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  1. A

    For Parents gymnast to coach ratio

    Just curious what your gymnast to coach ratio is in your DD groups? At what point is it to many? I'm especially curious with 9/10 and training elite. Thoughts???
  2. sally

    students ratio

    In an elite training facility what would the best ratio for coach to students?
  3. F

    For Parents Coach to gymnast ratio?

    How many gymnasts per coach at your gym?? Is there an assistant? What age/level is the group? I'm particularly interested in hearing about 5-6yos at L2/3 because of a situation, but I'll take any and all replies to compare against! Thanks!!
  4. Ingymmom

    Coach to Gymnast Ratio

    I am curious to know what a good coach/gymnast ratio is for a competitive team... What is your level/childs level... What is the coach to gymnast ratio for your level? For coaches - what is your gymnast/coach ratio? What would be the preferred gymnast/coach ratio? Thanks in advance for...