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  1. M

    MAG Clothing for gym summer camp

    We have decide last minute to go to Woodward next week. What do boys wear in the gym typically. He has 2 pairs of pommel pants that I wash often, three singlets and several tight fighting shirts he wears to the gym often. He has some athletic shorts that will work too but I need an idea of...
  2. C

    Coaches IGC Summer Camp

    I know many people have asked questions on what to bring, what to expect, etc about their child going to a camp this summer..I am asking the same except from the other side of the spectrum. I am going as a coach this summer to IGC and I was wondering if anybody who has been a coach at this camp...
  3. Ali'sMom

    WAG Questions for anyone who has been to Karolyi's summer camp

    Hi all, I'm not looking for "advice" about the camp, as our gym is going as a group, and DD is registered. I've got the "I've never been there before" questions. a) did you pack a leo for every day? b) did you pack a lot of fun clothes? did you need them all? c) we were told they have...
  4. P

    WAG Summer Camp

    Hi any recommendations for a good summer camp for my daughter to actually learn and get better smart skills? She will be a level 9 next season. Or maybe privates are better for the money? Thanks
  5. Seagull00

    Parents Summer camp

    I found out on Friday our gym offers a week long summer camp with 4 hours of gym time and 2 hours of crafts/snack/ lunch/free time. For $170. Of course Allison is wanting to go. For those of you whose kids have done gym camp, is there anything I should be aware of when deciding to let her do this?
  6. I

    WAG Summer Camp for Optional Bars??

    I was wondering if anyone had heard of a Summer Camp or Gymnast Workshop for Optional gymnasts where working on uneven bars was a focus? For example; getting a cast to handstand, improving giants, pirouette and release skills?
  7. magmom

    MAG When to consider summer camp?

    I've seen several threads talking about summer camp, so I apologize for posting another. At what age or level did you start sending your boys to camp? Mine is only 8, and I'm not quite ready to send him off by himself overnight. But, I think in another year or two (or three or four?) maybe it...
  8. T

    WAG OU Summer Camp - Anyone care to share thoughts

    My daughter is wanting to go to OU Summer Camp this summer. Anyone have any thoughts on it? I hear they put on a great camp & have a nice balance of workouts to play for the girls... Anyway...Any thoughts shared would be appreciated.
  9. G

    Parents Summer Camp

    I am researching summer camps for my dd. She is level 5/6. We are willing to travel. We are not too keen on sleepover camps. All advice is appreciated.
  10. 2G1B

    WAG Ugh. Trying to do online registration for Flip Fest summer camp

    It keeps kicking back saying that my information is incorrect or incomplete. I have checked over and over. I tried filling it in without using the auto populate option for the fields. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone tried to register online and not been able to.
  11. krisnkids

    Parents Summer Camp

    So happy I thought I would share. The gymnastics summer camp that is offerred at our local university gives employe discounts to children of employees of the University. Well I work for the community college so I emailed the director to see if the discount could extend to us. IT WILL!!!!! So...
  12. M

    Summer Camp Time

    That time of year again, summer camps. Who is going, when and where? DD and I will be heading to Lake Owen week 3 for our 5th year. I am camp nurse again, a position that I absolutely totally love.
  13. S

    Anyone ever attended Woodward Summer Camp as an adult?

    Hi, I saw that Woodward Summer Camp is also opened to adults. Anyone ever attended the camp? I am looking for some feedback concerning the camp. I have only been practicing gymnastics for 18 months and I am not very good (moreover in my gym we only focus on floor :-(). Thanks in advance
  14. <3GymGirl<3

    Gymnastics summer camp?

    Are you going to camp, why or why not? Where do you Plan on going and what week? Have you had any camp experiences you want to share? Whats your favorite thing about camp? I heard about Flip Fest and I really wanted to go, so I was looking up different things about it on the Internet, when...
  15. K

    Gymrep Summer Camp ?

    I really want to go to GymRep this summer in Quebec. But I know since it is in Quebec most people will speak french. I am terrible at french so I was wondering if many people do speak english? Also I am 16, do you think that is too old to go to this camp? :confused:
  16. JBS

    Summer Camp Staff Wages?

    Anyone that has worked at any of the summer camps (Woodward, IGC, Lake Owen)...what do they normally pay a coach to work a week of camp? I'm assuming they all provide room and board to staff?
  17. G

    Parents Summer Camp and Question...opinions welcomed

    deleted this post
  18. M

    Parents A thank you, an update, and a question RE: Summer Camp!

    First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to read my last post and reply! We had a sudden, unexpected death in the family and I was unable respond as I usually would have. :( I do hope you all could give me your quick opinion. My DD is currently on a noncompetitive level 3 'team' at...
  19. DND

    Summer Camp - One week or two??

    We have my daughter going to IGC this summer and it is her first time going to camp. She is 7yo and will be 8yo in August. I have her booked for one week right now, but she is thinking that she would like to go for two weeks. She has never been away to camp before - here let alone out of...
  20. T

    Summer Camp

    DDs went to a morning gymnastics camp this summer and loved it! It wasn't at our local gym and was more play than gymnastics but they had a ball and are already talking about wanting to go to another camp next summer. This has got DH and I thinking. We live away from family and don't get much...