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  1. D

    WAG Stretching a Leo, 101

    Would like to know if anyone has a way to stretch the arms and chest area out on a competition leo. Have done the crotch thing with the weights to make one longer….not sure if this would help the shoulders and chest. Anyone?
  2. T

    WAG Warmup/stretching while waiting turn during meet

    Hi All. During a competition, the team will warm up during the allotted "warm up" time. Once competition started the gymnasts are allowed to warm up prior to their turn on each event. My question is when the gymnasts are just sitting there and waiting. Are they allowed to stretch/warm up on...
  3. S

    For Parents Stretching Programs??

    Has anyone tried the mUv Method stretch program? It keeps coming across my FB feed. We’re traveling a lot this summer and my DD will miss quite a bit of gym. I was wondering if this would be a good program for her to work through to maintain/improve her flexibility. Thanks!
  4. M

    WAG Coaches: How often should I do "Active Flexibility Stretching"?

    How often should I do "Active Flexibility Stretching"? I do Passive/Static Stretching everyday for 1 hr. Just curious how often should I do "Active Stretching" as its a little bit more strength based. Three times a week? What do you recommend for your students? Currently a 30 year old woman...
  5. M

    WAG How many times and how long stretching for Adult females?

    I am a 30 year old woman training gymnastics recreationally for last 6 months, around 5'5, 135 pounds. Never done it before, and find it interesting. I am in generally good shape, do aerobics, and light weight training. How long should I stretch per day? My gymnast coach said to stretch twice...
  6. G

    For Parents Stretching

    I have seen a lot of posts about tough coaches so i just want to share my daughter's experience, they don't allow parents in the gym to watch practice soo I just go off of what my daughter says. she is 12 and in level 5 and very tough and does not cry easily but she seems to be crying at the...
  7. dan129834

    MAG Stretching routine and fear of going backward

    Hey everyone, im currently practicing alone on the grass due to the covid pandemic, and im looking for some very good stretches to get the splits, a very good pike and pancakes. Im also trying to do a back handspring, and my fear is stopping me from going fully backwards. i start the jump and...
  8. T

    For Parents Stretching to increase flexibility

    DD wants to improve her flexibility in her leaps and splits. Does anyone have any links to some good online resources for stretches to help with this?
  9. _gym_wolf_

    Splits and Stretching

    I am in lvl 6/7 and had an injury during my year of lvl 5. My coach overstretched me and I tore my hip in multiple places. Now, I have a tight hip and hamstring. I can usually go all the way down on the previously injured side, also my good side (left), but on the other side the hamstring is...
  10. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Stretching routine music

    My kids have been asking about a stretching routine on music for quite some time now. Now that it's off season we have a little more time for it so I decided to give them one. The only problem is that I have no idea what music to use. I want to use a normal pop song, because the kids like those...
  11. cbifoja

    WAG Recommend a stretching program?

    DD has expressed an interest in increasing her flexibility this summer. I'm going to be honest and say I don't know how much she will keep this new "resolution" but since flexibility is definitely her weakness, I'm going to try to support it as much as I can. She has asked one of her coaches...
  12. G

    For Parents Home stretching and conditioning

    I wanted to ask a question from parents of gymnasts. Are your children given conditioning or stretching home work? How do you handle it? Do you like it or would you like to leave gym in the gym and not worry about it during off days? During Christmas Holidays my team had almost 3 weeks off (I...
  13. S

    WAG Stretching leotards

    Our gym orders each team a the same color practice Leo's. Well this time the HC sized them all so tight almost like competition tight. The tops of the Leo's are digging into some of the girls. Does anyone know of any Leo stretching secrets?
  14. C

    MAG stretching for boys

    We were out of town last week, and our gym is closed this week, so my 6yo has had a 2 week break from gym. Before we left, I asked his coach if there was anything he should do at home. Coach said to stretch and work on press handstands. DS has been working on all three splits this week, but...
  15. Q

    WAG Nausea When Stretching?

    I've been having an issue when stretching middle splits and sometimes hamstrings recently. I feel the stretches where I'm supposed to feel them, but I also's not quite pain. More like tendrils of uncomfortableness in my lower back and glutes--an unpleasant sensation, but pain isn't the...
  16. E

    For Coaches Stretching homework?

    About half of the kids I coach have very good flexibility (oversplits on both sides, etc.) while the other half have less than adequate flexibility (splits on the good side, not quite on the floor on the bad side). The ones who have good flexibility really try to follow directions and push...
  17. Sasha

    WAG Continued pain behind knees when stretching splits - advice?

    My DD(7) is the 'tight and powerful' type gymnast, with not much natural flexibility (though she has made great strides and has splits 1 direction pretty good). She's been doing gym for a year now, and will compete L3 next season. She has been increasingly complaining about pain behind her...
  18. Faith

    WAG Stretching at home- any ideas for the little ones?

    DD2 is 5, and recently we had to switch clubs when older DD left gymnastics for a different sport as I couldn't physically get them to two places. Anyway. DD is only there once a week. HC has told her she needs to work on her splits at home. So tonight we gave it a try, but she's 5, and all...
  19. M

    WAG Stretching over splits

    This question applies to either gymnasts or coaches. For stretching over splits, do you prefer to put something under just the front leg, or both front and back legs so that the gymnast is balancing between 2 raised objects? I feel like it's more common to do it the first way but I've seen...
  20. M

    For Parents Hands on stretching

    My 5 yr old boy goes to gym once a week. He is naturally very stong and coaches are now hands on with strecthing him. He has little to no flexibility but lots of strength and skills. My 5yr old is really focussing on the strecthing and starting to not want to go. He cried last week when he was...