hi!! My daughter is turning 10 this month and is competing level 4 at the time. She is of short stature and very small framed. She also seems to be one of those types that builds muscle easily (or maybe it just shows more since she is so small!). She does a simple thing like move her arms to put...
  10. S

    Strength training

    hello people, nice forum u got here mustve been designed by a girl lolo. thats a joke... anyway, i have a question about strength training for you guys. first off im not a gymnast although i really respect what you guys do. so basically, id like to know as much as i can about the strength...
  11. M

    strength exercises for BHS

    My daughter has been headlanding her BHS for months. While her form and techinique have improved the only area that she has made no progress is the head landing. The class she is in does very little conditioning. What can she work on at home to strengthen her arms? Is this probelm usually a...
  12. A

    Coaches Holiday Strength Training

    We've FINALLY gotten to holidays (believe me, training 5 days for 10 weeks is draining), and I've had enough rest now that I'm itching to get back into the gym. I get to go to holiday training 3x in the next two weeks, which is enough (it is really important to let my body rest). However...
  13. G

    Coaches strength and flexibility

    I have been out of the gym for about 2 and a half months because of an injury so I need to build my strength and flexibility back up. I don't want to push myself and try to force myself back to how I was before. I was wondering if any of you have any good strength or flexibility workouts?
  14. mrsmiddle

    Coaches Shoulder Strength

    Aloha....I am wondering if anyone has any "fun" conditioning exersizes to build shoulder strength. Our Level 4 girls are really weak in this area...AND they cry and whine whenever we do conditioning...:rolleyes: Any Creative Coaches out there? Thanks CoachKaty
  15. B

    Parents Crying during strength training?

    Do the girls at your gym cry during strength training?:confused: My daughter is on level 5. The do an hour of strength training/conditioning per practice (four times/week). Each time they are doing strength training, I see at least two of the girls - sometimes four of five of them- crying...
  16. JBS

    The Strength Thread

    I want to get a thread going here on all the strength exercises that gymnasts do. Just add them as you remember them and soon well have a great resource here. Let's keep it simple by doing it like this: Exercise Description Boys, Girls, or BothI'll start... Scissor Jumps Put one foot a foot or...
  17. M

    At home ab strength exercises for L-hold

    My son is 8 and in preteam at the only gym locally that has a boys' program. His flexibility is excellent - he is down in left leg and straddle splits and nearly down in right leg splits - but his strength is lacking, particularly the abdominal strength needed for L-seats. His coaches have...
  18. virgogal1979

    Parents Strength and Conditioning at home

    I am interested in knowing what kind of strength and conditioning your gymnasts do at home? I am wanting my daughter to get into a good habit to do her s&c at home. How much is too much or too little for an 8 year old who is only a few steps away from getting on team. We have a mat and balance...