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  1. D

    OT What do you watch for stress relief/laughs?

    Gymnastics, and, life in general, can be stressful, right? What are some TV shows/movies/etc. that you watch to zone out and relax? Or, for good old dumb humor? Bonus points if it's something you and the gymnast in your life both enjoy. Parents, 'fess up, I know you actually like some of...
  2. M

    Parents return from stress fracture

    My daughter was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her l4 vertebrae on 9/23. She has been restricted from all activity except PT since then. The PT has cleared her this week to do some swimming. We go back to the orthopedic doctor on Wednesday 11/6. He indicated that even in the best case...
  3. K

    WAG Stress Fracture Sesamoid Bone

    My DD got a stress fracture in her sesamoid bone, which is one of the bones in the ball of the foot, padding on bottom of foot by the big toe. She developed it from preparing for states. Dr had her in a boot for 4 months, trying to heal...he said it was a 50/50 chance healing because a ligament...
  4. RamblingRavenclaw

    Back fracture/stress fracture recovery

    I’m currently in Xcel silver and I was planning to move up to gold the next season. But, during regionals my back, which had been bugging me all year, hurt so bad that I could barely walk. I pushed through regionals, the whole time holding back tears. This was the only meet all season that I...
  5. V

    Parents Anyone with experience with stress fractures in their back? From 9/9/17 (Update)

    In September of last year, I posted the titled question. We would soon find out we were dealing with quite a bit more than what I thought the day of my post (the day after Urgent care). It turned out DD had a clean break on one side, a stress fracture on the other, and slippage of one...
  6. T

    WAG Recovery from L5 Stress fracture?

    Hey. We are 16 weeks post diagnosis of a L5 Pars Defect (stress fracture). DD is still doing PT and was just approved to start doing tap swings. But no impact or back extension stuff. She experienced pain.... Any idea what recovery will feel like for her? The stress fracture itself should...
  7. T

    WAG So - who has recovered from a stress fracture in their back?

    Looking for some success stories.... :-)
  8. lorilei4

    WAG Tibia Stress Fracture

    Anyone have any recovery stories for a stress fracture of the tibia?
  9. V

    Parents Anyone with experience with stress fractures in back?

    We just found out today my DD has a stress fracture in her lumbar region (Spondylolysis). We have a general idea what we are doing for the next couple weeks regarding doctors, treatment, rest, etc. However, I am wondering what others experiences have been with this type of injury. Has your...
  10. Mommyo2az

    Parents Navicular stress fracture - experience

    Anyone have experience with their gymmie and a navicular stress fracture? DD is going for MRI on Monday. Google search is scaring me :(
  11. L

    Parents Just sharing a stress

    DD has had a tough last few years and was really looking forward to this one - because she was going to repeat the level, compete a few new skills but not scramble, and finally feel gathered and confident. Then she was diagnosed with gymnast wrist and out for 6 weeks. We are at 5 weeks and...
  12. MILgymFAM

    Parents Logistical stress (long)

    How do you keep it from getting to you? The insane logistics of a two gymmie, one parent available family? My ODDs gym is new. Still doesn't have a building new. The entire time she's been there they have been renting space in another gym. This other gym is quite the commute for us (over double...
  13. G

    WAG Embarking on a hours jump - stress fracture/apophysitis prevention

    There is a group of girls at our gym who will be seeing a significant hours jump when the go back to "school schedule". (16 hours to 25 hours) The coaches are confident that the girls can handle it. With my mom hat on, I worry about sleep, school and staying healthy. With my medical hat on, I...
  14. L

    Parents Stress fracture in vertebrae - any experience with this?

    My L8 dd was having some back pain when arching and tumblimg. It has gotten progressively worse over the last two weeks, but it doesnt't bother her when she's not in the gym unless she arches back for some reason. We saw the orthopedist today. They took xrays and they did not show any issues...
  15. F

    Parents Stress at growth plate - Is rest the only option?

    I took my gymnast to an ortho today and that place was a cast factory. Everyone going in there was coming out with a cast. My gymnast doesn't have a fracture, but there is some stress from impact. I don't really understand and I wish I had asked more questions, but I was busy keeping her...
  16. esor

    WAG Stress, L8 - and what I learned

    I am sharing this because I just learned a gymnastics life lesson. As a parent, one of the hardest things to watch is when your child struggles. My DD moved up to L8 this last year, and boy was it rough. Her confidence was whacked, she struggled with some skills, and was the youngest on the team...
  17. D

    WAG Stress Fractures

    How many of you or your kids had stress fractures? If so, where? I may have one in my shin, as opposed to the shin splints I thought it might be. My coaches said were waiting a week and then going to get an x-ray. If you have/had a stress fracture, where and how long did it take to heal? Did...
  18. IreneKa

    WAG Back stress BWO vs. BHS

    I remember reading hear that BWO puts more stress on the back than BHS. DD is currently recovering from lower back stress fracture. We went to the doctor's yesterday, her fracture has healed and she can now start slowly going back to doing the back banding skills. But what had me concerned was...
  19. Flipomaniak

    WAG How much stress is too much?

    When it comes to a gymnast's life, balancing everything and getting stressed out, in your opinion, when is it too far? When is too much, well too much? I'm reaching my breaking point/:
  20. tarheel618

    Parents anyone else get stress about choosing the size for competition leos

    At our gym, the girls have to try on the sizers and then the parent has to sign off on the size of the leos. The girls were the leos for two years. I'm always fearful that I am going to order too small or too big. I have two girls in this sport and it can be a costly mistake on my part. I...