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  1. B

    For Parents Summer Camp in US

    Hi, So with the family now working virtually, it occurs to me that we can relocate somewhere nicer for the summer. I came to this realization a little too late for this summer, but I'm looking towards the future. I have a 6 year old son that is moving up from pre team to team. If you wouldn't...
  2. F

    For Parents Summer Camp in Midwest

    Does anyone know of June summer camps in Midwest for xcel levels?
  3. Lindylou

    For Parents Rec gymnast summer camp

    My dd has been to overnight camp before. Very recently she began gymnastics, and is working level 2 skills. She and a friend(of the same level)registered for Flip Fest gymnastics camp. However, her friend can no longer go. Aside from being mostly alone(my son is going, but he'll be with the...
  4. A

    WAG Chow’s Summer camp

    Any parents with some insight on the quality of the camp . I’m debating on send my daughter either to Chow’s or WCC .... any enlightenment on your experience between the two would help.
  5. A

    WAG Summer Camp

    My daughter is 13 and a level 4. She said she wants to go to a summer overnight gymnastics camp maybe next year. I have looked online at some college camps and although most of them do not have a level requirement, will my daughter still be able to fit in? She said that she thinks she is too old...
  6. N

    For Parents WCC Summer Camp

    Anyone not from Texas going to this summer camp or has been? We signed up and was just trying to get the logistics down.
  7. T

    For Coaches summer camp ideas?

    Hello Even though I have a lot of gym experience, I have never worked summer camps for gymnastics. I'm a new gym owner and my city doesn't have other gymnastics schools. My parents are asking for a summer camp. Any good programs out there that might help point me in the right direction for how...
  8. S

    For Parents Non-gymnastics Summer Camp

    DD is 8, planning to compete L5 in the fall at a top gym in a competitive state. She has expressed interest in joining her non-gym sister for 2 weeks at a traditional sleep-away camp. The problem is it starts the week AFTER the gym is closed for a week in June for summer holiday, so she would be...
  9. LizAceto

    Summer Camp Coaching

    I run the gymnastics gym at Camp Lohikan in the Poconos (Pennsylvania) and I'm looking to have some great coaches that would want a summer coaching job! I run the gym aligned with the USA Gymnastics, SafeSport and Saftey and Risk Management handbooks. We get all levels of gymnasts, male and...
  10. M

    WAG West Virginia University summer camp?

    Has anyone been or sent their child? Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!
  11. Serenity28

    WAG OU Summer camp

    It looks like the OU camp is sold out. I tried to call to see how to get on the wait list for the commuter camp but it's not letting me. Any ideas or suggestions? I have emailed and called the contact number but no response yet.
  12. TTJ2009

    For Parents WOGA competitive summer camp

    Hi there! I am brand new to this forum and I aplolgize if this has been posted recently, but has anyone from outside TX ever sent their gymnast to WOGA competitive summer camp? If so, can you tell me a little about it? I just registered my 7 year old, level 3 (training 4) for camp in July. We...
  13. Z

    WAG Bowling Green summer camp

    Has anyone's DD ever attended? Any thoughts or information about how well it is run? DD loves Bowling Green and wants to attend this summer. She is a 10 year old just finished with her L4 season training for L6 (her gym scores out of L5). She wants to go to camp to do gymnastics, live in a...
  14. CCGymbug

    WAG Summer Camp for younger gymnasts

    My DD but gym standards won't be young at 9yo this summer but it is for me in terms of her being possibly far away with strangers. How do other parents handle sending kids to sleep away gym camp? And coaches, how do you feel about your team going to these camps? We did a 5 day last year with our...
  15. G

    For Parents Anyone else's daughter going to University of AL summer camp Session II?

    Just curious if any other parents might be staying in the area while their daughters attend camp at UA June 15-18. The session is full, so I figured there might be other out-of-state folks interested in getting together - or even sharing hotel or car rental? Just going out for dinner or...
  16. Gymettemom

    WAG PSU summer camp

    Has anyone sent their gymmie to PSU summer camp? My 12 year old level 6 attended a sleep away camp last summer; however, that camp will not be available this coming summer. I'm looking for other camps and PSU camp to mind. How is the camp run? Do they get a lot of gym time? Did your gymmie...
  17. J

    OT Igc Summer Camp

    Sorry if i put this in the wrong spot. I was wondering if anyne has had experiance with IGC. I want to send kids there, but its expensive. Is it REALLY wroth it? What should we pack if my kids go? Do you like it there? Hows the staff? Is the food good, or should they pack snacks? How many...
  18. dynnel ryan

    MAG Best Summer Camp For Future Star Skill Development

    Hello. I have a 7 year old, soon to be 8 in May. He competed age 7 Future Stars last year and the skills are significantly harder for the age 8 group. He competed Level 4 this year but has level 5 skills. Can anyone recommend a Summer Camp where you've experience significant skill...
  19. l.c.o

    For Parents Summer Camp! IGI? UIC?

    We are considering sending DD to camp this summer if she can find a buddy to go (working on it). She'll have just turned 11 and is training level 7. Based on geography (not ready to have her too far away yet), we're primarily considering either IGI or UIC. Any experiences with either of them out...
  20. S

    WAG Summer camp

    I'm trying to decide on a summer camp to send my daughter to. We are in ok and in looking into the woga camp in frisco tx and Bella and Martha's camp in Houston. Has anyones been to either of these and what are your opinions.